Spirit Keeper’s Tarot Major Arcana Free Download

Although the First Edition black and white and second Vitruvian Edition sepia-toned Spirit Keeper’s Tarot decks are now out of print (forever, as they were both limited edition decks), for those interested, you can download a 30-card version of a black and white Vitruvian. These are the Majors only, with only The Initiate card as Key 0, plus the 4 Aces and the 4 Archangels (tarot Kings).


And for a glossary of card meanings for the 30-card deck, click below to download the DOCX file for Microsoft Word or the PDF.

Spirit Keeper’s Tarot (Majors, Aces, & Archangels)



This free download Majors Only deck (technically, it’s a little more than “Majors Only,” but we’re just going to say “Majors Only” because it’s easier to type out…) comes with its own unique card back design:

You’ll find it included in the zip file folder.

The margins for the card images will look rather thick. That’s the bleed margin and you are going to need it if you upload the images to an online print-on-demand service for ordering a physical copy.

The print-on-demand service I use for printing tarot cards is MakePlayingCards.com, and you can click on this link to start.

There are a few cardstock options for you to choose from. I like to go with “Superior Smooth.”

You’re going to have to select the option “Up to 54 cards,” though this deck will only be a total of 30 cards.

Once you finish making your preliminary selections, you’ll click on to the next page, and that’s where you’ll manually input “30” for a total of 30 cards to be printed.

Follow the prompts and upload the 30 card images (excluding the card back design).

Don’t forget about the FREE TAROT BOOK DOWNLOAD for the Medium White Book, though that’s for the full deck and was intended to be a companion book of card meanings for those with the 80-card deck.

If you’re interested, check out all the other versions of the free Major Arcana downloads HERE.

6 thoughts on “Spirit Keeper’s Tarot Major Arcana Free Download

  1. just to say thank you for all free downloads!;D I’m enjoying my/your books & cards!;D lol
    also it’s a shame it’s limited edt as i’m sure you’ll get plenty request for these in future!;D lol
    must say I luv smaller bridge size cards & colors & imo these would be even more popular colored so fingers crossed you decide /find time to publish colored bridge size edt as well?;D or at least color your own full deck?;) with tips how to laminate front & backs?;) All Best! reall/Irena

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