Architecture of Sacred Space | Tinkering Bell #3

This is the third installment of a video series on my YouTube channel called Tinkering Bell where I showcase my personal esoteric tinkerings.

Episode #3 Description

There is a common denominator among mystery traditions across the world that instruct on a perfected way for harmonizing human architecture with deity and with nature. In “Architecture of Sacred Space,” I share with you the basic criteria I follow for ensuring a sanctified living space.

This is Part 2 of 2 videos on the architecture and design of sacred space. Part 1 covered harmonic resonance. Part 2 (Episode #3) will cover magnetism, orientation, water, and anchoring. In touring each of these fundamental principles, we also touch down into feng shui, spell-crafting, and so much more.

Outline of the Episode

Episode #3 and “Architecture of Sacred Space” Part II will cover the following sub-topics:

  1. Second Fundamental Principle: Magnetism
    • Ferromagnetism
    • Paramagnetism
    • Electromagnetic fields and feng shui
    • The Sage of Ghost Valley
    • Ghost activity and electromagnetic fields
    • Bioelectromagnetism
    • Ley lines
    • Basic form school feng shui (your four guardians: tortoise, dragon, tiger, and phoenix)
  2. Third Fundamental Principle: Orientation
    • Geomagnetic field of Earth
    • Directionality, location, and positioning
    • Directionality of altars and tradition
    • Orientation as a principle in real estate
  3. Fourth Fundamental Principle: Water
    • Literal versus figurative representations of water
    • Water fountains in feng shui for generating healthy Qi
    • Paying attention to water flow in a geographic location
    • Accessibility to natural bodies or sources of water
  4. Fifth Fundamental Principle: Anchoring
    • Review of Jing, Qi, and Shen
    • Gemstones and crystals: their metaphysical correspondences, or their Shen
    • Spell-crafting to create anchors versus mundane, everyday anchors
    • Other forms of anchoring
  5. Review of the five fundamental principles and your homework assignments, i.e., the practical implementation of the five principles covered

Homework: Your Practicum

Following each installment of the series will be a suggested practicum, or homework, for you to try out. Homework material presumes that you are an occult practitioner who is working on developing your craft.

Calibrating Your Home as Sacred Space with Chladni Figures: Select a room in your home to rearrange so that the layout of furniture creates harmonic resonance through one of the noted Chladni figures.

Calibrating Your Altar for Harmonic Resonance: Check your altar or personal sacred space with the Lissajous and Chladni figures to see if the arrangement of relics in your sacred space creates a sinusoidal wave.

Personal Space Check for Healthy Magnetism: Check your bedroom to see if healthy magnetism is created from the arrangement, via the four animals: phoenix, tortoise, dragon, and tiger. Also check your work space or desk to see if the arrangement creates the four animals. Now check the southeast corner of your home or living space to optimize it for wealth luck, money-making potential, and financial success.

Healthy Flow of Qi – Incorporating Water: Incorporate water into your sacred space per one of the techniques listed in the video. Use water to generate healthy life force throughout your home or living space.

Gemstones as Energetic Anchors: Choose a gemstone from the Glossary of Gemstones (linked below) and follow the spell-crafting instructions in the video to turn it into an energetic anchor.line

Supplemental Downloads

The following downloads are referenced in the video.

Reference Manual: Gemstone Correspondences

A 52-page glossary of gemstone and crystal correspondences for metaphysical use. This started as a private document I kept just for myself, mainly to log my own inventory of stones and my work with them. However, as it ballooned into a sizeable reference manual, I decided to share it with all you kind folks.

Link: Download the Glossary of Gemstone Correspondences

Supplemental Handouts from Part I

If you haven’t already, then you’ll also need to download all of the supplements provided with Part I of the “Architecture of Sacred Space” two-part series.

Part One (Episode #2) | Go to: Harmonic Resonance


Architecture of Sacred Space, Part I

If you haven’t seen Part I to “Architecture of Sacred Space,” then you’ll want to watch that first, before watching Part II. Otherwise you won’t have context. Episode #2, Part I is linked below under “Past Episodes” or click on the above-linked heading, “Architecture of Sacred Space, Part I.”

Where the “Tinkering Bell” Series is Headed

My purpose for creating the “Tinkering Bell” YouTube video series is educational. It’s intended to be accessible public education on all things metaphysical. The videos are practicum-based, so they’re tutorials in format. However, it’s not about teaching through a set tradition. You can come from any esoteric background and learn elements of craft from this series.

The series is about craft from a universal perspective, though of course in communicating the craft, I will be employing the vocabulary I know, which will come from some facets of Western occultism, but primarily Chinese Taoist occultism.

As we progress through the series, the next few installments will cover poison magic, or darker arts, both offense and defense, the so-called seven forbidden arts per renaissance magic, summonings, petitionings, amulets, charms, talismans, and exordium episodes on divination, herbology, healing magic, transfiguration of energy, comprehensive money magic, and so much more.

You ready to go on a journey with me?



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