Astrology Basics

Image Source: Simmonite & Story's Horary Astrology (1896 ed.)
Simmonite & Story’s Horary Astrology (1896 ed.)

This section of my website is intended to provide a broad “good enough” summary overview of Hellenistic astrology to give you a basic working knowledge that can be applied in various methods of Western occultism.

You might find that in the world of Western occult philosophy, no matter which direction you throw a stone in, you’re going to hit astrology. Devote a full Saturday or Sunday to reading through the contents of this section and some of the free reference downloads and I think you’ll be adequately operational.

If, however, you’d like to deep-dive into astrology, consider taking my course, ASTROLOGY FOR BEGINNERS.


Glossary of Astrological Terms (PDF)

This glossary download has bookmarked sections, so whether you are viewing the PDF on your computer or in an e-reader, be sure to have the navigation pane open so you can easily click from section to section. Those who have had a natal chart reading from me before will be familiar with this document. It appears at the end of all my reading reports to provide a glossary of the terms I use throughout the report. Here, it’s provided for those who may wish to incorporate it into their astrological study journals. However, understand that its original context is to be the glossary at the end of a natal chart monograph that I prepare for requesting clients.



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