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Understanding the metaphysical dimension of my world empowers me and my livelihood in a way that brings greater personal accomplishment. The online courses I offer, in totality, are aimed to help you to know yourself better, to better understand others, better understand the universe you live in, and to facilitate your connection to the higher powers that may be. Come to know your divinely-ordained life purpose, how to best engage with the spirit worlds around you, and how to amplify your personal power to live out a happy, prosperous, high-achieving life.

Fair warning: As an instructor, I am strict, demanding, and will inundate you with an intense package of information that I expect you to treat with the same dedication you would treat a graduate level seminar in the field of your concentration. I never hand-hold or baby, so my pedagogical approach is for the independent-minded.

I offer many Free Online Courses, which I recommend you to work through before making a purchase. That way you know what to expect of my instructional style and the course materials that will be presented.

Among the Independent Study Courses, all course materials and access to online course videos will be delivered to you by e-mail. There will be zip files you’ll need to download and unzip.

Pricing of the independent study courses range from $15 to $65 USD with an average pricing of $32. There are currently seven courses to select from. Total cost of purchasing all seven courses would come to $202.

8 thoughts on “Online Courses

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  3. What a blessing to have discovered your blog and channel. You really speak to my intellect and my soul.
    Your courses are quite reasonable and am sure that I will take many. That said, I am on disability and funds are limited. I have honestly kept away from astrology because I am obsessive and there is so much. I have an attraction to I Ching and traditions as well.
    Can you recommend which course to begin with or do you recommend beginning with your book? Any guidance is appreciated.
    I am also beginning a blog on my own journey positive and disappointments. You can be sure that I will be including links to you when appropriate.

    My best.


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