I’m Benebell Wen, the author of Holistic Tarot (2015) and The Tao of Craft (2016), both published by North Atlantic Books. I’m also the creator and illustrator of the independently produced Spirit Keeper’s Tarot deck.

My professional background is in law. To date I am still practicing law full-time, licensed in both California and New York. I work in venture capital, with an emphasis in securities, business and labor laws, and intellectual property (copyrights, trademarks, and design patents).

Yet my primary area of interest and study has always been in the occult. I hope to share that interest with you here on my platform.

Also, I apologize in advance that this website is a hot mess. It’s like your grandmother’s attic (I hope)– a treasure trove of goodies that grandma is more than happy to have you take home with you. But you’ve got to find it first. 🙂

Pre-Order the Second Print Run
of the Spirit Keeper’s Tarot: Revelation

Did you miss the first print run of the Revelation deck back in 2021? We are now taking pre-orders for the second print run.

Estimated Delivery: May – June 2023


2023 Metaphysician’s Day Planner

Pre-Order the 2023 Metaphysician’s Day Planner, which comes with all my astrological forecasts for the year head, a handbook on how to optimize your organizer to achieve all your goals, a workbook with step by step instructions on how to use your birth chart and solar returns chart to cast your own personalized forecasts, and a dozen+ cover art options.

Estimated E-Delivery of PDF: November 15 – December 15, 2022

An online tarot course taught from my book Holistic Tarot. Begin the course by watching the video lectures, all freely available on YouTube.

Learn Tarot with Holistic Tarot (Video Playlist)

I also offer a structured, self-paced tarot tutorial series. This tarot tutorial is a companion course to Holistic Tarot, meaning it’s keyed to the contents of that book. While someone proficient with the tarot can follow along the above-linked video playlist with complete ease, it may be more difficult for a total beginner, unless that total beginner has my book and is following the free course syllabuses provided here, “Holistic Tarot Study Guides.”

If, however, you’ve got a handy copy of Holistic Tarot and you’d like a self-paced, guided, well-structured tarot beginner course, then start by downloading the “Study Guide for Tarot Beginners” (PDF) check out the below linked Companion Course, and go from there.

Holistic Tarot: A Companion Course

A free online tarot course taught from my book Holistic Tarot. Enter the companion course at any level–beginner, intermediate, or advanced. Organize a tarot journal in a three-ring binder by downloading the study guides and handouts. Begin the course by watching the video lectures.

Sightsee the Tarot

Take a tour of the tarot with this ongoing educational video series. Discover new books and tarot thought leaders. Workshop classic tarot spreads or specialized reading techniques. Let’s explore all the different perspectives of tarot reading through the ages. This video course series of hands-on tarot workshops, 10 to 30 minutes at a time, will introduce you to a diverse range of approaches to the cards.

Sightsee the Tarot Video Series Page

Many of the video workshops include free tarot resources, reference charts, handouts, and workbooks for free download, so be sure to check the Series Page linked above.


Tarot Card Meanings with Bell

This is an educational video series covering the 78 keys or cards of the tarot, showcasing the distinct attributions for four different deck systems: the Tarot de Marseilles (TdM), the Rider-Waite-Smith (RWS), the Thoth deck by Crowley-Harris, and my own deck, the Spirit Keeper’s Tarot.

Using audio-visual learning methods, the series facilitates reading fluency with the four listed tarot systems. The card by card primer is designed to help with memory retention in a more visually engaging way than studying them out of a book.


Be sure to check the Series Page linked above to download free references, correspondence tables, video transcript, recommended reading or study techniques, and more.


CLICK HERE to look through hundreds of tarot and oracle deck reviews.

Spirit Keeper’s Tarot: Revelation Edition


More information forthcoming.


Free 30-Card SKT Majors+ Deck Download

Download a 30-card black and white version of the Spirit Keeper’s Tarot deck, Vitruvian Edition. This 30-card deck includes The Initiate as Key 0, the Major Arcana, the 4 Aces, and the 4 Archangels (tarot Kings).

Free E-Book: Key of Solomon, et al.

A 560-page digital book for free download. You can also order a physical paperback copy if you’d like.

What you will discover within the pages of this book I’m sharing, you’re going to find to be the keystones of Persian magic and witchcraft, the magical practices of Muslim-influenced Southeast Asian countries, the Golden Dawn (though many of their correspondences differ), hoodoo, Wicca, and maybe even the traditions you’ve inherited, though perhaps you’ve always wondered where those traditions might have come from.

If you’re serious about your occult studies, then I hope you’ll add this text to your library and read through it cover to cover at least once.

CLICK HERE to read more about the book and then download the PDF.

Last Updated: 2019 Oct 12

Glossary of Astrological Terms

This is a free download that has been provided here on this website since 2013. The glossary file was revised and updated, with many pages of new entries and correspondence tables, so if you haven’t downloaded the latest version (last updated October 12, 2019), then be sure to do so.

CLICK HERE for all Free Astrology References.

Last Updated: 2019 Oct 21

Glossary of Gemstone Correspondences

This is a free download that has been provided here on this website since 2016. The glossary file was revised and updated on October 21, 2019, so if you haven’t downloaded the latest version, then be sure to do so.

CLICK HERE to download the PDF and DOCX files of the Glossary.




Note on Web Content Accessibility (per Web Content Accessibility Guidelines): ADA website compliance is important to us, and even as a small business proprietor, just a husband and wife team working from our home, we try our best to make our content accessible. Where there’s audio, there’s closed captioning. Where there are visuals, the corresponding text is the alternative, which can be converted via text-to-speech. If there is ever any confusion or difficulty navigating our website (and to be fair, fully-abled individuals tell us all the time our website is a hot mess and difficult to navigate…), never hesitate to e-mail us at for free one-on-one navigation guidance.

215 thoughts on “Introduction

  1. Heather

    Love the tarot cards and the informative website you made to go along. I am excited to see how many methods you have brought together, as a whole. It’s all related and relevant for giving more precise readings, to clients. Thank you, keep up the great journey of unity enlightenment. We all benefit by having a page like this to reference, bringing multiple varieties together.
    ❤ Heather


  2. I think you’re a hard working genius. Wauw I have great respect for you. I’m a writer, coach and journalist (and passionate tarot lover) and I really admire your briljant mind. I will donate tomorrow. with great love and respect Mabel van den Dungen


  3. I and my buddies were analyzing the nice information found on your site while at once came up with an awful feeling I never thanked you for those techniques. Those boys were as a result glad to see them and have in effect in actuality been tapping into them. Many thanks for getting simply considerate as well as for opting for this form of impressive issues millions of individuals are really desperate to be aware of. My honest regret for not expressing appreciation to sooner.


  4. Kathy Kerr

    Hello dear soul!
    I’m so excited you’re creating a 2nd edition of The Spirit Keepers Tarot! I would love to buy a copy. I saw on a community page there are pre orders being made, but there’s no info! How do I pre order if I may please? And where do I shop for your other creations such as your books? Is it just me or are there actual secret portals leading to you in other dimensions!!! 💞



  5. Jeannie P

    Thank you so much, Benebell. For all the info you bring us and great companion, courses, guides, free things, workbooks, tarot decks and all you do! I am forever grateful! I will be ordering my deck Georgia pee order this Friday, after reading some from that last email you sent, I cannot wait! Again, thank you for all you do! I really enjoy your website since finding it and cannot wait to learn more from the information you


  6. Hello…good afternoon,l am Jharry p Kang from tawau , Sabah , Malaysia….l just newly practicing mediumship , before that l am insurance agent… long time ago from year 2002 to 2018 ,….l also possess kuan Kung spirit,tai Shang Lau Chun and Mazu…. hopefully from your program would further enchance my mediumship….

    Liked by 1 person

  7. Carrie Best

    I just wanted to say thank you Benebell so much for the work you do. I think you’re a prodigious genius! I love your Holistic Tarot and refer to it regularly and am sooo excited about the Vitruvian SKT. Sending good vibes your way!

    Liked by 1 person

  8. Ash

    Hello !
    It’s a really great web site !
    I like the deck you have created, but I also like the deck on the cover photo.. Under the hollistic tarot book, Do you know where I can purchase it, or just the name of the deck ? It’s not the regular Waite Tarot Deck


  9. Salima Veng

    Hi Benebell,
    I have written to you many times on both of your mailadresses and still havn’t got an answer… Now I’m officially worried! I preordered the premium package of the Spirit Keepers Tarot a long time ago, and I have payed for it! Can you PLEASE send me a confirmation mail back on my order? -My mail-address is:


    1. Hi Salima: Oh no! We’re all caught up on sending out e-mail confirmations, so you should have definitely gotten one from our e-mail account First, check your trash or spam. Sometimes our e-mail gets stuck there. Second, did you send payment to the correct PayPal address? Best thing to do is follow up by e-mailing Because if you’ve e-mailed us at that address already, then we should have definitely sent a response to you by now. All pre-ordered decks we have on record have received an e-mail confirmation, so if that’s not the case, something may have gone wrong. =(


  10. Erica Q Pressley

    I love this, also I’m intuitive and amature to my gifts,, would love to correspond with you about which way to go with this gift of mine



    Thank you for the generous sharing of your time and your knowledge. I am a Unitarian Universalist Pagan who organizes free workshops, rituals, potlucks, meditations, etc. to help people become more connected to themselves and to others. Your pages are a great resource for us.

    Liked by 1 person

  12. Maryam nezameddink

    Hi.Im a Qi gong and Tao student.I want to read and have your Tao of Craft book .but beacause of my location I cant buy it .I dont have credit card.I m living in Iran.How can you help me?


  13. Marco Ignacio

    Hi, Blessed be.
    I have a daughter whose birthday is October 5, 2016, she will have her decisive age at age 15. Your advise for me as a parent? Thank you.

    Btw she is multi talented (music and dance) and an active kid.


  14. Hello,

    I tried to get in touch a few weeks ago, but didn’t get any response. I wonder if you received my message?

    My name is Dennis Perpetua and I’m the Blog Outreach manager at I saw your blog and decided to get in touch. I think that a lot of my clients will be interested in regular article placements, either paid guest posts (we provide an article) or sponsored content (you/your team write it for us).

    This could potentially bring some good regular income for you or you business.

    Would you be interested?

    P.S.: If you don’t want me to get in touch again, please let me know.

    Kind Regards,

    Dennis Perpetua
    Blogger Outreach Manager,


  15. CJ

    Any chance you might release the 2020 calendar early? I’m already planing into 2020 and would love to start preparing for next year.


  16. Hi Benebell! I was wondering if “The Tao of Craft” is available for purchase through any other service? I’m eager to support you and even more eager to get the book, but for ethical reasons I don’t like to purchase directly from Amazon.


  17. Pingback: Episode 16: The Tarot Gateway with Benebell Wen – That Witch Life

  18. James A Byrd

    Please , be understanding I can make a great offering if we can help one another I need to tap into my inner power yet my head trauma injury slowing me down . Will buy book Tao of Craft yet first hand will be most beneficial as I need a Spiritual guide at my age forty five . It is a need for chi force to fix what a Western doctor has done illegally from the U.S. Army(1992). Would like a witness and record. ,Please!


  19. Achello

    I have been learning much from you in all ways Tarot. Purchased The Holistic tarot last year. Your insights are amazing!

    I ‘fooled’ around and missed the purchase of the SKT decks and tbh, I wasn’t that attracted to the First Edition. There was just too much there and I missed the colors. They also sold out so quickly!

    I have recently been studying the deck images on your website and reading the incredible ton of information. The Second Edition is much more appealing to me as there are various shades of color, which makes the images pop.

    I just wanted to thank you for your tireless service to all of us! I love your wit and your sarcasm and of course your willingness to share your boundless knowledge and insights!
    Thank you!


    1. Hello, my name is James in English. my original I do not use in U.S. Lee Wu Chan, also I was excited to know and find your youtube vlog thank you so much for your service to the Chinese community .
      I wish we could work together first hand very important my belief in The Tao has great possibilities. Hope to hear and sometime see in Person .


  20. I’m very happy that you published the book of tao of craft….as I’m English educated that will benefit of my practice…as I’m not Chinese educated.i hope I can learn more and benefited it to help people and I hope I can personally meet you as a gratitude of thanks for your help and. Learn more from you


  21. Bill Nelson

    You had me at “Although some believe that the tarot can be used for fortunetelling, I don’t believe in fortunetelling.”
    I don’t see how anyone thinks their future is already set in stone for them when it hasn’t happened yet. Revisiting some “now” thinking would be in order, in my opinion.
    Forgive the pontificating. I haven’t had coffee yet!
    Keep up the excellent work.


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    Lmao sorry jk
    … You tell me..
    Ight yep..
    Call me witch…
    I postulate upone you’re inqureury.. And more


  24. Sorry again.. A thoudand appoligies please… I have to say you are amazing yet… There is another side to the coin girl.. Please.. Much love.. Lmfao… Jk hahaha


  25. Hey i do i dont know what time zone your in but… I want to reach out to… I see youre time witch.. Please contact me 19167419007 text pleaae soon… I know you are real and not a robot.. Samuel stupid right.. You see it is real.. No jk


  26. Hey i do i dont know what time zone your in but… I want to reach out to you… I see you’re time witch.. Please contact me 19167419007 text please soon… I know you are real and not a robot.. Many thanks,,,,
    stupid right.. You see it is real.. No jk have questions still… Jk hahahaha


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