Crafting with a Ba Gua Mirror in Traditional Asian Witchcraft

Learn a little more about this common ritual tool in traditional Asian folk magic. I’m inviting you to give the ba gua or eight trigrams mirror a try.

This video covers a few pointers on how to use a ba gua mirror to tell whether you’ve been hexed or cursed (a folksy practice that’s interesting to learn about, at the very elast), how a ba gua mirror can amplify your spell-crafting techniques, a simple intention-setting candle spell, how to make your own ba gua mirror if you can’t source one, and how to integrate this one tool and folk practice into what you’re already doing.


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The above reference grid is one example of compass direction to trigram correspondences.

Below you’ll find two versions of the dial that are both referred to as the Later Heaven Ba Gua, but feature different trigram arrangements, and therefore will align differently to the compass directions than what you see up top.

Yes, there are different versions of the “Later Heaven Ba Gua.” Different traditions practice differently is the shortest explanation I have for that.

Don’t fear being wrong. Fear that your intentions aren’t clear enough. To make sure your intentions are clear, all you need to do is be self-aware. Carefully and deliberately think through your process. Make sure you can justify why you are doing every little thing you’re doing.

Often what we are judging as wrong vs. right is simply a different positioning and therefore contrasting perspectives.

Take the one on the left in the above image, for example. Is that trigram situated direct east Thunder or Mountain? When working with a ba gua mirror in folk magic and turning the “dial” of the ba gua so one specific trigram is facing upward during spell-crafting, I read from inside out, meaning the inner-most line is the bottom line of the trigram, and the outer-most line is the top of the trigram. Thus, when reading that direct east trigram in the left ba gua, I read that as Mountain.

On the other hand, when using a ba gua as an energy grid or battery charge (that’s just my way of describing it…), I read outside in. The outer-most line is the bottom line of the trigram and the inner-most line is the top of the trigram. Thus, same direct east trigram to the left, suddenly that is now read as Thunder.

A way to understand the apparent discrepancy is to think about the two of us standing face to face. I raise my right hand and then I direct you to “raise your right hand.” From my vantage point, it’s going to look like you’re raising your left. If my direction to you is, “Raise this hand,” and you copy my reflection, you will in effect raise your left hand, but from my perspective, it will align with my right. Get it?

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4 thoughts on “Crafting with a Ba Gua Mirror in Traditional Asian Witchcraft

  1. matthew baker

    Hi I have a question. I am feng shui my whole apartment, but in my bedroom I have a missing section relating to friendship, helpful people, relationships etc. Would should I do or add to this section to enhance it/fix it so I do not have a problem in they area’s. Thank you for your time.


  2. Viv

    Love this post! Just a thought – have you ever entertained the idea of writing a memoir? I would be first in line to purchase! How many writers are descended from a line of Taoist witches anyway?!


  3. Hi Mrs Wen. Thank you for all of the goodies you share with us! I do have a question for you. How do you feel about mirrored tables or altars? I know mirrors are awesome amplifiers and had thought about using a mirrored table for my altar permanently, but the more I read into feng shui mirrors can cuase chaos. So now I’m kind of confused. In your opinion would a permanent mirrored table top used for ancestors and magic cause a build up of too much energy? Thanks in advance 🙂


  4. Hi Benebell,

    The shape you draw when consecrating the Ba Gua is virtually the same as sigil / seal you’d derive for Saturn using it’s magic square in western occultism. I find it very interesting that some things wind up very common to almost all forms of occult practice, this being one of them.


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