Astrology Basics

Image Source: Simmonite & Story's Horary Astrology (1896 ed.)
Simmonite & Story’s Horary Astrology (1896 ed.)

Introduction to Astrology | Reading Your Natal Chart

The Celestial Bodies | Houses and Basic Hermetic Lots | The Twelve Signs

Sun Sign Astrology | Past Life Astrology | Free Astrology References

I consider myself an astrology enthusiast. I started learning it to supplement my tarot studies. Most of what’s provided here is keyed to that purpose, to share astrology basics with other tarot practitioners. For instance, per the Golden Dawn tenets, the Two of Wands corresponds with Mars in Aries. Before learning astrology, that meant nothing to me. Now it greatly informs the way I interpret cards in a reading and astrology has both broadened and deepened my card analyses. Mars is about drive, ambition, our impulse for conquest. Aries, well, Aries is all about conquest, not to mention is ruled and thus strengthened by Mars. It resonates very much with my whole Alexander-the-Great interpretation of the Two of Wands, of aspirations, accomplishment, and big ambitions.

Also, because of my background in tarot, which you can’t really learn without incidentally picking up some knowledge in astrology, I found that I picked up astrology much faster than I might otherwise have learned it. The most rewarding part of learning some astrology basics as a tarot reader is how much of it you can use to help clients and offer greater insights. If you have just a date of birth, no worries, look at the planet and sign correspondences. If you have a time and location of birth, all the better. A whole new avenue of spiritual and metaphysical counseling opens up.

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