Expelling Malefic Attachments | Tinkering Bell #1

I’m starting a new video series on my YouTube channel, called Tinkering Bell. I’m Bell (or at least that’s what people who can’t seem to pronounce “Benebell” call me) and throughout these videos, I’ll be showcasing my metaphysical and esoteric…tinkerings. Hence, Tinkering Bell. The videos are going to be practicum-centered tutorials that share my particular idiosyncrasies in the Craft.

This is the first installment of the series, on expelling malefic attachments.

Episode #1 Description

When I say “expelling malefic attachments,” I’m keeping that terminology overbroad to cover a lot of different ground. If you’re feeling energetically weighed down, unduly influenced in a way you intuit yet can’t explain and it’s been detrimental to you, or you’re sensing atrophic, less-than-positive vibes around you that you’d like to get rid of, then consider trying what I do for myself: a fifteen-day integrated self-cleanse.

This total mind, body, and spirit self-cleanse is meant to eradicate any string of bad luck, negativity in your life, remove hexes, exorcise unwanted spirit attachments, neutralize the evil eye, and detox from what Chinese feng shui masters would call poison arrows.


At timestamp 19:01, the English translation appearing across the screen is incomplete. It should read: “By the power of this protective recital, may my misfortunes due to stars, demons, harmful spirits, and ominous planets be prevented and destroyed.” (from the Maha Jaya Mangala Gatha, or Great Verses of Auspicious Victory, an exorcistic sutra). You can read more about the invocation on page 211 in my book The Tao of Craft.


At timestamp 12:13, cryptic white text in brackets appears across the screen (“[cue b-roll footage while I narrate via voiceover…]”) as I talk about gluten. The text was intended to be an internal and private production note only, to be deleted post-production. However, I forgot to delete it after completing that section of the video and in my review of the video pre-upload, missed it. Hence, the cryptic white text at 12:13.


Supplemental Downloads

The following downloads are referenced in the video and provided here for your free, unfettered uses.

Door and Window Protection Talismans:

JPG | Chinese Talisman for Expelling Malefics (Black and White)

JPG | Chinese Talisman for Expelling Malefics (Red and Yellow)

Note. At timestamp 9:03, I discuss alternatives to the Chinese protection talisman shown above, which would include passages from holy books. As explained in the video, if you’re using the Chinese protection talisman specifically (the JPGs linked above), then it’s okay to toss these out with the trash at the close of the fifteen day expulsion period. However, if you’re opting to use passages from holy books for your home protection and energy filtering talismans, then you may need to reconsider that. Generally, if you’re making reference directly from holy books, then to discard of the talismans, you would need to bury them rather than toss with the trash.

Aura and Space Clearing Spray:

PDF | Aura and Space Clearing Spray Recipe

Outline of Fifteen Day Expulsion Period:

PDF | Outline of Fifteen Day Expulsion Period

Mantra Recitations (Buddhist & Taoist):

PDF | Mantra Recitations

Purification Bath Salts Recipe:

PDF | Purification Bath Salts Recipeline

Homework: Your Practicum

Following each installment of the series will be a suggested practicum, or homework, for you to try out. Homework material presumes that you are an occult practitioner who is working on developing your craft.

Aura and Space Clearing Spray: Using the recipe provided as reference, make the aura and space clearing spray. If you’re an inexperienced novice, then please follow the recipe instructions as closely as possible for the first time you make the spray. Then, after you’ve tried the recipe as-is at least once, go ahead and experiment with modifications. When you deviate from the recipe, take notes and record your own recipe. After some trials, memorialize a final recipe for your personal go-to aura and space clearing spray. Create a page or page spread for it in your grimoire.

Fifteen-Day Mind, Body, Spirit Self-Cleanse: Perform the fifteen-day total mind, body, and spirit self-cleanse. During the fifteen day period, take notes on your observations, impressions, feelings, perceptions, dreams, intuitive hits, everything. Take the time to walk the perimeter of your home, inside and out, and just study. See if you can feel any differences in impression. Record all observations and notes. After the trial, if you feel that such a cleanse, or your personal variation on it, has been beneficial to you, then finalize the steps of your self-cleanse and create a page or page spread for it in your grimoire, documenting your instructions for the self-cleanse.


Hi, Rose.

Let’s shout out Rose from RoseRed Tarot and the TarotVisions podcast.

She’s the reason I’m wearing a green fairy costume through the opening and closing sequences of the Tinkering Bell video series. Rose also sent me a little blonde fairy wig, but it did not fit over my head and crazy amount of dark hair, so I couldn’t model in the wig.

Open letter…


You know this isn’t over, right? Karma’s in play, dearie.


10 thoughts on “Expelling Malefic Attachments | Tinkering Bell #1

  1. I do something similar to my home every month, but I love your Sigils. They’re definitely different than the ones I grew up around. Mine are more Teutonic/Runic. That said…I’m so excited to see this!


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