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It wasn’t enough for me to just go to work for my day job, come home, eat dinner, and kick up my feet. I needed my mental faculties to stay active. I sought something to just maybe shed light on the metaphysics of nature. I sought answers to the big questions.

The seeker in me found dynamic expansion in tarot, cartomancy, divination, astrology, numerology, the I Ching, and craft. Understanding the metaphysical dimension enhanced and empowered the physical dimension of my world. I hope it will do the same for you.

Take a step into these waters this 2017 to learn something you didn’t even know you didn’t know. However, as an instructor, I am strict, demanding, and will inundate you with an intense package of information that I expect you to treat with the same dedication you would treat a graduate level seminar in the field of your concentration. I never hand-hold or baby, so for the independent-minded only.


Astrology Course for Beginners

| $ 40 USD | with optional $10 customized add-on

Installment plans accepted.

This is a beginner’s course, albeit an intense one, on Western astrology, which will teach you how to read both a Placidus and a Whole Signs tropical chart. Taught primarily through a workbook set, you will gain a solid foundation in the study and have the skeleton and beginnings of your own astrology grimoire to show for it all. Producing your own astrology grimoire will be the main focus of the course and your “final project.” Videos of my talking head help you navigate your workbook. Although the course content itself is beginner level astrology, presuming no prior knowledge on the subject, the pedagogical approach is rigorous.

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A Comparative Analysis of Fortune Telling and Divination in Tarot: A Chinese Perspective

| FREE |

Is there any value for a tarot reader to make a distinction between fortune telling and divination? How might Chinese perspectives compare to or inform Western perspectives? This workshop will examine the Chinese etymological origins of “fortune telling” and “divination,” apply medieval esoteric Taoist texts to tarot reading, juxtapose those texts with what Western occultists have said on the matter, and propose a theoretical framework through which to read tarot, as either a fortune teller or a diviner, though the two are not mutually exclusive.

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Learning the Opening of the Key

| $49 USD at the Tarot Readers Academy |

The Opening of the Key is a five-operation inter-disciplinary divinatory procedure rooted in the adept traditions of the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn. Today, given the publicly available records of the procedure, it can be used by tarot practitioners from all backgrounds. Learning the Opening of the Key (OOTK) isn’t about learning the OOTK. It is about deepening your understanding of divination. Through a series of eleven video lectures, a 50-page OOTK workbook, and a wealth of study guides, handouts, templates, and quick reference sheets, you will not only master the OOTK procedurally, but also learn basic astrology, numerology, and the Kabbalah.

Note: “Learning the Opening of the Key” was first offered during Tarot Summer School 2016 at the Tarot Readers Academy. It is now a legacy course at the Academy.

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For a preview, watch the Introduction installment of the lectures on YouTube here.


Tarot as a Tool for Craft

| $ 15 USD |

An indispensable course for any practitioner of craft seeking to develop a deeper and broader metaphysical connection with the tarot, this video plus workbook course will cover using tarot for self-empowerment and how to adjust form and mechanics of tarot reading when using it as a tool for divination, for amplifying psychic ability, for communion with spirit contacts, or for mediumship work. This is an intermediate course that presumes proficiency with tarot (also presuming the Rider-Waite-Smith system) and that you are a practitioner of or deeply interested in occult craft. Subject matter also runs into esoteric and mystical applications of the tarot, so the tone of the course might not be right for everyone. Also, just so you are aware: the tenor and value propositions of this course goes in a diametrically different direction from Holistic Tarot.

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Writing and Publishing Nonfiction

| FREE |

In this five-module multi-media course, learn about writing and publishing nonfiction books in the spirituality, New Age, occult, metaphysical, or mind-body-spirit categories. Through audio lectures, handouts, and workbooks, this course is a wealth of resources and information that the aspiring author must have in his or her arsenal. Learn how to get started on your book writing aspiration, how to establish an author platform, how to finish your book, how to prepare a book proposal, all about both traditional publishing and self-publishing, and how to promote and sell your book.

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Module V: Promoting Your Book & Post-Publication Strategic Plans. [Coming Soon…]


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