SKT Revelation 2nd Printing: Final Box Design

Here’s the box design for the second print run of the Revelation deck that I’ve decided to go with. Thank you, everyone, for your input in the previous post and on Facebook!

I posted the poll on here yesterday at 3 pm and closed it to count the results this morning at 6:30 am. There were only 74 votes total. Option B (the new one, with no SKT or brand identifiers on the box) won with 56.75% of the votes (total of 42) while Option A, which is this one you see here, received 43.25% of the votes (total 32), so very, very close!

I was going to go with the majority vote, but J raised a good point. The total number of input is too low compared to the total number of people who pre-ordered the second printing, so it’s not actually going to be an accurate gauge of what the pre-order people want.

Also, said J, the people who would be able to jump in and vote in less than 24 hours on a blog post I didn’t even publicize or my Friends-only Facebook share are people who already have a copy of the deck and who are already really used to my Stuff, so they don’t need brand identifiers on a box cover.

But, he said, since he’s the one doing intake of all pre-orders, he knows that most of the second print run pre-orders are new people. So it wouldn’t be fair to totally change the box design from the first printing when the whole point of the second printing is for people who didn’t get the first to still snag a copy.

Meanwhile, most of the people voting (according to him) are names he recognizes as people who’ve ordered other stuff from us. They can’t speak for the people who have never even heard of me and are buying the SKT for the first time.

And then I was like, dang. Good point.

This blog post is going to be a walk-through of the box design. Since I took out the Book of Maps chapter on the card back and box design, I’m going to put that info here on the blog and point people here in the delivery e-mail you’ll be receiving.

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SKT Pre-Orders: Please Vote

If you pre-ordered the 2nd printing of the Spirit Keeper’s Tarot: Revelation, then your input is requested. And… so sorry… I need it, like, in the next 24 hours because I’m about to submit to the factory and start the production process.

UPDATE: Visit here to see the final proofs for the second print run box design.

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SKT Revelation Second Print Run Update

We got behind schedule in terms of when to place our purchase order with the manufacturer. And as some of you already know, Lunar New Year is basically an entire blackout month of no production. That means if you don’t start something until after the Lunar New Year, you’re effectively now one month behind schedule.

My plan was to place our order and at least get the uncut sheet samples in hand before Lunar New Year, and then production would happen, and then we’d be on target for March and April mail-out delivery.

However, now it’s more likely April to May mail-out delivery of your pre-ordered decks.

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SKT Book of Readings E-Delivered

My apologies for the confusion– Earlier this week I sent an e-mail to everyone who pre-ordered the second print run of SKT: Revelation to expect delays. And then there was that blog post the other day about the Book of Readings specifically as it would pertain to those with the first printing of the Revelation but have opted not to order the second.

And then yesterday I send out an e-mail with all Book of Readings files to everyone who pre-ordered the second printing.

Yes, that is the final Book of Readings. It’s the Book of Readings. =)

Here’s what happened.

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SKT Book of Readings for the Revelation First Print Run

The second print run of SKT: Revelation will come with a complimentary Book of Readings, a workbook of 22 practica. But what about those with the first print run Revelation?

Many of the journaling exercises in this workbook build on previous exercises, and all based on the Immortal Order (there are a total of eight) that your Revelation deck will be assigned or sorted into.

As for those with the first print run Revelation deck– Can you still work through the Book of Readings with a first print run Revelation?

Yes, with the following preliminary divination exercise.

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Book of Readings (Add-On to the SKT Revelation 2nd)

For the First and Vitruvian Editions of the Spirit Keeper’s Tarot, I included a complimentary add-on with your order, and that was the Twenty-Two Weeks with the SKT workbook.

For the first print run of the Revelation Edition, I adjusted that workbook so that it was no longer confined to a specific time frame, and it became a straightforward SKT study journal.

For this second printing of the Revelation, I’m changing that SKT study journal and turning it into something that transcends all its former iterations, and I’m calling it the Book of Readings.

Fleshed out into a sequential journey of self-discovery while also guiding you through basic primers of various esoteric traditions tangential to the tarot, the Book of Readings is now a course. A journey.

You can read my work-in-progress placeholder web page for it here.

I’m super excited about the Book of Readings. I’m so excited that I can hardly wait to print out my own spiral-bound journal of it and get started, going through a journey of my own and documenting it in a video series.

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Pre-order the Spirit Keeper’s Tarot, Revelation Ed. (second print run)

Click Here for Pre-Order Information

First off, I apologize for the convoluted, loopity-doop link after link organization (or lack thereof) to these web pages. I had initially put the pre-order information page here, but it doesn’t make sense as a blog post, so I moved it here:

And now I’m going to re-write this page into an informal chat to give you some of the behind-the-scenes.

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DIY your own SKT study journal

click to download high-res 4 MB journal cover (back and front), for spiral-bound production

If you have MS Word, then you can use all the templates in this post to create your own spiral-bound tarot journal keyed to the Spirit Keeper’s Tarot.

Convert your final document to PDF and upload it onto a third-party print-on-demand publishing site like

The above cover design is for 6″ x 9″ trade paperback size journals, spiral bound.

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Reflecting on My SKT Tarot & Art Journey

Evolving from the pen and ink line drawing you see above to the digitally-remastered in-color version of The Priestess was a journey. As 2021 comes to a close and I send out the final shipment of first print run decks of the Revelation Edition, I’d like to share my reflections on this journey.

Fair warning upfront: This is going to be a looooong blog post. I also share some tips, from direct personal experience, to aspiring indie deck creators.

Completing the Revelation Edition is one of the coolest things I’ve ever achieved, because I leveled up so much in terms of my own art. I did something I didn’t even know I was capable of doing.

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