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Hello! Normally there would be a listing of service offerings here in astrology, tarot, and feng shui consultations, but at the moment, I’m limiting my reading availability. Thank you for your understanding.

Personal Astrology Reports

I am making my way through a very long waiting list of natal chart monograph bookings, so at this time, I am not taking any more requests.

Tarot Readings

I am not taking any new clients at this time, but if you and I have worked together more than five times before in the past, then I will make myself available for emergency readings– “emergency” simply meaning you’re facing some seriously tough situations or decisions and need spiritual insight.

About Your Reading

Booking a reading with me implies consent and agreement with all terms noted on this page. The purpose of any reading with me is a deep-dive exploration into who you are and your life purpose. We will seek meaning to the circumstances of your interpersonal relationships, the work that you do, and what you are being called to do.

I do not describe my work as predictive or psychic. We examine the critical “points of no return” along your path and address the cause-and-effect. That may look and feel predictive, but it’s about as predictive as saying you’re going to burn your hand if you try to touch that fire. The reason I say it’s not predictive per se is that keyword “if.”

While my readings are not predictive, I do consider them projective. Projections in divination are like projections in a business or financial plan. You’re using known factors and variables in an established algorithm to project into the future what the most probable outcome will be given the present course of events. I also don’t describe my work as psychic because I approach divination as a science and devote the rational analysis one would to science.

As a general policy, I avoid engaging in fortune telling. I do not use tarot to see what we should not see. Rather, I use tarot to help us see what we should see clearer. You may think you know your personal story, but oftentimes we are too close and too biased. A reading with me tells your story back to you so that you might look at that story from a different point of view. I use divination the way one might use a lantern– holding it up by your side so that it might illuminate your path.

An Integrated Practice

When you book a tarot reading with me, I will in all likelihood still cover astrology. You may wonder why I collect birth details from you for a tarot reading. It’s to construct your natal chart and maybe even a transits chart, which we’ll talk about during your session and how it relates to what the cards are revealing.

When you book an astrology reading, I will bring in numerology. Where there are weak points or issues of lack in your life, we will talk about feng shui cures, talismanic magic, and common folk magic used to counteract those weak or negative points.

A comprehensive feng shui consultation has to account for considering the occupants with the property, and so we will account for astrology during your session. I observe a traditional folk approach to feng shui alongside the analytic science, and so I do work with instruments more commonly found in ceremonial magic to assess the unseen yet enlivened energies of a place.

You can expect that a booked session with me is going to be integrative. Booking a tarot reading means the primary focus will be the tarot, but we will bring in cross-references to astrology, perhaps numerology, and other practices for a multi-faceted divinatory experience.


My regular clientele includes public figures and those in positions that would demand my utmost discretion. I approach measures of confidentiality and security for my divination session clients as I do for my clients as a lawyer. I won’t even disclose that you were ever a client of mine unless I have your consent and permission. I certainly won’t disclose to anyone the contents or what was discussed during your reading session.

The limitation to this confidentiality agreement is if, per my professional judgment, I have reason to believe you or another human being is at imminent risk of physical harm, then at that point, confidentiality breaks and I may disclose the contents of your readings on a need-to-know basis. A court order issued by a judge could also override any confidentiality terms herein.

For Entertainment Purposes

In certain jurisdictions, a reader engaged in practices that legally fall under the scope of “fortune telling or divination” is required to disclose to you that such readings should be for entertainment purposes only, and if such a law applies to your reading, then you are hereby on notice thereof. That being said, divination is a form of my personal spiritual expression that I take very seriously, and I will approach your reading session with the reverence and care I approach all sacred arts. So while I encourage you to treat what I say as being for entertainment purposes only, know that from my end, I do not treat it as entertainment, and for me, it is an expression of my personal gnostic beliefs and my faith.

26 thoughts on “Book a Reading

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  2. Karen Cashman

    A friend had a reading from you at Jennifer Perlmutter’s event. She was very positive about your work. Unfortunately I had to leave for another commitment. I would love to have a reading from you. Several of my friends would also.
    Love and Light,


  3. Anne-Marie

    The ultimate personal Tarot reading experience:-

    I have personally experienced a reading from Ms Benebell Wen and my advice is to purchase a reading soon, and don’t make the mistake of procrastinating over it, because this lady is going places and may not always be quite so available as a reading within a month. In addition things will change with her service prices yearly I suspect, as they do in any profession, and particularly so with those whose practitioners are leaders in their field, so depending on your financial circumstances, you may one day have to budget in order to experience the personal reading services on offer today, so strike while the irons hot.

    Benebell to my initial surprise does not just jump into a reading, as other readers do, she waits for the most auspicious time and my reading experience was enhanced by this considered and careful approach. My reading was most comprehensive and contained in my case, yours may vary, E-mailed correspondences, a Preliminary I Ching reading, followed the main body a Tarot reading with spread layout photographs the same quality as you see in her Tarot and Oracle reviews, so you are in for a treat. In addition, Benebell manages to seamlessly integrate the Tarot, with Astrology, my Birth chart, Numerology, Feng Shui, a little Tao Crafting and an interesting reference to reincarnation. Some of her e-mails correspondences moreover, carry a little value added extra if she feels it is warranted. I am relatively open minded, into a little Woo, well quite a lot actually, that rocks my boat, that and the road less traveled experience. However, not everyone is though, and Benebell is sensitive to this and attentive, so let her know in an e-mail consultation if there is something you feel uncomfortable about or does not rock your boat. With Benebell, you feel that you’re her only client, of cause you are not! But, that’s how you feel nonetheless.

    Having a reading done by Benebell was a good decision and a worthwhile personal investment in myself, furthermore I plan to use more of her reading services in the near future.

    Maybe after you have experienced a Benebell Wen service you could include your comments about it so as to inform others considering having a reading. I hope that whatever reading service you select it is, as rewarding, fulfilling and enjoyable as I found mine.


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  5. Callie L. French

    I’d be honored to have my name entered into the pro-bono ‘hat’! Here’s my information: DOB: 5/12/54, TIME: 12:37 a.m., Salem, OR. Full Name at birth: Callie Lou McGuire.
    Thanks you, and blessings to your world.


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  24. Polly Gates

    I met you at the Omega Masters of the Tarot classes in July and enjoyed your presentations. I am working my way through your book “Holistic Tarot “. Though it’s a big book, it’s interesting and easy reading, and your philosophy resonates with me.
    Please let me know when you will be taking on new clients for readings,

    I hope it’s soon.


  25. Semaj

    Since folks seem to be asking, Why not put my name in the hat too!! I NEED a READING Bell!!!!
    I am so enjoying all the learning I am absorbing as I watch the videos, read all the material, and delve even deeper into all things MYSTIC and WOO WOO!!! This is so much FUN!!
    Your cogency in all things makes it all so refreshing, you just GET It!
    We are all so incredibly lucky to be in your circle! Thank you for all the MAGICK!!!!


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