Book of Readings

The Spirit Keeper’s Tarot is an homage to our aspirational and ideal manifestation of Self. May it inspire the active choice to embody our highest angels, and to reveal the interactive relationship of heaven, earth, and humanity that transpires within each one of us.

The Book of Readings: Introduction

The Book of Readings is a workbook of 22 guided journaling prompts and divinatory readings with the SKT: Revelation deck, building from the Immortal Order your deck is affiliated with.

Along the way, you’ll master essential basics in Hermetic Qabalah, numerology, astrology, and the Ba Gua trigrams of the I Ching. Follow through with this course and you will attain conversational proficiency in these subject areas.

You’ll pick up foundational knowledge on key concepts in Western occultism such as the 72 Shem HaMephorash angels and their correspondences, the Olympic spirits, influences from Babylonian mythology and Zoroastrianism, and the Holy Guardian Angel.

Inspired by world history and the diverse civilizations of our ancestry, you’ll arrive at your own insights about who you are, where you’re from, and the best that is in store for you.

What You’ll Need:

  • SKT Revelation deck (any version)
  • SKT Revelation’s Little White Book (LWB)
  • SKT Revelation Book of Maps
  • Your Book of Readings workbook/journal
  • Pillar candles (rec: white) and incense (rec: sandalwood, cedar wood, frankincense, or myrrh)
  • Optional: Colored pencils (for coloring in the Tree of Life)

Though this course is self-paced, I would estimate that it will take about six moons (or six months) to complete.

The Eight Immortal Orders

There are Eight Orders based on the eight trigrams (fundamental or archetypal building blocks of the universe) and Eight Immortals of East Asian lore, not unlike the Ogdoad (eight primordial deities) of Ancient Egyptian lore. You’ll also find the Ogdoad in Hermetic and Gnostic traditions.

For the second print run and onward, all decks will be cast into one of the Eight Orders. The decks in each Order are endowed with an additional portfolio of blessings, strengths, and predominant traits, which, if you believe in the magic of synchronicity, is the deck that has come to you because these are the blessings, strengths, and traits you most need to embody your ideal Self.

In this preliminary guided reading exercise, you’ll learn more about your deck’s Order and, more importantly, why you’ve been connected to this Order.

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