Gemstones and Crystals Glossary (Personal)


My gemstone and crystal collection is out of control. Whenever Hubby or I travel, I like to get stones and crystals from the region we’re in. Also, through my professional life, I’m connected to various mines that can supply me with goodies. Not to mention all my friends know I love rocks, so I’m being gifted with rocks constantly (yes, and keep them coming!).

To organize my stones, I keep a catalog of what I have in my collection. It’s a bit batty, actually, this multi-tab Excel workbook of tables logging my personal inventory. I’m pretty sure it could be used as evidence against me in allegations of neurosis or OCD. Anyway.

I also keep this running gemstones and crystals glossary, which only contains entries of stones I have in my collection and how I might work with those particular stones. When I acquire a new crystal, stone type, or mineral I didn’t have before, I will add it as an entry to this personal glossary.

So it’s not like a glossary of all gemstones ever and it’s not intended to be comprehensive. I started the document with rather personal and private intentions, but now that it’s gotten to be quite sizeable, I thought I might share it, especially since I get asked so many questions about how I use stones, what my correspondences are for said stones, and so on. Now I can direct folks to this document. Plus, maybe you’ll find some use for what I started and can add to it to formulate your own personal glossary. I figure those who like to keep records of their metaphysical studies will find some use for this document.

If you’re into stones, too, and love working with them metaphysically, then you’re free to take a look at my glossary. I’m providing both the PDF and DOCX for free download below. Again, it’s not “complete” in the sense that it can replace an actual objective glossary of gemstones and crystals. This is only complete to the limited extent of representing what I have in my personal collection and my private work with the stones. Enjoy nonetheless!

Both the DOCX and PDF versions have “smart headings,” so if you open the left-bar navigation pane in either Microsoft Word or your PDF viewer (in Adobe Reader they’re called bookmarks), you should be able to navigate between the alphabetically listed entries with ease. All correspondence reference tables at the back of the document are also enabled as “smart headings.”



Do you enjoy the free downloadable reference materials from this website?

If yes, then in exchange, please support my work. I mention energetic supplements in Holistic Tarot and using stones and crystals to set your environment when reading tarot. Help me get the word out by recommending Holistic Tarot to your tarot loving friends.

Personally, I also like to use stones to transfer sigil-crafted energy into the stones to empower them into amulets or talismans that can be carried around. (For some, carrying around a paper Fu sigil might elicit, “Wow, what’s that?!?” and further unwanted lines of inquiry, whereas a pocket stone is more discrete.)

So this document is also a great supplement for my second book, The Tao of Craft, forthcoming in bookstores on September 27, 2016. Pre-order now via Amazon, Barnes & Noble, or direct from the distributor, Penguin Random House. And be sure to help me get the word out about the release of The Tao of Craft.

Sources Cited for Glossary

I forgot. Sorry.

However, Crystal Vaults is one I frequent. “A to Z Crystal Meanings” at Crystals & Jewelry is another. I also like Healing Crystals for You;; the Glossary at GemSelect; the Gemstone Dictionary at Crystal Life; Gemstone Glossary at Real Gems; Minerals Glossary at Minerals Zone;; Healing Crystals; and Mineraliety.

This was never intended to be a formally published document so I didn’t bother to keep track. These entries are from my personal references that I consult. The information comes from dozens of sources and each entry is a hodge-podge of what I’ve read, my own experiences with the stone, and what I’ve been taught, transmitted down through folk knowledge. Most of the technical geology stuff comes from USGS Mineral Resources,, Handbook of Mineralogy, or Wikipedia. Yeah, that’s right, Wikipedia. Like I said, not meant to be a work of scholarship, so Wikipedia sufficed just fine for my purposes.

My Correspondences are Unequivocally Correct

Sigh. You know what bugs me? The pressure every metaphysical/spirituality blogger and vlogger feels to put out the disclaimer that “this is just my opinion” and “this is how I do things” but “please feel free to use only what resonates with you.” No shit, Sherlock. Of course this is just my opinion, my approach, and the way I personally do things. What else would it be?

So to discourage that inevitable know-it-all I-must-share-my-view-with-you let-me-give-you-some-good-advice spiritual diva from saying that these correspondences are ever so different from the way she (or he) approaches these stones, here’s to highlighting the obvious: Yep, that stone sure can be that thing that I neglected to mention and that other stone I said was Air is actually Water, yeah I totally get it *nodding and smiling* thank you for pointing it out to me. My paradigm has now shifted because of that tidbit of insight. You rock my world.

14 thoughts on “Gemstones and Crystals Glossary (Personal)

  1. Oh dear, I’m getting into crystals/gemstones myself and I’m afraid your handout is just adding fuel to the fire of my budding addiction! 🙂 In all seriousness, thank you so much for this treasure trove of information.


  2. The pdf was fantastic. I’m beginning to collect little stones as well because they are so beautiful.

    Despite their beauty some of these stones can be poisonous. Do not ingest them.

    Be especially careful about Pyrite. If you get it wet, it can form sulfuric acid fumes. Pyrite may also form a powdery form of sulfuric acid that looks white, if you see that wear gloves before touching it. I believe all Pyrite collectibles are coated to prevent oxidation but that doesn’t make it totally safe.

    Wash your hands thoroughly after touching any mineral.


  3. I love stones! I have a few stones that I keep on the windowsill and I find them beautiful to look at. With regard to the issue of “working” with stones, I cannot say that stones have revealed their mysteries to me, but I do enjoy having them around and maybe that’s enough.


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