Reference Tables & Diagrams

Figure 11.3 in the text, The Queen Mother Xi Wang Mu’s Shòu Yān 獸焉 (described in The West Mountain Sutra 西山經 as a wolf-like beast with the horns of an ox and feathers like a pheasant).

These reference tables and diagrams are from I Ching, The Oracle. Please feel free to download and integrate them into your study journal, or in any way that supports your work with the Yi.

Trigrams to Hexagrams Cross-Reference Chart

The Eight Trigrams

Wu Xing Correspondence Table

Reference Table for Casting with the Yarrow Stalk Method

Reference Table for Casting with the Three Coin Toss Method

Rationales Behind the Two Differing Coin Toss Methods

The Lunar Cycle and the Twelve Hexagrams of the Son of Heaven 天子卦 (Tiānzǐ Guà)

The Twelve Zodiac Animals in Sequential Order

The Twelve Zodiac Animals and Ascendant Hours

Four Perfected Hexagrams (四正卦, Sì Zhèng Guà) and 24 Solar Terms

The Eight Spirit Helpers and Zodiac Animal Correspondences

Written Figures Designating Yin and Yang Lines of the Trigrams

Twelve Earthly Branches, Trigrams, and Wu Xing

Ten Heavenly Stems, Trigrams, and Wu Xing

Fuxi’s Sequence of the Eight Trigrams

Eight Trigrams and the Eight Immortals

Eight Trigrams and the Corresponding Shang Gods of the Wu

The Four Beginnings 四立 and Four Equinoxes-Solstices 分/至

The Four Beginnings  四立
1. 立春 Start of Spring Feb. 3–5
2. 立夏 Start of Summer May 5–7
3. 立秋 Start of Autumn Aug. 7–9
4. 立冬 Start of Winter Nov. 7–8

Equinoxes & Solstices  分/至
5. 春分 Vernal Equinox Mar. 20–22
6. 秋分 Autumnal Equinox Sep. 22–24
7. 夏至 Summer Solstice Jun. 21–22
8. 冬至 Winter Solstice Dec. 21–23

The 24 Solar Terms and 12 Lunar Months

Nongli, 24 Solar Terms and Their Lunar, Trigram, and Alchemical Phase Correspondences

The 60-Year (Sexagenary) Calendar and Heavenly Stem – Earthly Branch Pairings

The Sexagenary Calendar Cyclical Chart

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Gua Qi Diagram Attributed to Confucius

The Thaumaturgical Order of Trigrams to the Directions and Seasons

Solar Terms, Eight Trigrams, and the Lo Shu

Comparing the Trigrams Corresponding to the 24 Solar Terms (Natural Cycle vs. Thaumaturge’s Cycle)

Eight Trigrams and Moon Phases

The Lo Shu Magic Square and Feng Shui

Seal of the Nine Heavens (Figure 3.16)

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Divination Mat with Jiu Tian Xuan Nu Seal (Figure 7.12)

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Wu Xing Ba Gua (Figure 6.13)

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Squaring the Circle of Changes (Figure 5.26)

Reference Table for I Ching Trigram to Tarot Correspondences

Six Points of Divinity (X): Majors, Keys 1, 7, 8, 11, 14, and 18