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Numerology is one of my favorite supplemental studies. With a date of birth and full name, I can get a general sense of what an individual’s most likely strengths, skill sets, talents, weaknesses, and deficiencies are. If you’re still relying on sun sign horoscopes to get a sense of your compatibility with some guy that you met online, then may I introduce you to numerology! Seriously. While I would never, ever use numerology to pick a potential mate, I will take it into some consideration.

With the date of birth, you can determine an individual’s life path number and if you know nothing else about life path numbers, at least know this:

1, 5, and 7s tend to be the thinkers, more cerebral, and people who are more likely to internalize. They over-analyze, so you can count on them to be scrutinizing over your motivations.

2, 4, and 8s (the even numbers, omitting 6, and it’s easy to remember to omit 6 because it’s a multiple of 3…more on that in the next sentence) are builders, the engineers of life, likely to be better at the sciences (all varieties of sciences), and are also going to be more pragmatic.

3, 6, and 9s, the multiples of 3, are creative-intuitive types. They tend to be more interested in creative and artistic fields.

If you know you tend to go for artists, poets, or musicians, then someone who is a Life Path 3, 6, or 9 is more likely to fit your “type.” You can also read it holistically with the sun sign (I’m trying to go on what info people typically have on hand about another person). Life Path 1 Aries is not going to be someone you’ll want to get into an argument with. Life Paths 1 or 8 Scorpio will be an intense experience. Life Path 9 Aquarius is probably working in the non-profit sector. Life Path 4 Taurus is not likely to go skydiving in Belarus and don’t expect such folk to try eating deep-friend scorpion on a stick in China. But a Life Path 5 Sagittarius might give it a shot.

Now, what I always say about life path numbers– life path does NOT equal numerology. Life path numbers are a small part of numerology. They give you a sense of an individual’s fundamental personality canvas, kind of like sun signs. If you’re a sun sign Virgo, you’re just more likely to be meticulous and perfectionist. If you’re a Life Path 7, then you were probably near the top of your class in school. Life Path 7s just tend to get good grades, because they’re good at problem-solving.

What a lot of folk tend to conflate is numerology (or astrology) and predetermined fate. They think that we numerologists (and astrologers) think that if your name begins with an A, you’re a Life Path 1, and your dominant numerological emanation in your name is 1 and Fire-strong, then you’ll become a great leader. No, that’s not what we think. However, we (or at least I) do think that with such a combination, you are most definitely more likely to possess innate leadership qualities and thus are more poised to become a leader than others who lack the emanation 1 and Fire energy.  What you do with the innate gifts given to you at birth is on you. No one, no matter what’s in the stars or numerological vibrations, is destined down a single path.

Your potentials, though, I contend that we can get a good sense of. There is no predetermination that bars me from becoming a nuclear physicist. I could work my tail off and become one, well, a very, very mediocre one, but a nuclear physicist nonetheless. However, if I do not work my tail off, chances of me going that route are going to be nil. If you call that fate, then okay. On the other hand, there are certain fields I’ve always seemed to be naturally good at, and that seem to come more easily to me than it does others. With a healthy dose of willpower and effort, I’m pretty likely to succeed in those fields. If I applied the same dose of willpower and effort to nuclear physics? Probably still wouldn’t get too far. If I applied that dose x 10,000 to nuclear physics, then I might start to get somewhere in that field.

That’s what numerology is about, understanding those aspects of our potential. Perhaps numerology can reveal that you have a high likelihood of being talented in music, but for some reason you never really pursued it with much vigor. If after your numerology reading you decide to give music a shot and you find a new passion in life, then numerology has helped you. If you’ve always aspired to be a writer and are struggling at the moment, and a numerology reading shows you that you’re programmed to be good at writing, then that affirmation could be what adds fuel to your fire and pushes you to complete that manuscript. Or maybe you realize you lack certain qualities and that’s why you’ve experienced so many obstacles in your writing path. If you still know you want to be a writer, then you also know now what extra efforts must be exerted to get there.

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