SKT Book of Readings E-Delivered

My apologies for the confusion– Earlier this week I sent an e-mail to everyone who pre-ordered the second print run of SKT: Revelation to expect delays. And then there was that blog post the other day about the Book of Readings specifically as it would pertain to those with the first printing of the Revelation but have opted not to order the second.

And then yesterday I send out an e-mail with all Book of Readings files to everyone who pre-ordered the second printing.

Yes, that is the final Book of Readings. It’s the Book of Readings. =)

Here’s what happened.

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SKT Book of Readings for the Revelation First Print Run

The second print run of SKT: Revelation will come with a complimentary Book of Readings, a workbook of 22 practica. But what about those with the first print run Revelation?

Many of the journaling exercises in this workbook build on previous exercises, and all based on the Immortal Order (there are a total of eight) that your Revelation deck will be assigned or sorted into.

As for those with the first print run Revelation deck– Can you still work through the Book of Readings with a first print run Revelation?

Yes, with the following preliminary divination exercise.

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The Magical Tarot of the Golden Dawn by Pat Zalewski and David Sledzinski

The Magical Tarot of the Golden Dawn by Pat Zalewski and illustrated by David Sledzinski is a Golden Dawn based tarot deck, keyed to the four color scales, and also a Stella Matutina deck. Stella Matutina, or Morning Star, is one of the daughter organizations that branched from the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn.

If there is anyone creating a Golden Dawn deck to pay attention to, it’s Pat Zalewski. I’m familiar with his work through his 2002 Talismans & Evocations of the Golden Dawn and am super excited to be working with The Magical Tarot of the Golden Dawn, released by Aeon Publishing in 2022 (though I think this 2022 edition is a reprint of a deck by Pat and Chris Zalewski of the same name).

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Book of Readings (Add-On to the SKT Revelation 2nd)

For the First and Vitruvian Editions of the Spirit Keeper’s Tarot, I included a complimentary add-on with your order, and that was the Twenty-Two Weeks with the SKT workbook.

For the first print run of the Revelation Edition, I adjusted that workbook so that it was no longer confined to a specific time frame, and it became a straightforward SKT study journal.

For this second printing of the Revelation, I’m changing that SKT study journal and turning it into something that transcends all its former iterations, and I’m calling it the Book of Readings.

Fleshed out into a sequential journey of self-discovery while also guiding you through basic primers of various esoteric traditions tangential to the tarot, the Book of Readings is now a course. A journey.

You can read my work-in-progress placeholder web page for it here.

I’m super excited about the Book of Readings. I’m so excited that I can hardly wait to print out my own spiral-bound journal of it and get started, going through a journey of my own and documenting it in a video series.

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What Does It Mean (to Me) to Be Taoist?

Since I made reference to some of these regions, below is an excerpted Appendix E from I Ching, The Oracle (North Atlantic Books, forthcoming 2023).

While the maps are not drawn to scale (I did them myself, by hand…) at least they help to give you a mental reference of where these kingdoms or states are located in geographical relation to one another.

Excerpt from Appendix E of I Ching, The Oracle (June, 2023):
Shang (1600 – 1045 BC) and Zhou (1046 – 256 BC)

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Pre-order the Spirit Keeper’s Tarot, Revelation Ed. (second print run)

Click Here for Pre-Order Information

First off, I apologize for the convoluted, loopity-doop link after link organization (or lack thereof) to these web pages. I had initially put the pre-order information page here, but it doesn’t make sense as a blog post, so I moved it here:

And now I’m going to re-write this page into an informal chat to give you some of the behind-the-scenes.

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Asian Wheel of the Year: Lunisolar Astrology

Is there an Asian “Wheel of the Year”?

Maybe. Sorta.

Consider these eight solar terms, their dates based on solar longitude (the path of the sun) and how they compare to close equivalents in the pagan Wheel of the Year:

The Four Beginnings  四立
1. 立春 Start of Spring Feb. 3–5
2. 立夏 Start of Summer May 5–7
3. 立秋 Start of Autumn Aug. 7–9
4. 立冬 Start of Winter Nov. 7–8

Equinoxes & Solstices  分/至
5. 春分 Vernal Equinox Mar. 20–22
6. 秋分 Autumnal Equinox Sep. 22–24
7. 夏至 Summer Solstice Jun. 21–22
8. 冬至 Winter Solstice Dec. 21–23

I apologize in advance if my mode of presentation here is going to be a bit overwhelming. In retrospect, I should have taken more time thinking on pedagogy and how best to organize this material so it’s less everything-all-at-once. =)

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The Rebellious Origins of Witchcraft (Taoist Magic Edition)

What is your hypothesis on the correlation or connection, if any, between witchcraft (/ceremonial magic) and rebellion?

Uh, Wait… Are you conflating witchcraft, folk magic,  and ceremonial magic??

Yeah. Kinda. =/

This 2019 post ruminating on witchcraft vs. ceremonial magic offers some context. I wrote it while I was trying to figure out a title for my then forthcoming course Witchcraft Fundamentals.

Now that I think about it some more, “witchcraft” is probably not even the right term to be using. “Folk magic” might be the better descriptive? What do you think?

Global Fusion Intuitive Tarot by Wayne Rodney (US Games)

Wayne Rodney’s Global Fusion Intuitive Tarot is quickly becoming one of my favorite contemporary tarot decks. If you want a case study for diverse representation in tarot art done well, look no further than Global Fusion.

Rodney is a Jamaican American painter and illustrator who runs a martial arts studio. As an artist his work is heavily influenced by Rosicrucian mysticism, values of cultural diversity, and what I found throughout the Global Fusion Intuitive Tarot– Taoist metaphysics.

In this deck, Rodney orders the Minors before the Majors. The Sticks correspond with Wands or Clubs, expressing the traits of creative will and intuition. Of the four temperaments, he connects it to the Sanguine. Gems, Pentacles or Diamonds, signify the Phlegmatic, of the sensory and the practical. Vessels, Cups or Hearts, correspond with Melancholy, with emotions and feeling. Blades, Swords or Spades, signify the Choleric temperament, of reason, logic, and thought.

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