Past Life Astrology

I am open to the concept of reincarnation. While I believe we have many past lives, my approach to past life astrology analysis is based on a native’s present life natal chart. The way I read the chart, it yields the one past life that is most influential on the present life karma. What is in your subconscious now, your inclinations, and innate abilities are based on the experiences of this particular past life and it is only through the balancing and reconciliation of the karma from this past life incarnation that you will be able to move on completely from the tethers of your past life karma.

In my approach to past life astrology, I construct a natal chart under the whole sign houses sytem. In past life astrology, I focus on the moon, in part because the moon represents our subconscious and latent memories. It represents the mother, and where we come from. Thus, it is the first link I consider in a past life reading. All aspects of your natal moon’s correspondences and positioning are considered, house and sign of course, the aspects, and conjunctions. The moon gives me the character profile.

The southern node is considered for determining karmic remnants from the past life that must now be accounted for in the present life. From the southern node, I try to glean what might have been repressed in the present life due to what was left unaddressed or unaccounted for in the past life. In both the northern and southern nodes, we can get a sense of destiny, of abilities and accomplishments that have been passed on from one lifetime into another.

I also consider Houses 4, 8, and 12. House 4 might give insight into specific memories that are of particular importance to the karma of the present life. It connects the past life with your present life childhood. House 8 might offer insights into death. House 12 shows the personal trials experienced in the past life that have a karmic impact on the present life. Chiron, too, is considered.

I offer past life astrology readings and have found them to be fruitful, whether you believe in reincarnation or not. It offers a fascinating narrative to study and to think about how that narrative might relate to your present life circumstances, and more pertinently, might explain your present life circumstances. If nothing more, it is a unique story–one I contend is yours alone–where the ending is your life’s beginning.

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