Tarot Card Meanings with Benebell: Video Series

Tarot Card Meanings with Benebell is going to be an educational video series covering the 78 keys or cards of the tarot, showcasing the distinct attributions for four different deck systems: the TdM, the RWS, the Thoth, and my own deck, the SKT.


Here are my objectives for the course:

(1) Facilitate familiarity of the TdM, RWS, Thoth, and SKT so you become proficient at reading any and all of the four systems,

(2) Offer a card by card primer designed to help memory retention of the key meanings in a more visually engaging way than studying them out of a book, and

(3) Supplement your course work with Holistic Tarot (North Atlantic Books, 2015).


The series will be designed for visual learners. The video format also benefits auditory learners. However, if reading comprehension is what you need to help with retention of what you’re studying, then turn on the Closed Captioning for the video. You will also be able to read the written transcript of each installment.

The videos themselves will try to stay on topic, i.e., only focus on the card meanings and attributions. I’m also trying to be wary of video length, so I will have to leave out a lot of details and aspects. My hope is you are supplementing these videos with a trusty tarot reference book (or multiple books…) and so the general overview these video lectures offer will suffice.

Each video installment will come paired with a written post where I can add insights that I believe are important as you develop your understanding of the card attributions, but might be a little “off topic” and so I didn’t want to address it directly in the video.


The chronology of course topics and videos will be as follows:

The Aces 20:02 minutes Video Transcript Blog Post
The Twos 34:41 minutes Video Transcript Blog Post
The Threes 22:15 minutes Video Transcript Blog Post
The Kings/Knights 42:40 minutes Video Transcript Blog Post
The Queens 53:26 minutes Video Transcript Blog Post
The Fours 42:22 minutes Video Transcript Blog Post
The Fives 31:27 minutes Video Transcript Blog Post
The Sixes 38:40 minutes Video Transcript Blog Post
The Sevens 30:22 minutes Video Transcript Blog Post
The Eights 30: 25 minutes Video Transcript Blog Post
The Knights/Princes 30:14 minutes Video Transcript Blog Post
The Nines 36:25 minutes Video Transcript Blog Post
The Tens 21:21 minutes Video Transcript Blog Post
The Pages/Princesses 21:12 minutes Video Transcript Blog Post
The First Septenary Video Transcript Blog Post
The Second Septenary Video Transcript Blog Post
The Third Septenary Video Transcript Blog Post

Tarot Card Meanings Study Journal

Download a free 378-page tarot study journal for you to log and organize your card meanings. This study journal is keyed to the Tarot Card Meanings with Benebell video lecture series, with space for each of the cards, subdivided into the four deck systems– the Tarot de Marseilles, Rider-Waite-Smith, Crowley-Harris Thoth, and my deck, the Spirit Keeper’s Tarot.

Go HERE to download either the formatted PDF or the DOCX file. The journal is formatted at 6″ x 9″ standard trade paperback trim size. If you’d like to customize and personalize the journal even further, so it’s perfect for you, work from the DOCX file. You can also order a printed spiral-coil bound copy of the journal from Lulu.


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35 thoughts on “Tarot Card Meanings with Benebell: Video Series

  1. Romy

    Hello. New girl commenting here. 👋🏻
    I’m so excited to watch this video series. My SKT deck is arriving soon and I’m mindblown reading all the books and watching the video series. You are a wonderful teacher.

    Thanks for sharing all your wisdom, knowledge and insight. ❤

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Interesting, I’m doing similar on my blog with different decks, but only focussing on the Astrological/Tarot aspects of the Major Arcana. Look forward to reading your perspectives with the various decks. 🌙✨


  3. Awesome! Thank You for remembering CC!^^ & explaining how it works!^^ lol
    btw I always look for interesting Egypt/mythological references to Major arcana will you include it as well when you get there?;)


  4. Sophia Heilig

    I loved your Tao series and your teaching style and so I can’t wait to see this series!
    Already prepared for note taking!
    Whatever you decide to do with the series later if I can ill definitely support you and I feel like I end every comment with this but it’s honestly so true: thank you!


  5. Jam

    This is a very cool thing you’re doing! I look forward to seeing how you decide to play it out, and getting a chance to sit down and watch this video. Thanks for sharing it!


  6. Debi Brandon

    I love the concept… and I love the “small bites” or should I say “single dishes” .. yes.. single dishes is far more apropos. We can savor the different notes in the dish as you walk us through each of the four systems for a particular key.

    And you absolutely should charge something for the series. That’s a *huge* time investment if that 20 minutes for the Aces is any indication… and that doesn’t even account for your knowledge and perspective.. which is, in my humble opinion… singular. You give us so much for no cost! An example is I just put in my order for the Bone Script book and deck three days ago… you charged nothing for all that time and effort you put into getting those files created and formatted to make our orders painless. And that’s just ONE example of the many offerings you have for us. IOW.. not everything you do need be free 😉 Let us support your efforts on our behalf!


  7. Leslie

    What a wonderful offering! The first video was so informative and I love going through the deck numerically rather than by suits – such a good way to learn. Thank you!


  8. Thank you for your creativity, generous spirit and brilliant mind! Whatever format you decide to offer the rest of the series in will be well worth the investment for me to continue to studying with you.


  9. I think the side by side comparison is great! Just what my Tarot self wanted. Excited to follow along in whatever format you choose. Thank you for the preview Benebell!


  10. Joy Lowell

    Thank you. This is awesome. I plan to follow this work onto whatever platform(s) you put it. Thank you for sharing so generously and inclusively and accessibly.


  11. This really works for me! I just ‘discovered’ tarot a few months ago and comparing the same cards, in different decks, is proving to be a great way to learn about the cards for me.

    (And you should charge us. It’s not that I can’t find enough ways to spend my money 😉 but I would gladly pay for this kind of content from you!)

    Liked by 1 person

  12. I wanted to thank you for including the transcript with your video as not always do I have the chance to watch a video, but I can always carry around my papers to read! Another great project to follow along. I am so excited and grateful!


  13. sylvanmoon

    I’m also really excited about this series that you’re doing! No matter whether you charge or not, I’ll do my best to follow with notebook in hand! The decks that resonate with me the most with what you did with the Aces are: the RWS, Mary-el and SKT. Looking forward to what comes next!


  14. M3

    THANK YOU!!! I had been looking for this exact information!

    Seeing all of the different Tarot Styles, side by side, really does clear up so many questions that I had. Not all 3 are the same but there’s a thread. I still want to really deep into numerology with this series in the back of my mind.

    Does anyone have a prefered style to use for specific types of readings? Like TdM for more intuitive readings or RWS for every day questions…


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  16. Vicky Smith

    I’ve just watched your video on the Aces and I love it!! It so works for me! Thank you! I look forward to watching the rest of your available videos and hope that there will be more!

    Much gratitude!


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  18. Joon

    Hi, I just wanted to say that I think this is amazing work! I especially appreciate the videos and information on the Kings/Knights and the Queens. I’m really hoping you continue this work at some point. This is a quality resource that I’d be happy to pay for quite honestly.

    If you happen to turn it into a book, I’d buy it! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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  21. Cheltsee

    Are you not going to finish this series? I just got the study guide in, but I’m upset I bought the book if the series is incomplete..


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