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In pursuit of revealing a prisca theologia, a primordial truth about divinity, the Spirit Keeper’s Tarot journeys back to our cradles of civilization.

This is a deck that integrates ancient theologies from disparate corners of the world. For general information about the premise of this deck and my artistic process, click below:

Introduction to the SKT

CLICK HERE to read about how I came to create the Spirit Keeper’s Tarot, evolution of the three editions, and the story of how and why this deck came to be.


You can also view all cards and read a brief description of each. Please note that there may be discrepancies with the color values, between what you see on your digital screen and the color saturation on the actual printed cards.


CLICK HERE to read brief LWB descriptions of each card in the Major Arcana. The SKT architecture features 3 versions of Key 0 as significators for accessing 3 different registers of divination.

Meet historic figures such as Himiko, the shamaness queen of Yamatai-koku and Menelik I, son of King Solomon and the Queen of Sheba to the Sumerian gala priestesses of Ishtar and the Shona mbonga of Mwari. Invoke Maitreya and Kuan Yin, or Anubis and Shai, Eos, Titaness-goddess of the dawn, or Asherah.

Paths of the Astral Light, the luminiferous ether, will guide you.


CLICK HERE to read brief LWB descriptions of each card in the Minor Arcana, Aces through Tens. Journey across the astral planes of the world and rediscover the theologies of our ancestors.

Here, divinities of Heaven descend to the earthly plane and interact with human civilizations.


World wonders are featured, from the Lighthouse of Alexandria and the Library of Alexandria to the Blue Mosque and Taj Mahal, and ancient cities such as Athens, Sparta, Uruk in ancient Sumer, and Timbuktu, just to name a few.


Visions of Isis, Iaso, Athena, Artemis, Ch’aska, Mariam, Mother of Jesus, Apolaki, Ala, Aphrodite, Ereshkigal-Hekate, Thoth, and Tridevi will guide you.

Learn about the seiðkonur of Viking Age Scandinavia and Tengrist shamanism; meet historic figures from Hypatia to Mary the Jewess (Maria Prophetissima).



CLICK HERE to read brief LWB descriptions of each court card (in the Empyrean Court) from the Minor Arcana.

Experience a sunrise over the mountain ranges of Hokkaido, or see the Pleiades in the skies of pre-Columbian Patagonia. Enter a Zoroastrian Fire Temple, the subterranean Rani ki Vav, or journey through the Celtic Otherworld. Meet Dihya, warrior queen of the Amizighs, or Bertha of Savoy.


Relive the life of a Templar knight from the Order of Solomon’s Temple, a princess from Bhutan, the Hidden Holy Land, an Inuk spiritual healer in the Arctic tundra, and a nusta from Tawantinsuyu. These and many more stories of our collective ancestors await your retelling.


A Witchy High School Social Studies Textbook…

The companion guidebook to the deck, titled the Book of Maps, is a 700-page reference manual explaining the characters, world, and cultures depicted on the cards. The text will cover cosmology, ontology, historical religious practices, and explanations of the symbols featured. Citations to the sources I consulted will also be provided in the end notes.

Basically, it’s a witchy social studies textbook. These are the world cultures and history lessons the high school budding witch would have wanted.

The following excerpts will give you a good idea of what will be covered in the Book of Maps:

  • Key 0: The Keeper, featuring Asherah. In Ugaritic texts, The Great Lady Athirat, mother of gods
  • Key 2: The Priestess appearing as a Sumerian gala priestess of Inanna
  • Three of Chalices, featuring seiðkonur of Viking Age Scandinavia
  • Four of Chalices invoking both Kuan Yin and Serket and depicting Korean Buddhist sitting meditation
  • Nine of Scepters with Hekate-Ereshkigal in Uruk, Sumer and the Nine of Swords with Hekate-Ereshkigal as Mother (Hesiod’s Theogony, the Orphic Hymns, and the Greek Magical Papyri)
  • Archangel Commander channeled through a 14th century Templar Knight
  • Ace of Orbs and a vision of Mariam, mother of Jesus of Nazareth, and the SATOR acrostic


CLICK HERE to read all production status updates. The most recent posting will always appear at the top of the page, and then the posts go in reverse chronological order.


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