Pre-Order the Revelation Edition

I am pleased to announce the pre-order launch for the full-color Revelation Edition of the Spirit Keeper’s Tarot, First Print Run. The print run will be determined based on the number of pre-orders, plus a little extra to sell after all the pre-orders have been processed.


In pursuit of revealing a prisca theologia, a primordial truth about divinity, the Spirit Keeper’s Tarot journeys back to our cradles of civilization. This is a deck that integrates ancient theologies from disparate corners of the world. For general information about the premise of this deck and my artistic process, click below:

Introduction to the SKT

You can also view all cards and read a brief description of each. Please note that there may be discrepancies with the color values, between what you see on your digital screen and the color saturation on the actual printed cards.

Right now we are in the pre-order phase.


Click on the above hyperlink for all production status updates. The most recent posting will always appear at the top of the page, and then the posts go in reverse chronological order.


A Witchy High School Social Studies Textbook…

The companion guidebook to the deck, titled the Book of Maps, is a 700-page reference manual explaining the characters, world, and cultures depicted on the cards. The text will cover cosmology, ontology, historical religious practices, and explanations of the symbols featured. Citations to the sources I consulted will also be provided in the end notes.

Basically, it’s a witchy social studies textbook. These are the world cultures and history lessons the high school budding witch would have wanted.

The following excerpts will give you a good idea of what will be covered in the Book of Maps, which is only available with the Premium Package order.


Here is the pricing schedule:


($ USD)

Canada or Mexico

($ USD)

Other International

($ USD)

Standard Package (deck only) 57.00 57.00 57.00
Premium Package (deck + books) 67.00 67.00 67.00
Shipping cost for order of 1 – 2 decks 8.00 21.00 28.00
Shipping cost for order of 3 decks 8.00 28.00 39.00
Optional: Insurance per deck ordered 2.00 2.00 2.00

Before ordering more than 3 decks, please e-mail with your full mailing address and # of decks you’d like to order. That way we can calculate an exact shipping quote for you.

To help, here’s some quick-reference math done for you:

All prices in USD U.S. Canada or Mexico Other International
You’ve ordered 1 deck, Standard Package

$67 (with insurance)

$65 (without)

$80 (with insurance)

$78 (without)

$87 (with insurance)

$85 (without)

You’ve ordered 1 deck, Premium Package

$77 (with insurance)

$75 (without)

$90 (with insurance)

$88 (without)

$97 (with insurance)

$95 (without)

Standard Package:

1 deck


  • 80 cards, 2.75″ x 4.75″ on 350 gsm cardstock, gilded (gold edging), matte finish
  • 2-piece top and bottom lid deck box, 1200 gsm, matte finish
  • 80-page perfectbound little white booklet (same size as cards; fits in box)
  • hand-signed autographed certificate of authenticity confirming the print run number

Premium Package:

1 deck + Book of Maps (e-book only)


  • tarot deck (see specs above)
  • Book of Maps, Revelation Edition: 722-page E-BOOK (Digital/Kindle) as a PDF file delivered to your e-mail
    • The card entries read like chapters of a mysticism-focused social studies or world civilizations textbook
    • Includes short form oracles for the 64 hexagrams of the I Ching Book of Changes, so you can augment your tarot readings with I Ching divination (the trigram correspondences on the cards)
    • Extensive bibliography categorized by civilizations and geographic regions, for anyone interested in further reading or the sources I consulted for these illustrations
  • SKT Tarot Study Journal: 292-page E-BOOK (Digital/Kindle) as a PDF file delivered to your e-mail
    • Suggested tarot card spreads and methods for reading
    • Suggested rituals and personal spirituality development, working with the tarot
    • Log of daily card draws & log of tarot readings (blank journal entry pages)
    • Correspondence reference tables
    • Glossary of card meanings for quick reference
    • Estimate cost of ordering spiral coil bound print copy of tarot journal from $10.46
  • direct hyperlinks to additionally purchase physical paperback copies of the texts will be provided (purchased from a third-party print-on-demand website,
    • Estimate cost of ordering paperbacks from
    • Black & White Trade Paperback: $17.73
    • Full-Color Trade Paperback: $28.56


Calculate the total dollar amount and send via Zelle or PayPal to

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International Orders:

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From the date you transferred payment and e-mailed us your pre-order information, please allow 7 (seven) days for us to process your order and send you a confirmation e-mail. We thank you for your patience. If after day 7 you have not received a confirmation e-mail from us about your order, please contact right away, along with your Zelle or PayPal payment receipt.

Right now there is no set delivery date and we ask that you not consider a fixed delivery date to be a firm term of the sales agreement. Our best estimate is some time in August, 2021. CLARIFICATION: We will begin packing and shipping the very first pre-orders placed in March beginning in August, then go in the order the pre-orders were received, so if you ordered later in the year, delivery may not be until September or even early October.

If there are any unanticipated hiccups in that timeline, I will notify you by e-mail with status updates.

Production status updates will be posted here, with the most recent update appearing at the top of the page.


Last Updated28 March 2021

All cards have been completed and formatted for printing. However, we are still in the test print runs phase, tweaking the image files to ensure print quality.

The Book of Maps is complete, formatted for printing, and in the line-editing phase.

I will also be creating a third series of orientation and educational videos about the Revelation Edition of SKT and how to work with it, though the completion of the video series will take last priority, after delivery of the decks.


Please read through the terms and conditions of sale carefully. By pre-ordering, you are agreeing to these terms and conditions.

  • Delivery is FOB original shipping point, postage pre-paid by seller
  • Pre-orders are non-refundable, so please do a thorough due diligence before deciding to place a pre-order
  • The optional $2 shipping insurance is indemnity between the U.S. postal service and you. In the event of a lost or damaged package that is the fault of the USPS, then you’ll need to file a claim directly with the USPS within 60 days of the mailing date, using their claims form. The insurance will cover the deck’s declared value, i.e., the cost of the deck only, and will not cover the cost of shipping you had initially paid. For more information about the USPS insurance policy, see here: (“Insured Mail”)
  • We are not liable for packages that the postal service has recorded as “Delivered.” If you see that the tracking information for your package notes “Delivered” but you have not received it, then you will need to contact your post office for more information
  • We are happy to replace damages under the following conditions:
    • Please e-mail your claim to within 30 days.
    • Please e-mail us photographs of both the front and back of the damaged card and make sure the photographs are reasonably clear before you send.
    • Damages to the cards that would reasonably impact a tarot reading will certainly be replaced, such as a noticeable manufacturing defect on one of the card backs, printing smudges or printing errors on any of the cards, or altogether missing cards. Manufacturing defects to the cards will be replaced.
    • Minor issues that are reasonably foreseeable and commonplace risks when buying tarot decks will not be replaced.
    • Significant or total damage to the deck box will be replaced. However, minor or subtle dings, scuff marks, or scratches to the box will not be replaced.
    • If upon receipt of your package, you see that there is a design defect or significant damage issue, please do not delay in contacting us. Please contact us immediately at to request a replacement.
    • We cannot guarantee replacements after 30 days have passed since date of delivery.
  • Gilded edging on decks is produced through a process that crushes gold-toned plates into fine grain and then that fine grain, a gold dust, is applied to the cardstock edges under high pressure and heat until it is sealed onto the stock. Some fall-out is inevitable. We cannot guarantee that there won’t be some fall-out with your gilded edges. Furthermore, note that harsh shuffling and handling of the cards might wear down the gilding.
  • International buyers are responsible for knowing what the customs fees will be and paying those customs fees to your local agencies
    • Your order may be subject to VAT taxes that you have to pay your government.
    • Your order may be subject to import fees that you have to pay your government.
    • Your order may require you to take a trip to the post office and be physically present to pick up the international shipment, which may also require that you show a photo ID, so the name on your photo ID would need to match the name of addressee on the package.
    • For international shipments, our customs declaration will state that the package is for “tarot cards.” Before placing your order, please verify that declarations for “tarot cards” can be imported into your country. Please note that some countries ban the import of “occult objects” and as we’ve come to learn, that includes a tarot deck. We cannot refund orders that have been seized by your government due to import bans.

Free to the Public

  • Video Course Series I, an 18-video orientation course on the Spirit Keeper’s Tarot, covering my perspective on accessing the Akashic Records with SKT, ritual magic, kundalini awakening, pathworking, astral journeying, and more. Access the video course here.
  • Video Course Series II, a 12-video orientation course that is intended to be more practical and accessible than Series I. Series II covers the Majors and Minors separately, each of the four suits, their correspondences, and guided tarot readings to be used in conjunction with LWB, MWB, Book of Maps, and 22-week workbook. Access the video course here.
  • The Complete SKT Video Course Series with Syllabuscombining Series I and Series I, can be accessed here. Download the hyperlinked PDF master list here.