The Keys of Solomonic Magic and Spirit Conjures

Clavicula Salomonis, grimoire in Arabic

Solomonic magic is pretty much the foundation of occultism, modern witchcraft, and ceremonial magic west of India and China, encompassing Europe, the Middle East, and now the Americas.

What you will discover within the pages of this book I’m sharing, you’re going to find to be the keystones of Persian magic and witchcraft, the magical practices of Muslim-influenced Southeast Asian countries, the Golden Dawn (though many of their correspondences differ), hoodoo, Wicca, and maybe even the traditions you’ve inherited and have been wondering where those traditions might have come from.

If you’re serious about your occult studies, then I hope you’ll add this text to your library and read through it cover to cover at least once.

From my vantage point, this book is essential reading, even if for no other reason than to take it apart to realize once and for all this is not for you. That, too, is invaluable. Whether you want to strengthen the connection to these roots or you want to sever ties with the roots altogether and grow anew, either choice calls for an examination of this text.

The images from historically significant grimoires, the essence of the ritual instructions provided, and the methodology behind the crafting of seals, devising the magical scripts, and even how to prepare for ritual can help to inspire your own creativity, offering sparks and revelations for how to do Craft your way.

From the Tractatis de Nigromatia (16th century), A grimoire on necromancy

If you’re a total beginner, then please do not try out any of these rituals or operations on your own. Plus, the instructions are pretty clear that most of these conjurations should never be performed solitary.

At the beginner and intermediate level, a light read of this text is going to be the best introduction to ceremonial magic, witchcraft, and occultism west of the Indies you can get.

This should be your orientation manual into the Craft and the beginner steps for realizing your Great Work. Levi even says as much, which is why in a course I was putting together focused on Levi, I ended up having to back-track and start first with the Key of Solomon.

Comparing how four versions of the Clavicula Salomonis in four different languages depict the casting of Solomon’s Magic Circle.

If you’re a tarot reader, passing references will tickle your interest, like all the instructions on wrapping your tools with black silk. Some of the imagery in the RWS tarot, such as the iconic hand offering from the cloud in the Four of Cups, with the card corresponding astrologically to the Moon in Cancer (under Golden Dawn), and then seeing the Pentacles of the Moon.

The Sigillum Dei, or Seal of God

So what is this text or book I’m referring to?

It’s mainly the Clavicula Salomonis or Key of Solomon (1312), working off the MacGregor Mathers translation from 1889. I cross-referenced the Mathers translation with the Clavicules du Roi Salomon and the Grimoire of Abognazar, both mid 17th-century-ish. Let me just tell you, I never would have thought I’d ever end up using the Latin and French I learned as a kid.

Clavicula Salomonis en andere magische tractaten en voorschriften, version belonging to Petrus de Abano (1250-1315)

Then I started an adventure of connect-the-dots through several different grimoires on Renaissance magic, so this text is also synthesized with the infamous 16th century Tractatis de Nigromatia, Sibly’s 1704 Occult Sciences, the Arbatel de magia veterum better known by its short title, The Arbatel (1575), the Clavicula Salomonis de secretis, purportedly circa 200 AD, all of Cornelius Agrippa’s De Occulta Philosophia books (1567, 1581), the Heptameron, the Hygromanteia, the Grimoire du Pape Honorious  (1760), the Robert Turner translation of the Archidoxis magicae (1531), and the Petit Albert (1706).

From the Tractatis de Nigromatia (16th century)

This treatise is informative at the beginner initiate level, the intermediate level where you’re looking for something to help you advance your craft, and also a serviceable tome for the advanced practitioner.

Also, you can call me nuts, but I believe that how this book has been put together and all that it is by its very nature, assembled in this way empowers a copy of this book to become a Teacher of the Craft to its possessor. I know. I’m nuts. That and laughably superstitious?

Conflicting Correspondences

I’ve synthesized the correspondence tables found in many different Solomonic texts and general texts on magic from the Renaissance. Here’s the thing.

No two Big Name Occult Authors can ever seem to agree on the elemental correspondences. Which archangel, season, direction, etc. correspond with which of the four elements? Unless one grimoire clearly is copying from a predecessor grimoire, there are too many discrepancies and conflicts that the only conclusion I come away with is, “To each their own.”

From the Tractatis de Nigromatia (16th century)

Nonetheless, I’ve included as many different systems of correspondence tables from grimoires dated before the 18th century in reference to Solomonic magic so you have everything you need to know for working with planetary spirits and conjuring angels. Who I sourced a particular set of correspondences from will be provided in the caption above or below the given table of information. Just be mindful that they don’t all match each other, so give the whole text a read-through at least once, do some thinking on your own, and decide for yourself how you want to approach the differing correspondence systems.

My approach here was to include all the prevailing ones and let you figure out what you want to do with them.

From the Clavicula Salomonis en andere magische tractaten en voorschriften (1315)

“Okay, But I’m Not Christian… Or Jewish… Or Muslim… Or…”

A big chunk of this book is the psalms, from both the KJV and the Latin Vulgate, because I’ve included the full verses of all psalms referenced in the Clavicula Salomonis that the instructions in the grimoire say you need as part of the rituals.

It was a rough ride, by the way, so you’re welcome, especially with the psalms and working between the KJV and Vulgate, where the numbering is all off, so I need to keep a Latin-English dictionary on hand. Although I learned a little Latin back in my school days, at this age, I’m most certainly not fluent. It’s basically enough to spot the roots and guess what word is what, but then I need to verify with a dictionary.

As if that’s not enough of religions for you, every aspect of the craft expounded upon herein is explicitly steeped in Abrahamic mythos, with a lot of Hebrew, Kabbalistic references, and, well, I mean, the whole thing is about interacting with angels, so there’s that…

I know some of you are now like wait a minute, hold up, no thank you, because I’m not into all that Bible stuff. So this text sounds like it’s definitely not for me. I’m a witch.

For any of you practicing occultists, pagans, and witches who are starting to back away, I’ve printed on the title page a quote from Eliphas Levi:

When, in the course of this Work, we make use of the consecrated terms God, Heaven, and Hell, let it be thoroughly understood, once for all, that our meaning is as far removed from that which the profane attach to them as initiation is distant from vulgar thought. God, for us, is the AZOT of the sages, the efficient and final principle of the Great Work.

AZOT, or Azoth, is the Great Solvent of the Universe. It is the life giver and the light bringer, a Divine Panacea and the Source we each intuitively, unconsciously seek our return to. In a lot of occult texts, you may see calls or references to The Bornless One or The Endless One. That’s the AZOT, a principle of infinity. In my speak, it’s the Tao.

“Uh… You forgot the Goetia.”

Yeah. Sorta. There is some content folded into this book from the Goetia (and so you’re still going to see those references and citations), namely the instructions from that text on defense and protection from demonic forces, but you’re right, the seals for demon summoning or how to petition them and well basically, everything that the Goetia is, is noticeably missing from a book purporting to be a collection of techniques in Solomonic magic.

In this particular text, I wanted to focus on angels and planetary spirits. Nevertheless, it’s hard to cover Solomonic magic without getting into necromancy and demonology, so there are still a few cursory references to those branches of the Work.

Initially when putting this book together, I did include an entire chapter pulled straight out of the Goetia, but I then decided to delete it and present this book, availed for free, without the straight-up-demonology chapters.

My Recommendations

Skim or read the text only. Don’t try any of it out, unless you’re an advanced practitioner who has had years upon years of ritual and practical experience.

If you’re part of a coven and you want to work through something in here as a group with your coven mates, then yeah, that’s totally cool, but please make sure at least one person in your group really knows what the fuck they’re doing.

The Magical Scripts

So the seals are drawn with letters from various magical scripts, which you’ll find in Agrippa’s works. This text download includes appendices with the various magical alphabets used in the Solomon seals, i.e., the Malachim, the Celestial Script, and the Transitus Fluvii.

Let me tell you, all of it made my head hurt. Just how many made-up cryptic “magical  alphabets” do we need, guys? And why switch back and forth between multiple “magical alphabets” not just within the pages of one grimoire, but even within the emblems inscribed on a single seal? Argh! (Actually, after getting through multiple texts, reading the biographies of their authors in tandem, I think I have at least a speculation as to why that is…)

Why Did This Happen?

This text is a prerequisite for a Fundamentals course I’m putting together as we speak, which should be ready some time next year, or maybe the year after that, I don’t know.

In that course, I’m going to deep-dive into the Key of Solomon and really walk you through what to get out of the text and not only why you should adapt it for your own Path, but how to methodically adapt it for your Path. Even if you never, ever follow anything in this book and wouldn’t want to anyway, what are some important takeaway points notwithstanding? That’s what I want to cover in that Fundamentals course.

You can click on the image for an enlarged view, if that interests you.

So for those of you interested in taking that future course, we’re going to get into very practical operations of how to work with the Key of Solomon and all these other referenced and cited grimoires. As you can see from the above image of the syllabus, the course is structured after Eliphas Levi’s Transcendental Magic. The full text plus my annotations for it will be made available as part of the deliverables when you enroll.

In the Fundamentals course, you’ll be getting the editable DOC file of this book, because you’ll be expected to edit the entire thing until it’s unrecognizable from the original and contains all of your own workings. And that will be your first grimoire (assuming you’re a total witch beginner).

From the Clavicula Salomonis (Key of Solomon), Jābir ibn Ḥayyān, Abū Mūsā, et al. (1315)

Since I decided to make the Clavicula Salomonis a prerequisite, I started assembling the text to be made available as part of the course contents. Not to mention I’ve already been working on a lot of this when I was crafting the Spirit Keeper’s Tarot.

The undertaking then ballooned into what I’m giving the public free access to now.

By the way, those who will be taking the Fundamentals course will also get a file folder of images for all of the seals found in the book and templates for recreating those seals.

You’ll see that quite a few of these printed in the book as-is are… um… will induce the giggles. These big-wig occultists of all time weren’t always artsy…

You’ll see quite the range of variation among grimoires and occultists on how to draw these seals, which I think is the point. I emphasize a critical line from the Key by placing it again on the title page of this book:

For he who is the possessor of this Key, and who availeth himself hereof according to the ordinances herein contained, will not only be able to reduce the magical arts herein unto their proposed end, but will, even if he findeth certain errors herein, be able to correct them.

So in the Fundamentals course, you won’t be using any of the seals as-is (unless you want to).

In the meantime, and this is even to those who have no interest in taking that course, enjoy the download. And if you want a physical paperback copy in the A5 trim size (5.83″ x 8.3″), I’ve got direct links to Lulu for that, too. See below.


Book Cover Design Options

CLICK ME to download the book cover options

Zip File, 5.91 MB

There are four images for the book cover design, front and back. You can mix and match as you like. Choose whichever one you want for the front cover and choose whichever one you want for the back cover. Or you can use the same image file for both front and back.

You’ll notice there no titles on the covers. That’s just how I like my sacred texts, and yes, I would most certainly count the collective body of this text as an empowered sigil of some sort. Scroll through the pages and maybe you’ll intuit the same.

The E-Book (Interior Pages Only)

CLICK ME to download the Clavicula Salomonis

PDF, 52.9 MB

The document file is formatted at standard A5 trim size, or 5.83″ x 8.3″ with mirror margins so you can bind the book.

There’s a table of contents for your convenience. Basically, the text is Book I and Book II of Clavicula Salomonis, though in Book II, Mathers left out the “Astrological Images” chapter in his translation. I added it back in, including the original text, plus extra sections culled from Agrippa’s works, The Arbatel on the Seven Olympic Spirits, correspondences for the Seven Babylonian Rulers, the Seals of the Seven Archangels to Their Planets from The Heptameron (1567), planetary seals from the Petit Albert grimoire, Zodiac Seals from the Archidoxis magicae by Paracelsus (1541), and then info on the Twelve Talismanic Rings found in the Grimoire of Abognazar (Kings of King Solomon).

Then there are several appendices for your reference, including what’s pretty much the full text of The Arbatel (its 49 Aphorisms).


In my opinion, the list price for these physical print copies via is exorbitant. I’d never buy it at this price. Shrug. But for those who want one notwithstanding and have the budget for it, here you go.

ORDER the book with the White Cover Design

I’ve uploaded the book to, a print-on-demand publishing site, so you can order a physical paperback copy of the book. It’s formatted at A5 trim size.

Please note that I don’t love using Their quality can be inconsistent. If there are any printing issues with your book, your claim is with directly. Order the physical copy at your own risk.

ORDER the book with the Black Cover Design

I am so very, very excited to be sharing this with you. I put so much of myself into doing my best so that something like this can be made accessible.

Please help me get the word out and share this with anyone like us who might be interested in adding such a tome to their personal occult library.

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  1. Hey Benebell, hope you are well. Knowing you cant reply personally- busy as Lady. Anyway- is there a wait list for interested students in your new – ‘next year, maybe the year after course’?.
    Gratitude for your immense intelligence, self discipline and generosity.


    1. Hi Jo! Yes, I think James set up a mailing list for me, but I don’t actually know how to access it. I’m pretty bad at mailing lists anyway, so just because you sign up doesn’t mean you’ll get notified, haha. Sorry! I know, I’m working on it. Realistically, the best way to know exactly when it goes live is through these blog posts. =/

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        1. Paul Todd

          Hi, Bell.
          So many thanks for all your guidance.
          I bought the Lulu version of Key of Solomon, and it came in excellent condition. I am looking forward to working with the book, and following your blog.
          All the best for 2023!


      1. Lord

        Hello there

        I am new to your belong, I downloaded the book, but I was looking for some kind of buy me a coffee, or tip me for my work button, and I could not find it. obviously we can not put a price on amazing work you have done gathering all these information and sharing it with us with absolutely not expectation but I think it would fair for everyone who download this book to make a donation or at least buy you a cup of coffee, I think you consider making such a feature on your blog for the future.

        Thank you and God bless


  2. Kat MuirWoo

    Thanks for creating this. I have been wanting to do the same research that you outlined here, but knew it would take me years, if ever, to get through all the cross referencing. Thanks for putting this together.

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  3. I’ve been studying the keys of Solomon for years as part of my practice. I am very interested in this. The elemental correspondences are wide and varied. Even Crowley changed them up as needed. Thank you for sharing this!

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  4. Sarah Harvey

    Oh my. You’ve done it again! As always I’m amazed and delighted by your efforts. I’ve bought the lulu version so you get that wee tip. Thank you thank you. I hope to take the future course since I certainly Am a beginner in the World of Witch. XO

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  5. oh! another awesome topic! i first got interested in sigils after seeing this awesome ks deck same author did equally successful deamon tarot & oracles of heaven & earth deck!;) so after some research into topic/aka wikipedia google & book of solomon you mention i got confused how sigil are not same but changing design depending of author but your post explain it’s like handwriting unique for each person?;) lol so now i’m totals inspired to scribe some my own!^^ btw can i add extra outside circle around sigil for extra protection?^^ lol 😉 as you mentioned regardless of *angel title it’s still seem more like *demonology/natural forces to me?;) & what i find interesting it’s solomon sigil are 72 & can easy fit 36 card deck reversed & upright meaning maybe M Lenormand was reading tis books as well!;) lol Big thank you for free downloads definitively reading it before i start conjuring happy you did All work here making it great starter read as topic is indeed confusing &heads and tails part is 100% on spot!xD lol p.s luv those book covers you have talent for graphic design!!^^ also not fun of chasing Exotic ingredients so i’ll stay tuned for your *civilized approach!^^ lol Sharing it asap!^ ^ All Best! reall/Irena

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  6. Rebecca

    Stunning! I am in awe of your ability to bring forward so much wisdom and knowledge. The Spirit of the Ages speak through you and feed all of us. Looking forward to your course!


  7. ayuryogini

    WOW!!! What a labor of love and such a gift to us. I was going to wait for a Lulu coupon, but then realized you would get a decreased tip. Besides, it’s a bargain. I wish I had your brain. A million thanks for doing this and making it so accessible. xoxoxo from Juli


  8. anna smith

    I am continually amazed by your generosity, productivity, and responsibility for the occult community everywhere. May your energy and health be renewed over and over. And thanks for making this this extraordinary and edited work available for free!


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  10. This might be better asked of Lulu but I know you have more experience with them then I do so I figured you might have researched this already. Can this be ordered in the hard copy in a spiral bound copy such as your in-depth SKT course was? I know of course it would be much larger but the ability for it to lay flat as I study would be priceless to me.


    1. Anonymous

      I did find out it is possible for this to be ordered in spiral copy, or so sayeth Lulu, if the author/person posting the print job, gives that as one of the options. This I got from emailing Lulu and their response.


  11. Christiane

    Dear Benebell, thank you so much. I started reading our book and enjoy it so far. After reading your last segment here I would like to add an example link. In case this all is new to you. Maybe it does give new ideas “how to read or take the informations about the ingredients”. It could well be that all the “stuff from animals” are just parts from plants. One example from the link below: “Eye of Newt: A type of mustard seed with a black spot Cruciferae; Brassica”.  

    Your segment I am talking about: “Crafty Crafty Stuff
    Keep on the look-out for future practical blog posts and/or videos on how I adapt what’s given in this text for my own personal workings. After all, I don’t have the stomach to use blood of bat or go around plucking feathers off virgin roosters, so what are my dupes and are those dupes effective? Stay tuned!” (source:

    And the self-explanatory intro from the link below: “Old Names for Herbs
    In the old days, herbalists and midwives didn’t use textbook botanical names for herbs. Medicinal and magickal plants had colorful descriptive names. Often, old books about magick and herbal healing use the folk names instead of the names commonly used today, and it can be confusing. So, here is an alphabetical listing of those names, along with the common and botanical names in current use. You’ll notice that some plants have a variety of names, and some names refer to a variety of plants.”

    Source, here is the long list (A-Y):


  12. Gabrielle

    I’m discovering that the human imagination is a bottomless pit,divination is just an interest for me, it fascinating learning about others magic and conjuring systems- I enjoyed The Tao of Craft, brought Benebell course on the I Ching, now watching Taoist Occultism series whilst I write this item.
    I Ching Course:
    I will probably get round to purchasing a lulu book on the Renaissance western magic The keys of Solomon, some point soon, quite like the idea of making a talisman for special friends on silver sheets, something Kabbalah practitioners used to create, sounds extravagant but it is not that expensive. Anyway, the book The key of Solomon will sit next to Italian Folk magic, have a good Italian folk magic book written by Mary-Grace Fahrum. It is a nice cultural background for learning the Vera Sibilla cards. Christelle Martinette offers a comprehensive Vera Sibilla course.
    Deck review:
    Additionally on my magic and conjure journey, have Hoodoo conjure books which have further enrich my world. As for Hoodoo for those who are not familiar, it is an electric blend of African traditions, native american herbalism, Judeo-Christian ritual, and magical healing. I recommend authors Stephanie Rose Bird, Tayannah Lee McQuillar. If March 2020 checkout out The Hoodoo Tarot: 78-Card Deck and Book for Rootworkers is being released.
    There very little on actual Hebrew Kabbalah practitioner magic any books that come out of this linage is surrounded by marketing ploys and prices are set at premium.
    The story of Shorshei ha-Shemot- forbidden Jewish magic.
    Scarlet Imprint:
    My favourite esoteric book publishers is Scarlet Imprint in England, they produce high quality beautiful books Limited fine edition, hardbacks and paperbacks. You can obtain some titles in kindle books on Amazon, but I prefer a physical copies because some of the books, even will not only be entertainment but end up being good investment pieces.

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  15. Anon

    Dear Benebell, thank you for your effort. That being said, your added info on the Mansions of the Moon (in the 12 Rings section) is wrong. The Moon circles through its 27 (or 28, depending on the system) Mansions every single month, and stays roughly one day in each. Did you, perhaps, confuse the Mansions with the Decans? The Mansions are and established concept in astral magic.


  16. Patrick Booker

    In response to Gabrielle’s recommendation of ‘Scarlet Imprint’, I would recommend Peter Mark Adams’ study of the dark Sola Busca Tarot:

    They appear to still have copies of the paperback edition, and have also published a new edition of the deck (although that is not the one I own, and I don’t think it is still available). The certainly author does not recommend its use for talismanic magic, which he argues was its original intention, but it is a fascinating book.


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  18. Laurie Hardwick

    Thank you for all your dedication and hard work putting this together! I have been completely immersed in the pages. I will be ordering from Lulu =}


  19. Francis Ian

    I enjoyed your approach to this topic and your focus on Angelic and Biblical correspondences. In a world overwhelmed with technology and departure from Spirit, it’s refreshing to see younger minds looking to antiquity for knowledge. I’ve the Joseph H. Peterson, Stephen Skinner and Colin D. Campbell volumes on Solomonic magic, but somehow this volume has a little something of each of those in one nice package. Always enjoy your work here so I’m picking up a print version for my own library by way of support. Cheers.


  20. Dave Garcia

    All the links to Lulu materials are now broken 😦 I can’t print the Key of Solomon 😦 so I’m hesitant to sign up for the course: if I sign up for the course, will I still be able to order the workbook through lulu?


    1. Yes, there is a problem on Lulu’s platform. This is not an issue on my end. We are waiting for Lulu to get back to is with their update. This is not an issue exclusive to us. Many users on Lulu are experiencing this issue right now and their customer service is backed up. May take a week for them to straighten themselves out. Apologies for any inconvenience. There is nothing I can do on my end. At the mercy of Lulu. 😕


  21. Luis Aponte

    I tried to get the published version with the white cover because I believe in supporting amazing people providing stupendous resources but I wasn’t able to order it.


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  23. Eric

    This looks like exactly what I’ve been trying to do but gave up. I’m on a shoestring right now but the download option just has a 404. I’ll probably want the print version anyhow but digital is nice for flagging so will it become accessible again?


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  25. Luke

    Hello. It’s 1:00am.
    I don’t know what I’m doing here.
    My wife is sleeping and I’m not. I’ve got some things I have to finish for work tomorrow. I’ve had a shoot of whiskey.
    I’m so tired.
    I’ve always been a christian, hard christian. But never I truly came to terms with the idea we can’t touch the very same magic the bible talks about.
    Time passed by and just accepted it was something out of reach for me.
    But I also heard (maybe 15 years ago) about those keys of king salomon.
    I’m tired. But I don’t why I remembered those keys, googled them and now I’m here.
    Like I said, I’m not a magic believer nor I know how any of those things work.
    What I know is that I will download that ebook and I’ll try the very first thing I barely undestand.
    I truly believe it won’t work….. but I really need a break right now.
    Well, thank you fellow stranger. Now I can keep my mind busy for the next hours with something else than work.
    Probably that’s the first and last time I’ll pass by.
    But thank you.


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  27. Carl

    I really enjoy your work and especially this article. The Lulu link is still broken. Is there anyway to get this as a printed book that I am missing? I would definitely prefer a physical book. Best Regards .


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  29. Jo Ziggy

    Dearest Bell, I’m very thrilled to let you know I’ve just ordered from Lulu your INCREDIBLE work. The plan is to do the thankyou, thankyou, thankyou.
    Cheers, Ziggy.


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