My Methodology

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My Methodology

At the core of my methodology (and the approach of most numerologists) is the metaphysical theory that energies vibrate on nine primary frequencies. These nine frequencies correspond with the numbers one through nine. Collectively, they make up the cosmology of the human consciousness. The numbers, one through nine, are like radio waves. Our unconscious transmits information and emanations into the conscious world on these “radio waves” and each of the numbers represents one of the nine main sine wave frequencies.

Image source: "Magic Math,", by noyke.
Image source: “Magic Math,”, by noyke.

My approach to numerology is founded on the theory that mathematics makes up the universe, that metaphysical energies can be explained through math. There are patterns in human nature that can be explained by the numbers. You are a unique formula and numerology is the study of that formula. Math, then, in one sense, can calculate what you are most likely to do and by understanding patterns in behavior, you can essentially “predict the future,” though really, that’s a misnomer– all you’re doing is noting how someone is most likely to behave or react given his or her numerological and energetic emanations. It does not account for wild card decisions we make, other than note, if it is applicable, that a person may be more (or less) prone to making wild card decisions.

All nine vibrations are in every one of us, though in varying intensities and it is the varying intensity of the nine vibrations that make us the unique person we are. Understanding the presence or absence of vibrations and each one’s intensity in us helps us understand who we are, why we are the way we are, why we are here, and where we are going.


To start, every numerologist has to understand those nine frequencies and their correspondences. The way those frequencies are mathematically analyzed is based on each numerologist’s own formulas. There’s Pythagorean numerology, which is the most popular du jour, Babylonian numerology, Chaldean numerology, Vedic numerology, the Nine Halls system in Chinese numerology, the Lo Shu square, and countless other traditions from around the world. If you study each, you’ll note differences, but you’ll also note remarkably striking similarities. I’ve devoted my practice to fine-tuning an intuitive interpretive system based on those similarities between (mostly) Pythagorean, Babylonian, and Chinese numerology.

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  2. monica

    Hi Benebell ,

    If i want to become proficient in reading of transits/essences in advanced pytha charts which is a good book you can recommend.


  3. monica

    Mam pls try and revert with a suitable book
    If i want to become proficient in reading of transits/essences in advanced pytha charts which is a good book you can recommend.


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