Pre-Order the Revelation Edition

Pre-ordering for the second print run of the SKT Revelation edition is now open.

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Estimated Delivery Date:
May through June 2023

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$65 usd + shipping

for the holy oil anointed deck, 700-page Book of Maps e-book, plus digital files for a tarot study journal keyed to the SKT.

Shipping and total costs are as follows:

Default – No Insurance (No coverage for packages lost or damaged during shipping. Please read the terms and conditions below.)

Shipping To: Qty: 1 deck Qty: 2 decks Qty: 3 decks
United States $65 + $8
= $73
$65 x 2 + $11
= $141
$65 x 3 + $13
= $208
Canada or Mexico $65 + $26
= $91
$65 x 2 + $26
= $156
$65 x 3 + $40
= $235
UK, France, or Germany $65 + $32
= $97
$65 x 2 + $32
= $162
$65 x 3 + $49
= $244
Australia or New Zealand $65 + $37
= $102
$65 x 2 + $37
= $167
$65 x 3 + $58
= $253
All Other International $65 + $35
= $100
$65 x 2 + $35
= $165
$65 x 3 + $57
= $252

OPTIONAL – Add $2 Per Deck for Insurance (Please read terms and conditions below.)

Shipping To: Qty: 1 deck Qty: 2 decks Qty: 3 decks
United States $73 + $2 =
$141 + $4 =
$208 + $6 =
Canada or Mexico $91 + $2 =
$156 + $4 =
$235 + $6 =
UK, France, or Germany $97 + $2 =
$162 + $4 =
$244 + $6 =
Australia or New Zealand $102 + $2 =
$167 + $4 =
$253 + $6 =
All Other International $100 + $2 =
$165 + $4 =
$252 + $6 =

If you would like to order 4 or more decks, then please e-mail us at for a shipping quote.

Holy Oil Ingredients: Oil infusions from Ceylon cinnamon bark, cassia cinnamon bark and tree leaves, myrrh, and lemongrass; carrier oil: Greek olive oil. The oil is anointed to the outer wrapping of the box only.

What’s Included–

Certificate of Authenticity: Every deck comes with a signed Certificate of Authenticity indicating your deck’s issue number from this print run. See also “Changes from the First Printing,” Eight Immortal Orders to be assigned to the second print run decks.

Book of Maps Guidebook Digital Files: The 700-page guidebook in PDF format is included with your order. The PDF has hyperlinked bookmarked sections, so you can navigate the chapters will ease on any digital reader. An unlisted link to a third-party print-on-demand site will also be provided. At your option, you can order the paperback copy via A ballpark estimate of the printing cost from Lulu is $35.

Little White Booklet (LWB): A card-size 80-page little white booklet or LWB is included in every box with the deck. The LWB is designed to work as part of your divination process. You can look up the card entries in the LWB to supplement your intuitive reading.

Book of Readings Tarot Workbook Digital Files: The workbook contains some elements of the SKT study journal included in the premium package of the first printing, but contains new features to provide a multifaceted holistic study of the tarot keyed to the SKT. The workbook is structured for guided spiritual development. An unlisted link to a third-party print-on-demand site will be provided. At your option, you can order the spiral-bound notebook via To learn more about this Book of Readings and its free companion videos course, click here.

Eight Immortal Orders: For the second print run, all decks will be cast into one of Eight Orders. The Orders are based on the eight trigrams (fundamental or archetypal building blocks of the universe), Eight Immortals of East Asian lore, and the Ogdoad (eight primordial deities) of Ancient Egyptian lore. You’ll also find the Ogdoad in Hermetic and Gnostic traditions.

  1. The Virtuosos, whose written stories and painted scenes become reality, endowed with the divine gift to Create, skilled in the many arts, one learned in the humanities, in culture, and who embodies the spirit of the Renaissance, stewards of a Golden Age,
  2. The Warriors, archetype of the Hero, endowed with gifts of ingenuity, courage, and great strength to achieve the heights of victory that no one else could imagine, standing up for what is right and what is just, always the fighter,
  3. The Philosophers, the scholars of reason and illuminated knowledge, who achieve mastery over numbers, forms, and cosmology, of rhetoric and sciencia, the ones who are the thought leaders of our times, keepers of the Classics,
  4. The Spellcasters, road openers who clear obstacles and channel in new opportunities. A Spellcaster is the hand of the gods, and will come to realize extraordinary spiritual powers,
  5. The Shamans, who traverse the axis mundi, through the many spirit worlds, whose minds are light as a feather upon a divine wind, who direct that wind to go where the shaman wills it to go, a shape-shifter of realities,
  6. The Healers, who purify and consecrate, who rejuvenate, and who are apprentices of the cosmic physician, who will achieve mastery over the power to mend and the power to give new life, possessors of the gift of liberation from all that is malignant,
  7. The Alchemists, who put spiritual teachings and esoteric theory into practice, who master the learned systems of magic and mysticism, and who come to know the secrets of nature and the physical universe, endowed with the power to transmute lead into gold,
  8. The Enchanters, mediators of peace, equity, and love, who embody the archetype of the Weaver, who are our truth-tellers, and who nurture into reality abundance, contentment, and fulfillment; an Enchanter is one endowed with the great gift of Charisma and influence, friend to flora and fauna.

The decks in each Order are endowed with an additional portfolio of blessings, strengths, and traits. The Order will reveal the archetype that is the core essence of your deck, which will be noted on each deck’s Certificate of Authenticity.


First: Calculate the total dollar amount and send via any of these methods:

  1. Venmo (@bellwen),
  2. PayPal to, or
  3. Zelle to

Second: E-mail your completed order form (see below) to

U.S. Orders:

E-mail with the following order information:

  1. E-mail used for payment:
  2. E-mail preferred for contact:
  3. Total number of decks ordered:
  4. Optional Insurance (Yes/No):
  5. Please provide your mailing address in the following format:

Jane Doe
123 Main Street
Apt. 321
New York, NY 12345

International Orders:

E-mail with the following order information:

  1. E-mail used for payment:
  2. E-mail preferred for contact:
  3. Total number of decks ordered:
  4. Optional Insurance (Yes/No):
  5. Full name of addressee for mailing:
  6. Street address (mailing address line 1):
  7. City:
  8. Province:
  9. Postal code:
  10. Country:
  11. Telephone #:

You will receive a confirmation e-mail from us within seven (7) business days of your order e-mail. Please keep this e-mail in your records as verification of your order. If you do not receive a confirmation e-mail from us within 7 days, first check your Spam folder and if the e-mail isn’t there, please e-mail us with a follow-up.

Make sure the e-mail address is marked in the “Safe” list so that you will receive our communications.


PLEASE NOTE: The illustrations on the cards will remain unchanged, but for minor barely-detectable color tone adjustments on some of the cards.

  1. Different card back design from the First Print Run (see above image)
  2. Minor line edits to the Book of Maps and new book cover design to match the revised card back and box color palette
  3. Minor line edits to the little white booklet (LWB)
  4. What was the SKT study journal from the first printing is now a Book of Readings workbook that has been substantially revised from the first printing’s study journal
  5. Eight Immortal Orders. Each deck from the second print run will be randomly assigned to one of eight Orders: (1) Virtuosos, (2) Warriors, (3) Philosophers, (4) Spellcasters, (5) Shamans, (6) Healers, (7) Alchemists, and (8) Enchanters, corresponding with the eight trigrams.
    1. All deck orders are randomly assigned. Yet please rest assured that you will get the deck from an Order that will best support your highest good.
    2. The Order that a deck is assigned endows that deck with a specific portfolio of blessings and powers in addition to its general all-purpose abilities as the Spirit Keeper’s Tarot.
    3. The Order will also offer insights into your deck’s character profile and predominant traits.
    4. More information about the Order your deck has been sorted into will be provided on its accompanying Certificate of Authenticity and in the updated edition of the Book of Maps.
    5. Re-assignments. In rare incidences, you may realize that your deck needs to be re-assigned into a different Order. We can accommodate requests for re-assignments on the following conditions:
      1. There will be a $24 service fee for any re-assignment plus cost of mailing to the address provided. Mailing cost will be quoted at the time of the re-assignment request.
      2. Please e-mail photographs of your initially assigned Certificate when you place the re-assignment request.
      3. Note which Order you’d like your deck to be re-assigned to.
      4. A new Certificate memorializing the re-assignment will be mailed to you.
      5. Deadline date for all re-assignments are one year from date of purchase. After one year, regrettably we cannot accommodate re-assignment requests.

Although the cards are going to remain substantially the same, there may be a few minor revisions. The above is an example of a minor revision in the Ten of Chalices between the first print run (left) and this forthcoming second print run (right).

You may also see minor color saturation variations between the first print run and this second print run.


Please read through the terms and conditions of sale carefully. By pre-ordering, you are agreeing to these terms and conditions.

  • Delivery is FOB original shipping point, postage pre-paid by seller
  • Pre-orders are non-refundable, so please do a thorough due diligence before deciding to place a pre-order
  • No Insurance (Default): Once we have mailed out your order from our place of business, all risk of loss is borne by the buyer. Lost or damages packages are at buyer’s risk.
  • If You Order the +$2 for Shipping Insurance (Optional): In the event of a lost or damaged package, we will replace your order or issue a full refund, provided that the insurance option was paid for and the following conditions are met:
    • The optional insurance purchase will cover risks of physical loss or damage from an external cause, subject to exclusions, while in transit.
    • You may need to sign a claim statement or affidavit issued by the carrier (e.g., the US Post Office, UPS, etc.) and return it to us by the requested date. Non-compliance to this may result in a denial of the claim.
    • Significant or total damage to the deck box will be replaced. However, minor or subtle dings, scuff marks, or scratches to the box will not be replaced.
    • Packages that the carrier’s tracking information has marked as “Delivered” are not covered under the insurance policy.
    • Packages seized by your country’s government are not covered under the insurance policy.
    • Packages successfully sent to an address that is wrong due to an error on your end are not covered under the insurance policy. Please carefully check the information you submit to us and make sure there are no typographical errors and no missing information, such as missing apartment numbers, etc.
    • Claims must be filed within 60 days of the date posted for mailing. (This date can be found on the shipping confirmation e-mail you receive from us.)
    • We cannot guarantee replacements of lost or damaged packages after 60 days have passed since the date posted for mailing.
    • Packages sent to any of the following countries are considered “Delivered” and therefore not covered under insurance as soon as there is touchdown of the aircraft at the airport of destination or upon discharge from the overseas vessel at the destination port of discharge: Afghanistan, Angola, Bolivia, Burma, Congo, Cuba, Iran, Iraq, Ivory Coast (Cote d’Ivoire), Liberia, Nigeria, North Korea, Paraguay, Sierra Leone, Somalia, Sudan, Syria, Venezuela.
    • Insurance coverage is NOT available for any location that would be in violation of any U.S. economic or trade sanctions including OFAC Restricted Countries or for shipments to Russian and other Commonwealth of Independent States countries (includes Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Moldova, Russia, Russian Federation, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Ukraine, and Uzbekistan)
  • We are not liable for packages that the postal service’s tracking has marked as “Delivered.”
  • We are happy to replace internal (“inside the box”) damages under the following conditions:
    • Please e-mail your claim to within 30 days.
    • Please e-mail us photographs of both the front and back of the damaged or misprinted card and make sure the photographs are reasonably clear before you send.
    • Damages to the cards that would reasonably impact a tarot reading will certainly be replaced, such as a noticeable manufacturing defect, printing smudges or printing errors on any of the cards, or altogether missing cards. Manufacturing defects to the cards will be replaced.
    • Minor issues that are reasonably foreseeable and commonplace risks when buying tarot decks will not be replaced.
    • If upon receipt of your package, you see that there is a design defect or significant damage issue, please do not delay in contacting us. Please contact us immediately at to request a replacement.
    • We cannot guarantee replacements to “inside the box” defects after 30 days have passed since date of delivery.
  • Gilded edging on decks is produced through a process that crushes gold-toned plates into fine grain and then that fine grain, a gold dust, is applied to the cardstock edges under high pressure and heat until it is sealed onto the stock.
    • Some fall-out or minor scratching is inevitable.
    • We cannot guarantee that there won’t be some minor imperfections with your gilded edges.
    • Furthermore, note that harsh shuffling and handling of the cards might wear down the gilding.
  • International buyers are responsible for knowing what the customs fees will be and paying those customs fees to your local agencies
    • Your order may be subject to VAT taxes that you have to pay your government.
    • Your order may be subject to import fees that you have to pay your government.
    • Your order may require you to take a trip to the post office and be physically present to pick up the international shipment, which may also require that you show a photo ID, so the name on your photo ID would need to match the name of addressee on the package.
    • For international shipments, our customs declaration will state that the package is for “illustration cards.” Before placing your order, please verify that the Spirit Keeper’s Tarot deck can be imported into your country. Please note that some countries ban the import of occult objects. We cannot refund orders that have been seized by your government due to import bans.


Please do not hesitate to e-mail us at with your questions or concerns.


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