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About Benebell

Get to know me and how I might introduce myself. You’ll also find me on Instagram @bellwen, YouTube as Benebell Wen (oh yes, I have a YouTube channel), and Twitter @Tarotanalysis.

I have this ongoing series on my YouTube channel, which I call Bell Chimes In” and you can check out the full playlist here. There were 18 episodes in 2017, and you can check out the full list with companion blog post links here. Another 18 episodes were completed in 2018, and here’s the full list with hyperlinked companion blog posts.

You can Book a Reading with me for a tarot divination, astrology natal chart or transits chart reading, or if you’re local to the San Francisco Bay Area, a feng shui consultation, business and/or residential.

I publish tarot or oracle deck reviews and nonfiction book reviews on topics in the occult, and am also available for speaking engagements. Contact Me with your queries.

Online Courses

I offer a variety of independent study courses where all course materials are digital and will be delivered to your e-mail inbox, which you can then download. The bestselling and most popular courses are: Astrology for Beginners, I Ching and the Practitioner, Tarot and Shadow Work for Activating Dynamic Power, and Tarot, Occultism, and Modern Witchcraft.

If you don’t know whether my instruction and pedagogical style is right for you, check out some of the free courses I offer: Writing and Publishing Nonfiction, the Orientation Series for the Spirit Keeper’s Tarot, and the Practica of Esoteric Craft (or the Tinkering Bell series). And that’s just naming a few. Be sure to check out the Online Courses link for the full roster.

My Blog

You will find a reservoir of totally free and downloadable resources here, but it will take quite a bit of digging to find things like a free Gemstones and Crystals Glossary, which you can download as both PDF and DOCX files. Or this fun little Saturn Returns Survival Kit. Or this free downloadable mp3 and transcript of the audio for Psychic Protection and Shielding, which by the way, I’ve also dedicated to the public domain.

There’s a PDF nutshell summary of my years of research into NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) and cold reading, which I call social inductive reasoning. No matter what your path is, you might find something in this free printable English, Chinese, and Sanskrit version of Kuan Yin’s Great Compassion Mantra. A physical copy of the book itself is considered a powerful protection talisman that wards evil and malefic forces.

I give you the digital files and companion reference guidebook to a free oracle deck, Chinese Oracle Script Divination Cards, with printing instructions. Sometimes, the free downloadable document can be really random, like this 19th Century Guidebook of Etiquette. And I assure you, there’s so much more like all that, if you’re willing to dig. If you’re looking for inspiration for your grimoire, there’s loads of it on the blog, as that’s one of my favorite topics. Check out this three-part video series about my grimoire.

Most folks land on my site while searching online for tarot and oracle Deck Reviews and Book Reviews. I also offer lots of free tips, tricks, commentary and thoughts, and free PDF downloadables for those aspiring to become professional tarot readers.

About Holistic Tarot

Holistic Tarot, published by North Atlantic Books in 2015, won multiple book awards, such as the Eric Hoffer Book Awards, International Tarot Foundation CARTA Awards, American Tarot Association Readers’ Choice Awards, and the Tarot Professionals Tarosophy Book Award. It is an 870-page reference textbook for the tarot beginner, though I’ve also included a few chapters to help you transition into intermediate reading techniques and thoughts on going professional or reading tarot for others.

You can Read Excerpts before you buy or the endorsements (book blurbs) that Holistic Tarot garnered. I’ve also provided a free Companion Course to the book designed for the total tarot beginner, though the tone and style of the course is going to be that of a graduate level seminar. There are dozens of free downloadable Study Guides, supplemental handouts to the textbook, additional references, resources, and so much more that you can use to create your personal tarot study journal. If you just want to binge-watch YouTube videos on the tarot, here’s the Holistic Tarot playlist.

If you have a copy of the book, be sure to check out the Amendments to Text section and write in the revisions as needed.

About The Tao of Craft

The Tao of Craft: Fu Talismans and Casting Sigils in the Eastern Esoteric Tradition (2016) is my second book with North Atlantic. I started a manuscript for this book that was intended to be private, never published, to document the esoteric practices of my family and heritage, which up to that point I decided to write down those practices, had been entirely an oral tradition, passed generation to generation. I then undertook to contextualize that oral tradition of esoteric practices into Chinese history, researching the legacy of Chinese ceremonial magic and witchcraft through the dynasties. And so The Tao of Craft happened.

Read Excerpts from the 600-page book. If you’re still not exactly sure what Fu talismans are, try your own hand at crafting them with these free Fu Talisman Instructables.

For those who want to deepen their personal practices inspired by the book, be sure to download all the free Tao of Craft supplements, integrating them in any way that feels right to you, in whole or in part, including the digital image files of many of the Fu sigils you see in the book, correspondence tables, digital files for the references from the Appendices, image files of the deities illustrated in the text, and so much more. Be sure to check out the Amendments to Text section and write in the revisions as needed.

Spirit Keeper’s Tarot

Spirit Keeper’s Tarot is a hand-illustrated 78-card tarot deck (with 2 additional versions of Key 0, for a total of 80 cards) inspired by late Renaissance woodcut prints, with symbology based predominantly on medieval European alchemy, Hermeticism, Zoroastrianism, astrology, the Kabbalah, Abrahamic angelology, Egyptian mythology, Sufism, and late Renaissance Christian mysticism.

Read about the SKT deck here, along with my Design Statement. In my Progress Diary, I documented every step of my progress, from conceiving the deck design, illustrating the cards by hand in pen and ink, and then having to find a manufacturer and what it was like working with a manufacturer to self-publish my deck. I tell all, running you through the numbers, the sales figures, and everything I learned in between.

The Basics

In addition to everything mentioned so far, this site features cursory introductions to some of my favorite practices. Start on the page linked  below and work your way through the series of sections intended to help you grasp a basic, initial understanding of these practices.

If you’re clueless about what tarot even is, start here. What is Tarot?” is a nutshell summary and then I explain Why Tarot?“– why am I personally so passionate about this deck of cards? Then I give you a few pointers for those who want to learn tarot on their own. You can download free worksheets for a tarot journal and public domain books on the tarot.

For the longest time I was a fierce skeptic of astrology, mostly because all I heard about it was monthly or daily horoscopes and zodiac sign compatibility (by sun signs only, no less). It wasn’t until I dived deep into the study of astrology through the ages, finding whole signs astrology, learning through the Hermetic Lots, decans, and studying both the astronomy and modern astrology of asteroids did I become a zealous and adamant believer of the craft.

Read my Introduction to Astrology. Then start with your own astrological trinity, your sun, moon, and rising. Get a concise overview of the celestial bodies an astrologer might consider in a reading (along with brief coverage of personal sensitive points and general chart analysis). Then let’s get into astrological houses and Hermetic Lots. Now this is the part you’re probably most familiar with– the twelve zodiac signs.

So you know that whole “horoscopes” thing you find in glossy magazines and newspapers? What the heck are “horoscopes” anyway? Her are some insights into sun sign astrology. I know this seems like a random insert, but it’s one of my favorite considerations in natal chart astrology, and that’s past life astrology— it is eerily accurate. Anyone who wants to explore past lives, reincarnation and karmic accounting, get a past life astrology reading. Finally, you get a listing of free astrology references.

Don’t forget to download the totally free Glossary of Astrological Terms. Read through it once and I can all but guarantee it will both broaden and deepen your astrological knowledge in just one sitting.

Numerology is something I weave in to every divinatory and metaphysical practice. There is almost nothing that I do that does not in some way account for numerology. Read about why numerology is my favorite supplemental study and get a sense for my methodological approach. Calculate your own Life Path Number. Also calculate your Decisive Age and consider those implications. Run your own Name Analysis with gematria and isopsephy. For the romantics, check out the write-up on Life Path Compatibility.

Read about my childhood background in feng shui. If you’re not exactly sure what the practice of feng shui is, start with What Is Feng Shui? Getting down the theoretical basis for a craft is the key to mastery, so be sure to read Basic Cosmology. These principles are going to apply across the board of Chinese and Taoist esoteric practices, not to mention its prevalence (though with different verbiage) in Hermeticism. So it’s a good-to-know. We then cover some basics of learning feng shui. “Feng Shui Basics” ends on a practical note: how to implement core feng shui tenets in your own home or office, right away.