Bloodstone for Shielding | Tinkering Bell #8

Craft your own bloodstone talisman for shielding and cloaking, inspired by what we read from Pliny the Elder, the Grand Grimoire (Red Dragon), and The Book of Secrets of Albertus Magnus.

In Episode 8 of our Tinkering Bell series, we’re talking about bloodstone. Specifically, it’s about looking to a couple of medieval sources for inspiration to craft a bloodstone talisman, done over the course of about 8 days. This talisman is for personal shielding and divine protection, and according to lore, one of the most powerful shields against demons, warding off curses or those trying to curse you, and all mannerisms of bad juju.

Bloodstone, also known as the mineral heliotrope, is aesthetically a dark green stone with red inclusions. Composition wise, there are a couple of different varieties that are all still referred to as bloodstone. The green mineral can be either jasper or chalcedony; the red streaks, or inclusions, are the result of either red iron oxides or red jasper.

This Tinkering Bell practicum is going to walk you through crafting your own personal bloodstone for shielding and cloaking.

Worksheet for Crafting a Bloodstone Shield

PDF Supplemental Handout

Worksheet for Crafting a Bloodstone Shield

DOCX Supplemental Handout (for MS Word)


Glossary of Gemstone Correspondences

Hyperlink to Access both PDF and DOCX File Formats

The above link will take you to an old post where I provide free downloads to a Glossary of Gemstone Correspondences. Scroll all the way to the back of the downloaded Glossary to a section titled “Stone Shapes and Their Metaphysical Uses.”

If you can’t figure out which presentation of bloodstone you want to go with, that section might help. Since the intent here is for it to be something you can carry with you and have on your person, there are a couple that can probably be eliminated right off the bat. Like, don’t go for a 100 mm sphere. Unless that’s what you really want to carry around with you at all times. Hey, I won’t judge.

A cabochon might be great for this, and then after the crafting period, mount the empowered cabochon onto pendant jewelry that you can wear. A pendulum piece could work, too. Small one-inch tumbled pocket stones are discrete and yet still pack a powerful punch after this prescribed bloodstone charging ritual. Then whether to go with polished and tumbled or rough, raw, and natural will depend on your personal preferences.

If you’re enchanting a specimen of bloodstone for more ritualistic uses or to craft an altar tool, then you aren’t limited to “something that fits in the pocket,” so you might want to use the instructions provided here to empower, say, a bloodstone wand.


Homework: Your Practicum

Following each installment of the series will be a suggested practicum, or homework for you to try out. Homework material presumes that you are an occult practitioner who is actively on the path of developing your craft.

Acquire a pocket-size specimen of bloodstone and as noted in the video, one with strong red iron oxide inclusions, so you’re really getting that “blood” aesthetic.

(The all-green specimens of bloodstone are great for luck in business, physical health, and support financial prosperity, but for the purposes of this practicum, we really are looking to source a piece of bloodstone that’s going to have those noticeable streaks of red, whether that’s red iron oxides or red jasper. And if you have a choice between those two, then I’d go with the red iron oxide inclusions over the red jasper.)

I like to do a cleanse of the stone first and for you, that may be rinsing it in consecrated water, or passing it through the smoke of purifying incense, or simply holding it in the palm of your hand while reciting a particular incantation. Go with your way of cleansing.

Then schedule. It sounds boring and mundane, but oftentimes when it comes to craft that extends for several days, scheduling is key. Open up your trusty Metaphysician’s Day Planner and block out a quarter moon cycle for the prescribed ritual.

That means a block of time that corresponds with any of the following:

  • New moon to first quarter moon,
  • First quarter moon to full moon,
  • Full moon to last quarter moon, or
  • Last quarter moon to new moon.

You certainly do not need to follow the below chart. Yet for those novices who just want a little more guidance, here you go. If you can’t seem to decide which quarter moon cycle to go with, either go with the next full quarter cycle coming up in the calendar year or one of the periods that corresponds with something of note to you. Maybe you really want to go with a quarter that corresponds with your sun sign, or moon or ascendant sign. See below. Or maybe you work closely with one of the archangels. Or you have a Chinese Taoist bent in your esoteric path.

Then follow the instructions and suggestions as provided in the Tinkering Bell video and after the quarter moon cycle of your extended ritual practice, you’ll have crafted an empowered bloodstone talisman for shielding and divine protection.

I said 8 days, but really you’re going to want to follow the moon and not go by rigid calendar days. That’s because it could be 7 days, or 8, or even 9 depending on that particular moon cycle and how it corresponds with the Gregorian calendar.


Great Compassion Mantra, 大悲咒

Hyperlink to Access Free A5 Sacred Text Download

In the video I talk about how I don’t use the prayers as instructed in the Grand Grimoire (or Red Dragon). Instead, I studied the elements and anatomy of the prayer and found a corresponding one that works for me, per my own path. For me, that’s going to be the Great Compassion Mantra, which I’m linking above in case it resonates with you, too.


Practica of Esoteric Craft

Hyperlink to Access Free Online Course Modules

The Tinkering Bell video series is intended to be a multi-module free practica or online course on esoteric craft, drawing from both Eastern and Western traditions. The purpose is to help a novice practitioner build his, her, or their magical repertoire. “Practica of Esoteric Craft” is entirely free, but if you have the means, please consider a nominal donation to help keep it free! Or help keep me going by supporting my work. There are many ways to support my work, noted below.


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  1. seeker12345

    Hi Benebell, thanks for sharing! I wonder if we should ever cleanse the bloodstone after it has been programmed (say after using it for long periods of time and it’s done a lot of heavy work)? I’m concerned cleansing might undo its programming.


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