I’m Benebell Wen, the author of the forthcoming book, I Ching, The Oracle (North Atlantic Books, September 2023).

I’ve previously published Holistic Tarot (2015) and The Tao of Craft (2016), also through North Atlantic Books.

I’m the creator and illustrator of the independently produced Spirit Keeper’s Tarot deck, which you can order direct from this website.

Pre-Order the Second Print Run
of the Spirit Keeper’s Tarot: Revelation

Did you miss the first print run of the Revelation deck back in 2021? We are now taking pre-orders for the second print run.

Estimated Delivery: July – August 2023


2023 Metaphysician’s Day Planner

Order the 2023 Metaphysician’s Day Planner, which comes with all my astrological forecasts for the year head, a handbook on how to optimize your organizer to achieve all your goals, a workbook with step by step instructions on how to use your birth chart and solar returns chart to cast your own personalized forecasts, and a dozen+ cover art options.

FREE DOWNLOAD of Kuan Yin’s Great Compassion Mantra 大悲咒. You can also download the above high-res religious art print featuring the Mantra in Siddam Sanskrit, and an invocation of Kuan Yin in Traditional Chinese.

An online tarot course taught from my book Holistic Tarot. Begin the course by watching the video lectures, all freely available on YouTube.

Learn Tarot with Holistic Tarot (Video Playlist)

I also offer a structured, self-paced tarot tutorial series. This tarot tutorial is a companion course to Holistic Tarot, meaning it’s keyed to the contents of that book. While someone proficient with the tarot can follow along the above-linked video playlist with complete ease, it may be more difficult for a total beginner, unless that total beginner has my book and is following the free course syllabuses provided here, “Holistic Tarot Study Guides.”

If, however, you’ve got a handy copy of Holistic Tarot and you’d like a self-paced, guided, well-structured tarot beginner course, then start by downloading the “Study Guide for Tarot Beginners” (PDF) check out the below linked Companion Course, and go from there.

Holistic Tarot: A Companion Course

A free online tarot course taught from my book Holistic Tarot. Enter the companion course at any level–beginner, intermediate, or advanced. Organize a tarot journal in a three-ring binder by downloading the study guides and handouts. Begin the course by watching the video lectures.

Sightsee the Tarot

Take a tour of the tarot with this ongoing educational video series. Discover new books and tarot thought leaders. Workshop classic tarot spreads or specialized reading techniques. Let’s explore all the different perspectives of tarot reading through the ages. This video course series of hands-on tarot workshops, 10 to 30 minutes at a time, will introduce you to a diverse range of approaches to the cards.

Sightsee the Tarot Video Series Page

Many of the video workshops include free tarot resources, reference charts, handouts, and workbooks for free download, so be sure to check the Series Page linked above.


Tarot Card Meanings with Bell

This is an educational video series covering the 78 keys or cards of the tarot, showcasing the distinct attributions for four different deck systems: the Tarot de Marseilles (TdM), the Rider-Waite-Smith (RWS), the Thoth deck by Crowley-Harris, and my own deck, the Spirit Keeper’s Tarot.

Using audio-visual learning methods, the series facilitates reading fluency with the four listed tarot systems. The card by card primer is designed to help with memory retention in a more visually engaging way than studying them out of a book.


Be sure to check the Series Page linked above to download free references, correspondence tables, video transcript, recommended reading or study techniques, and more.


CLICK HERE to look through hundreds of tarot and oracle deck reviews.

Free 30-Card SKT Majors+ Deck Download

Download a 30-card black and white version of the Spirit Keeper’s Tarot deck, Vitruvian Edition. This 30-card deck includes The Initiate as Key 0, the Major Arcana, the 4 Aces, and the 4 Archangels (tarot Kings).

Free E-Book: Key of Solomon, et al.

A 560-page digital book for free download. You can also order a physical paperback copy if you’d like.

What you will discover within the pages of this book I’m sharing, you’re going to find to be the keystones of Persian magic and witchcraft, the magical practices of Muslim-influenced Southeast Asian countries, the Golden Dawn (though many of their correspondences differ), hoodoo, Wicca, and maybe even the traditions you’ve inherited, though perhaps you’ve always wondered where those traditions might have come from.

If you’re serious about your occult studies, then I hope you’ll add this text to your library and read through it cover to cover at least once.

CLICK HERE to read more about the book and then download the PDF.

Last Updated: 2019 Oct 12

Glossary of Astrological Terms

This is a free download that has been provided here on this website since 2013. The glossary file was revised and updated, with many pages of new entries and correspondence tables, so if you haven’t downloaded the latest version (last updated October 12, 2019), then be sure to do so.

CLICK HERE for all Free Astrology References.

Last Updated: 2019 Oct 21

Glossary of Gemstone Correspondences

This is a free download that has been provided here on this website since 2016. The glossary file was revised and updated on October 21, 2019, so if you haven’t downloaded the latest version, then be sure to do so.

CLICK HERE to download the PDF and DOCX files of the Glossary.




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217 thoughts on “Introduction

  1. Andrea Higgs

    Hi bellwen
    You did a reading for me. A big thank you. The detail you gave of one card was fantastic. It felt like the situation I am in and how to work though it. Do you do full readings by email. A big thank you and let me know. Happy to pay you. If you get a chance can you tell me more about the course you are doing. How long does it go for. I’m curious.


  2. Argus

    Be careful they don’t burn you at the stake. The Devil’s Picture Book … and it has images with Old Nick in them, whatever next?


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    1. Hey Jacquie!

      Any deck that follows the Waite Smith tradition first published by Rider can conceivably be used, but most of the symbolism correspondences are keyed specifically to the original RWS created by Waite and illustrated by Smith, such as the Rider Tarot by US Games. (Though the original RWS is now arguably in the public domain.)

      The Radiant Rider Waite could work as well. The Universal Waite. The Albano-Waite. These are all the starter decks I recommend.

      If you ever have any other questions, just ask! Thanks so much for your interest! You put a smile on my face this afternoon!

      – B


  4. Elizabeth

    Hi benebell

    I live in England and note that Holistic Tarot as listed on the Amazon UK website gives the published date as January 15th 2015 and the number of pages as 624 – not 870. Does this mean the text point size has been reduced for the UK market?

    Am asking because small text tends to strain my eyes so need to know before I pre-order.

    Many thanks for your prompt reply



    1. Hi Elizabeth,

      I am so sorry for the late reply! Somehow I missed this comment and it didn’t appear in the notification queue! My apologies!

      I believe the site you’re viewing simply hasn’t updated its listing. The book used to be listed at 624 pages, though I’m not entirely sure why. Then when the final proofs were complete, the listing was updated to 870 pages, which is what it is now. I don’t think different editions or versions were printed for different countries, but to be honest, the best person to ask would be the publisher, North Atlantic Books. Their contact information appears on their website at


    1. Hi Nova! Yes, I believe so! Personally, I like the hard copy way better, because it’s more of a reference manual and not a book you’d read cover to cover. =) So you’d cherry-pick the parts of the book you want to read or learn from, for example. Thanks!


  5. Rachael

    My book just arrived! Excited! It’s massive and seems to cover everything conceivably possible. Seems like an awesome reference book and is the beginning of my collection. So glad I stumbled across this site and now have a great book to use in my tarot studies (I’m a bit of newbie). I have really struggled in how some cards apply to some questions and readings and this book is really helpful to delve a bit deeper and read such cards instead of glossing over them quickly. Thank you so much Benebell, it must have been a massive amount of work and effort to write such a book and I very much appreciate it.


    1. Hi Rachael! I am so sorry for the late reply– I didn’t see your note until now! Thank you so much and I’m glad the book has been helpful to you. Keep up your tarot studies and I hope your journey with tarot will be a long one, and beneficial one. – b


  6. Hey! I have been combing over your blog, I just recently started getting into tarot. As a beginner, this is pretty overwhelming, Im hoping your book will help connect things together better for me! And you study guides! thanks so much for all the effort and information you share!! Do you have a facebook page?


  7. Laura Whitaker


    I am so excited about reading your book. I just ordered a copy and I’m stalking my mailman with eager anticipation.

    I’ve watched a couple of your video interviews on YouTube and I kept nodding my head because I felt that I am very much on the same page with you in your approach to Tarot. I’ve always felt that Tarot analysis and intuition are not mutually exclusive. It frustrated me when teachers in Tarot classes would order everyone to “throw the books away,” to forget about studying, almost speaking in a negative way about scholarship, as if it were some kind of Tarot taboo.

    I love my lists and my associations and correspondences, the richness of Tarot history, the esoteric symbolism. While I certainly don’t use all of that knowledge in every reading, I like having it available to draw upon. There are many different types of readers. I’ve had wonderful experiences with readers who take a more intellectual approach and readers who get me engaged on a spiritual and emotional level, and everything in between.

    Thank you for the materials you’ve made available on your website, too. I am so excited about your book and wish you many blessings and much joy throughout your continued journey.



  8. I have received your book and it is wonderful, this is the book I needed many moons ago when I was learning my craft! Thank you for the fine piece of work, hope to see more of you and your writing.

    Love and Light,



  9. Tao

    I’d like to read Holistic Tarot on Scribd but only the preview is available. Are you or your publisher averse to book subscription services?


  10. Thank you for the study guides. Tgey are excellent companion for your book. I have been enjoying both of them and very happy to relearn another time in a systematical way.


  11. Dear Mr. Wen,

    If you plan to market Holistic Tarot in the New York City area, the Central Queens Library would be interested in having you present a book talk. Our library public would be very interested in your book.

    Daniel Thom

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi Kimery! I am afraid my book does not cover the Thoth deck directly. Instead, it is keyed to the Rider-Waite-Smith system. My book should give you a good working knowledge of tarot that will enable you to learn Thoth with ease, but if you’re looking for a book keyed to Thoth, then yes, the Arrien book is amazing! Lon Milo Duquette’s Understanding Aleister Crowley’s Thoth Tarot is also fantastic. If you’re willing to wait a few more months, Johannes Fiebig and Evelin Burger are coming out with The Ultimate Guide to the Thoth Tarot later this year, which, given what I know about their first book, is going to be fabulous. – bell


  12. María del Carmen Quintas González

    Dear Benebell…
    Happy New Year…
    I’m a spanish lady who lives in Madrid…A few months ago, just as a hobby I have become interested in Tarot…as I can read a little bit in English I found your web page just beginning of October…I was so impressed and inspired by you that I bought your book through amazon…and you are the one I read and meditate together with another spanish tarot book I have. You have showed me a new path to understand reality and it makes me so happy and fullfilled…you have always the point of view that inspires at the right moment. Thank you very very mucho for your work and your dedication. God Bless You.


  13. Gigi

    Hi Benebell,

    First, I want to say thank you for creating such an informative website! I have especially enjoyed your deck reviews since I am an ultra-newbie and still searching for the best deck for me to get started on. For some reason, this month all I can think about is tarot – tarot – tarot. I want to dive deeper with an open heart and mind.

    Second, I am interested in purchasing your book to help guide my learning. I looked at your study notes and I love the idea of a structured schedule – I can see this really working for me!

    My dilemma comes with choosing a deck. I stumbled across The Wild Unknown deck online and fell in love. The art speaks to me and no other deck that I have seen has excited me as much.

    Would I be able to learn traditional spreads, meanings, and approaches with TWU deck, or would it be a wiser idea to go with something more traditional?

    Thank you for the help!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi Gigi! I love the Wild Unknown deck! It hasn’t been in my regular use and circulation of working decks as of late, though, so I want to go home, revisit TWU, and see what I think about it in terms of using it alongside a book keyed to the Rider-Waite-Smith tarot. I do know that Kim Krans has put out a most excellent companion guidebook to TWU. I’ve read through her entire book and it’s really fantastic for learning tarot with the TWU. Have you thought about Krans’s book?

      In any event, if you email me at, we can talk more. By then I should have had the chance to really sit down and go through my copy of TWU for a proper examination.
      – bell


  14. jackie

    Hi Benebell! Thank you for all you do! Can you please tell me what version of RWS is pictured here? It seems like maybe your go-to deck; the one with the elemental and planetary symbols on the cards…? I can’t seem to find this with a google search anywhere, since ‘RWS’ and ‘symbols’ brings up so many other results!
    Thank you!


  15. Linda Thompson-Mills

    Hi Benebell,
    Congratulations on your recent HUGE award for BEST TAROT BOOK of 2015 with the International Tarot Association (I hope I got the name right). Wow! I was reading the nominees and waiting for the winner to be announced with baited breath. Hooray!!!!! You so deserve it! Your book HOLISTIC TAROT is, and will continue to be, the go-to tarot textbook for beginning, intermediate, and advanced readers for years to come. It’s MY main book, and I have an entire bookcase full of my 25+ years worth book collecting. You are da bomb, baby!


  16. Gav

    Hi Bennebel,
    I have four decks, Rider Smith Centenial, Holitzka IChing, Hermetic Tarot and the Eternal Tarot ..
    The Eternal Tarot is a beautiful republication of the Egipcios Tier.
    Would you believe there is very little in the line of review for this deck, possibly because the deck deliberately conceales the four suites, but I assure you they are there, and quite formal too,
    Of my deck sit I need to meditate the cards I use the Eternal Tarot, for a short term reading the Rider Smith , but if I need a wise advise that I can rely on, I put that all aside and cast the company me and ponder the Gua
    However what I’m asking is maybe you would consider reviewing the Eternal Tarot and giving your impressions?


  17. Gav

    Sorry , her with a edited version ( iPhone gives the wrong auto correct)
    Hi Bennebel,
    I have four decks, Rider Smith Centenial, Holitzka IChing, Hermetic Tarot and the Eternal Tarot ..
    The Eternal Tarot is a beautiful republication of the Egipcios Tier.
    Would you believe there is very little in the line of review for this deck, possibly because the deck deliberately conceales the four suites, but I assure you they are there, and quite formal too, I believe the creator purposely did that to encourage one to really study the deck.
    Of my decks if I wish to study the cards I use the Eternal Tarot, for a short term reading I use the Rider Smith , but if I need a wise advise that I can rely on, and ponder the Gua ( not through a card deck or the Holitzka , but white the three coins and the book IChing)
    However what I’m asking is maybe you would consider reviewing the Eternal Tarot and giving your impressions?


  18. Sally (Sarah ) Harvey

    Hi Benebell! I think I already toss my name in for a free reading…just in case:
    Jan 14 1947
    10:30 PM
    Los Angeles CA


  19. Rowena

    Hi Benebell,

    Do you think you will review the New Visions tarot deck?

    Also, what would you say are your top favourite tarot decks?


  20. Abhishek Panchal

    Hi Benebell,

    I’m from India. I got hooked on to tarot by chance. The activity, which started as a hobby, gradually progressed into passion. Sometimes the answers bedaze me.

    In my pursuit of delving deeper into the esoteric knowledge of tarot analysis, I searched for a perfect tarot book which can answer all my queries. I came across your book and purchased it a few days back. The book has everything a curious learner seeks from a master. Really enjoyed reading it.

    You are the best!



  21. Priti Agarwal

    Hi Benebell
    Thankyou for doing such a generous deed. Though havnt written a blog yet but have been actively involved with other tarot readers across the globe. At once I got deeply rooted in images of this black beauty would be lucky if I win fingers crossed!xoxo



  22. Mary

    Hi Benebell. I just watched your interview with Tori. I am very interested in the shadow work but the link didn’t take me to your email to request the bonus. Will you please send me the link. thank you Mary


  23. Veronika

    Hi Benebell,

    You did a reading for me about career choices, thank you so much.
    I feel that I made the right choice and feel very happy about my program now.


  24. Dear Benebell,
    I am soooo excited that you will be speaking at next years Tarot Con. You are one of my new role models! I have your book Holistic Tarot and am slowly pouring over it! It’s such an incredible achievement. Thank you for your entertaining review of the TCBA certification process. I have had the same response when asking experienced readers about certification. From Mary Greer to Christiana Gaudet. I have taken many, many classes from a prominent Tarot on-line instructor (who shall remain nameless) from Tarot Fundamentals 1 and 2 to the 6 month class on “How to Start an online Tarot Business”, as well as special interest classes on Reading for yourself, the celtic cross, etc. etc, etc, If you would like to get experience as a reader you can PAY this organization to read for people who email questions. (Is this getting fishy?) Then, I received my invitation to apply for certification from the organization for about $1,000. !! I wrote and asked if there would be some type of discount for the students who already were loyal enthusiasts and had spent countless funds on previous classes. This was 2 weeks ago and I have not heard back. Thank you for your refreshing, intelligent, and bright story about your certification process. But what to do?? fondly, Julia


    1. Hi Julia!

      Thank you so much for your kind words about Holistic Tarot. It’s a shame the TCBA isn’t still around. Mary Greer and Christiana Gaudet are some of my favorite tarot people!

      I don’t know much about the certification program you’re referring to, but $1,000?! Since I don’t know much about it, I can’t say one way or the other whether $1K is worth it. Upon first impression, I admit getting a visceral reaction to it, i.e., “That’s crazy talk!” But maybe the deal includes a solid gold bar with The Sun card etched into its side, in which case $1,000 is quite the bargain! =) I really just don’t know.

      Not sure I have any good advice for what to do, but I know for sure I would never pay $1,000 for tarot certification from a for-profit private organization. Even someone with a net worth of a million dollars would be imprudent to spent $1,000 on tarot certification, so if one’s means is below that net worth, well… the imprudence only multiplies.

      Good luck with all your tarot endeavors!



  25. Ambergris

    Hi Benebell,

    I really interested in learning when the online Lenormand course is going to start. I’m hoping, and my fingers are crossed, that it will start sometime this year. I am also interested in learning about the German Kipper and Italian Sibilla, the latter mentioned, it is hard to find anything in the English language in regards to spread layouts but relatively easy to find out about card meanings. Looking forward to purchasing your Us games tarot when it comes out it will go well with my Holistic Tarot. Tao Craft is an interesting book, which I’ve not yet read because it keeps going for walks because more than one person at work seems to like this book. In the meantime with my Tao Craft on walkabout this gave me time on my hands and allowed my mind to wander, found myself wondering what is the theme of your next book?- so looking forward to receiving info on your new book.- Ambergris


  26. Ferdinand

    Was wondering if you received my email and dm on instagram about scheduling a skype divination for Steed

    Let me know either way as we would comply with your availability



  27. Hi, please maybe you can help me with a advice. I want to make a beter webpage for my psychic readings work – -with book appointment scheduling, with a pay per call, free tarot en thinks like this. I don t know where can I find templates to make a change to my page…
    Thanks you,


  28. Nichole Rotko

    I love your website and your insight into so many things. I ordered your book HOLISTIC TAROT, and have been dancing around a;; day waiting for it to be delivered. Thank you so much for all the information you share. YOU ARE AWESOME!!!!!!


  29. Daniel

    Hi Benebel,
    Do you have any advice for an orthodox mystic who is discovering the mystery traditions? I have things for which there are no explanations in orthodoxy. I’m just beginning and quite hesitant due to the heretical nature of such studies in the strict abrahamic context. However, when I project my experiences are distinctly…Egyptian.
    Any insights you can offer a stumbling novice would be greatly appreciated


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  30. Long Chek Juan

    hello Benebell,

    What is your favorite English language translation of the Tao Te Ching? One that you feel captures the spirit, intent, and the linguistic style of the original texts? I just discovered you today and spent literally the entire day looking over your youtube interviews, et cetera et cetera.


    Liked by 1 person

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