Name Analysis

In Western numerology, the emanation of every letter of the alphabet is said to vibrate at frequencies that can be categorized as Cerebral, Physical, Emotional, or Intuitive.

In name analysis by numerology, I use the Planes of Expression approach. The below is a chart that offers a glimpse into that process.

planes_of_expressionEach column and row of numbers is tallied and weighted. Every weight carries a different Emanation and by deconstructing a name into numbers and assessing those numbers, we can offer some metaphysical information about the significance, correspondences, strengths, weaknesses, and possible opportunities availed to that name.

In terms of the essence each letter of the alphabet is said to carry, see my previous blog post on Life Path Numbers and Pythagorean Numerology.

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4 thoughts on “Name Analysis

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  2. Kelly Redgrove

    I am curious about the discrepancy that occurs when the y is or isn’t used as a vowel. For example if I include the y then my Hearts Desire is a 3. If I leave the y out then my Hearts Desire number is 5. Objectively, I lean more towards the 5, however I always based my chart on the 3 using Juno Jordan’s book, The Romance In Your Name.


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