Practica of Esoteric Craft (Tinkering Bell Series)

Some of you are familiar with the Tinkering Bell video series already. This page is a consolidation of all episodes so that you can work through the materials as a free comprehensive practica on esoteric craft. Each video and accompanying text below is one practicum for you to work through. In other words, there’s a “homework assignment” for you to do after each episode.

I’ve designed this series to be a collection of practical applications of craft for you to actually try out. Take notes during your process to document your own methodologies and also your impressions of the craft. When you’ve finalized something that works for you, take the time to add it to your personal grimoire.

In the links provided to each episode’s instructional page, you’ll find one section titled “Homework: Your Practicum.” That is where you’ll find the recommended practicum to try out for yourself, based on the material covered in the episode. All written content and reference files are also provided so that you can write out a comprehensive page or page spread in your own grimoire after each practicum.


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Expelling Malefic Attachments

Magical hygiene is so important, yeah? If you’re serious about craft, then you need to make sure your space is always cleared of any unwanted malefic energies that might manage to creep during all that occult work you’ve been doing.

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You start with a 15-day total mind, body, and spirit self-cleanse. This self-cleanse is meant to eradicate any string of bad luck, negativity in your life, remove hexes, exorcise unwanted spirit attachments, neutralize the evil eye, and detox from what Chinese feng shui masters would call poison arrows. This 15-day integrated expulsion will get your space nice and clean.

Think of this process as annual spring cleaning. If you’re an active practitioner of craft, then do this at least once a year.

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#2 & #3

Creating Sacred Space

A clean space isn’t enough. You also need your space to be empowered. The next practicum is about learning the theoretical basics of crafting sacred space, then executing theory.

Click to access Episode #2 (Part 1).

Part One – Harmonic Resonance

I would consider harmonic resonance to be the first and most fundamental point to creating and empowering sacred space. Specific topics covered will be sine wave oscillation resonant with the monad; Lissajous figures; Chladni figures; the Lo Shu magic square, mandalas, and sacred geometry. This is one of two parts in the Tinkering Bell video series on the study of sacred space.

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Click to access Episode #3 (Part 2).

Part Two – The Architecture

This is the second installment from a Tinkering Bell series on the study of sacred space. In this free 30-minute video course with supplemental PDF downloads, learn about magnetism, orientation, water, and anchoring as these considerations pertain to creating and empowering sacred space.

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Poison Magic

“Poison magic” is the English translation for a tradition of black magic, or malevolent spell-crafting, found in Chinese witchcraft and Taoist sorcery, called Gu Dao (蠱道) or Gu Shu (蠱術) [Long form: 蠱道巫術 or Gǔ Dào Wū Shù]. You might also find it translated as Ku.

Pentagram of Destruction: The Fundamentals of Ku. Click to access Episode #4.

Although there’s no denying that poison magic is considered a modality of baneful magic, it is important to note here that Gu Dao (or Ku) is not necessarily evil-intentioned. The tradition of Gu Dao, or Ku, is multi-faceted, nuanced, and complex, which I hope this video will be able to expound upon.

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Moon Block Divination

The main purpose of this episode is to get a beginner or new initiate started on practicing divination. My personal divinatory tool of choice is the tarot deck. Yet teaching tarot to the level of getting a novice practitioner of craft operational with the deck does take some time and extended study, whereas moon block divination is easy to teach, easy to learn, and easy to execute. It also begins getting you acclimated with the feeling, sensation, and process of divination.

Click to access Episode #5.

Source divination moon blocks, clam shells to craft your own set, or a creative equivalent and follow the instructions to consecrate your divinatory tool. Perform several divinations with your tool and log your results.

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Holy Anointing Oil

Episode #6 covers Holy Anointing Oil as it had been instructed in the Book of Exodus, and also the derivatives found in later occult texts, such as the Book of Abramelin, a medieval grimoire on Kabbalistic magic, and Aleister Crowley’s Book of the Law.

Click to access Episode #6.

We’ll cover how the holy oil is instructed in the Book of Exodus, how it was later modified by Abramelin the Mage in the medieval text Book of Abramelin, and finally, how it is instructed by Aleister Crowley in the Book of the Law. The main demonstration, however, is going to be on my personal variation from these recipes and why I deviate from the given recipes.

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Spell Oil - Different Types II
Click to access bonus written primer on spell oils.

On Spell Oils

The Tinkering Bell episode is about crafting holy oil, a form of anointing oil. Let’s also talk about spell oils and compare that to anointing oils. Learn about how spell oils are generally crafted, uses for spell oils, application, and finally, follow a practicum for crafting your own spell oil.

Click Here to Access Basics on Spell Oils.


Click to access Episode #7.


Seal of Changes

The Seal of Changes is a template for crafting 64 talismanic sigils that harness the 64 powers encoded into the I Ching: Book of Changes. In this practicum video, I’ll share with you my favorite one: the Seal for Raising an Army based on Hexagram 7.

The Seal of Changes can also be used to collate all of your disparate energies and focus it through the color of one of the eight trigram powers from the Ba Gua. I didn’t get into this in the video, so I’ll get into it in the linked instructional page, provided below.

The way I’ve instructed use of the Raising an Army Seal is multi-purpose and one pretty much anyone can use, irrespective of experience.

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Bloodstone for Shielding

In Episode 8 of our Tinkering Bell series, we’re talking about bloodstone. Specifically, it’s about looking to a couple of medieval sources for inspiration to craft a bloodstone talisman, done over the course of about 8 days. This talisman is for personal shielding and divine protection, and according to lore, one of the most powerful shields against the demons, warding off curses or those trying to curse you, and all mannerisms of bad juju.

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Click to access Episode #9


Thunder Rites

Lei Fa (雷法), translated into English as Thunder Rites or Thunder Magic, is a tradition of ceremonial magic and occult craft that rose in popularity during the Song Dynasty of China (A.D. 960—1279). There are both inner and outer alchemical forms of Thunder Rites. Methodologies are premised on the belief that thunder is the divine command of Heaven and a practitioner can harvest the power of thunder to absorb powers from Heaven and use those powers to both exorcise demons and heal sickness (because, for the most part, historically sickness was attributed to demonic possession). In Episode #9, foundational practices of both inner and outer alchemical qualities will be taught to get a novice practitioner started on accessing the Thunder channel.

Click Here to Access Episode #9.

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