Intuitive Tarot: Throw Out the Books?

Thank you to the hundreds (according to YouTube at least, who knows, right?) who showed up to participate this morning in the chatroom when the above video premiered.

By the way, can any of you help me with this? I really thought I had the recorded LiveChat transcript function turned on. I checked it several times before the video premiered and I checked it after. It’s on. However, it seems like the chat transcript from this morning has disappeared.

Does anyone know how I can make the chat transcript from this morning available to all? What everyone shared was so insightful and more valuable to the topic than just what I had to say in this video, so I want that chat transcript to be available to you. However, the function doesn’t seem to be working for me. Any help you’re able to give is welcomed. Thanks!

3 thoughts on “Intuitive Tarot: Throw Out the Books?

  1. Veta Nix

    Benebell, please consider making your content shareable to Pinterest. I know there is a lot of fluff on Pinterest, but it’s a great place for creative -though sometimes scattered- people like me to organize and store into quickly.


  2. Parzival

    Amazing mix of thoughtful analytic and intuitive depth– just what you advocate here for serious Tarotists. I appreciate your recognition of Tarot history as important, even essential. As you indicated,Tarot evolves over the centuries. But some money-making Tarot readers prefer to be blind to that. Alas for them, alas for their clients. The blind leading the blind. Tarot is so much more than that ! The journey of spiritual discovery, which cannot occur without cultivation of “pattern recognition” and psychic sense. Bravo for your video!


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