Seals of Solomon Magic Cards by Inna Vinitski

Inna Vinitski’s Seals of Solomon Magic Cards are the perfect companion tool to go along with your copy of the Key of Solomon, or Clavicula Salmonis, which I offer a free download of here. So although this deck does not come with a guidebook, everything you need to know about these seals and now to work with them can be found in that free download. I’m going to be making page references to that free download pdf of Key of Solomon.

I think the single most compelling reason to acquire this deck for your toolkit is to use them as easy, go-to charging plates for your charms, talismans, gemstones, crystals, and other metaphysical knick-knacks. Here, Inna Vinitski has already done the work for you. Once you get these cards, consecrate them and voila! Incredible! A set of tools for planetary magic at your fingertips!

This post will both showcase the Seals of Solomon cards, which I urge you to get if you want to deep-dive into working with the Key of Solomon, and also get into what the Key says about these seals, or pentacles.

To start, let’s try a little something, shall we? Below in the photo of the three magic cards, take a moment to gaze at each one, connecting your third eye (that space just between your brows) with the eye depicted on the card back. For one of these three cards, the tug at that space between your brows will feel stronger, more intense than for the others. Note which of the three cards gives you the strongest intuitive sensation.

Remember it, because we’ll be returning to your card selection later.

I would want to consecrate the deck prior to use. For me, that might mean passing each card, one by one, through the smoke of frankincense first, then after that operation has been completed, one by one again through the smoke of myrrh, all while reciting certain incantations. This would be during during a dark moon, right before the new moon.

To work with the seals on any given occasion, start by casting a circle. The Key will give you pages upon pages of instruction on how that’s done. Before working with any of these Seals, however, the Key itself urges you to read its contents and understand it thoroughly before proceeding.

In accordance with Book I’s ordering of the planets, the Seals in this deck are ordered as follows: Saturn, Jupiter, Mars, the Sun, Venus, Mercury, and the Moon. (However, note that I re-ordered the Seals in the Key download to correspond with the order of the days of the week, so the Moon is now first, for Monday, Mars comes next for Tuesday, Mercury follows for Wednesday, and so on, with the last series of pentacles being the Sun, for Sunday.)

The deck consists of cards featuring all of the planetary seals found in Key of Solomon.

Pentacles of Saturn

The First Pentacle of Saturn (shown above, with the number 1 printed in the bottom right corner of the card) is considered one of the most powerful and formidable Solomonic seals to be working with. It will strike fear and terror in any subterranean spirit and help you to control them. The Second Pentacle is used in forms of combat magic. And so on. You can find descriptions and uses for all of these pentacles in the Key download. 

In general, the pentacles of Saturn are for summoning souls from Hades (I’m regurgitating what’s in the Key, and not saying this as insights originating from me), or workings with Hades, but (according to the Key of Solomononly the souls of those who died of natural causes.

You’ll also find these pentacles of Saturn to be useful in spell-crafting on matters pertaining to real estate, property and possessions, business, assets, liabilities, or baneful magic.

To charge and work with any of the pentacles, you’d want to do so on the corresponding planetary day, so for Saturn, that would be Saturday, and during one of its planetary hours. A table of the planetary hours can be found on p. 14 of that Key of Solomon download.

However, if you’re working with a Seal of Saturn for purposes of connecting to the dead or invocation of spirits, then in additional the foregoing astrological timing notes, your working must be done (at least per the Key of Solomon) when the moon is in an Earth sign (i.e., Taurus, Virgo, or Capricorn). If you’re working with Saturn for baneful magic, then the moon needs to be in a Water sign (i.e., Cancer, Scorpio, or Pisces).

Note that those instructions are different from the instructions for when you should make or craft one of these seals, or Pentacles. Since you have the Seals already, you would follow the above. However, just for educational purposes, if you were to craft one of these seals for yourself, as in you’re making a medal or pentacle out of one of these designs, then you would need to do so on the Day of Mercury and on an Hour of Mercury only, and when a waxing moon is in an Air sign or Earth sign.

Pentacles of Jupiter

Pictured above are the pentacles of Jupiter. These are used in spell-crafting for gains in glory, social prominence, gains in wealth and riches, or to improve health.

Also, according to the Key, whether you’re using these seals in workings for yourself vs. workings for others will distinguish how you approach spell-crafting, so make sure you do read through the Key‘s instructions or, at the very least, intuit for yourself distinct methodologies between spell-crafting for yourself vs. spell-crafting on behalf of another.

The Key further instructions that these pentacles must be rendered in gold, vermilion red, or azure blue, and only with a consecrated pen and oh, yeah, in case it wasn’t obvious, your ink needs to have been consecrated, too. =)

And, do not dilly-dally when spell-crafting, because you have to finish your work within the hour… says the Key of Solomon. Well, it’s just a “best practices” recommendation. (“…if thou canst complete them in the hour wherein thou didst begin them, it is better…”)

Pentacles of Mars

Next up, the set of cards in the deck for the pentacles of Mars. In general, the seals for Mars help with winning military successes (and for me, I translate that as success in litigation as well), to achieve victory in conflicts, to acquire courage, to overthrow your enemies, and also, like the pentacles of Saturn, the pentacles of Mars can be used for baneful magic.

Like what we said for the pentacles of Saturn, if you’re working with Mars for baneful magic, then the moon needs to be in a Water sign (i.e., Cancer, Scorpio, or Pisces). You’ll find these astrological timing notes in Book I of Key of Solomon.

Pentacles of the Sun

The First Pentacle of the Sun features the bust or depicting the head/face of the angel Metatron. So if you’re asking me, this is the Seal to craft for yourself if you’re working with the Akashic Records or just seeking to enhance your psychic abilities.

In general, these seals for the planetary spirit of the Sun ward against another’s baneful magic, can be used to defeat another’s malefic workings against you, to inspire hope (I read that as helping to eliminate fears, to help with anxiety or issues of stress and depression), to increase and enhance your abilities in divination and prophecy, and for attaining long-term sustainable wealth. Wow. That’s a diverse portfolio of uses!

Pentacles of Venus

For Jupiter, Mars, and the Sun, each had seven seals, though here for Venus, we only have five.

The pentacles of Venus can be used to increase your attractiveness and magnetism or charisma, for gains and success in love, for success and popularity in social settings, and also… travel protection. The Key of Solomon notes that the planetary spirit of Venus is also associated with travel protection, though in modern times, contemporary occultists might associate travel protection with Mercury.

In addition to working on a planetary day of Venus and planetary hour of Venus, the moon should be in a Fire sign (i.e., Aries, Leo, or Sagittarius) if you want to optimize the success of a Venus spell.

Then, applying to all of the above, in any spell relating to increase and gains, work only during the phases of the new moon to full moon, so when the moon is waxing. Baneful magic, destruction, discord, and spells about removing, severing, reducing, or abating, work only during the phases of the waning moon.

All of these notes on the moon sign for timing your spell-crafting seem to be secondary, however, so Key suggests that they’re “best practices,” but not mandatory. The planetary day and planetary hour correspondences are suggested to be more important in terms of timing.

Pentacles of Mercury

Like Venus, Mercury only has five seals. The First Pentacle of Mercury is used to invoke nature spirits, whereas the Second Pentacle is used to bring about results that go against nature. The Third Pentacle of Mercury is an all-purpose seal (in a manner of speaking) that will work to bring forth any matter corresponding with Mercury. The Fourth Pentacle is for gains in knowledge. Students still in university trying to get ahead in academics, pay attention: the Fourth Pentacle is for success in test-taking. =) Just saying.

In general, the pentacles of Mercury and working with the planetary spirit of Mercury is for gaining intelligence, for academic success, immediate business successes, matters relating to science and divination, and also, for seeing apparitions (to better detect the unseen world).

Pentacles of the Moon

Finally, the last set of seals are the pentacles of the Moon, for which we have six.

The First Pentacle of the Moon is a skeleton key, which can be used to open any door, physical or spiritual. The Second Pentacle of the Moon is used for travel protection when traveling by sea or to help prevent floods; basically, ward and protect from force majeure relating to water. And so on. You’ll find the purposes and uses for all the pentacles in the Key download. 

In general, the planetary spirit of the Moon is invoked for diplomatic missions, long voyages or overseas travel, also spell-crafting related to love, and to recover what was lost (both emotional and physical). Forms of recovery, recuperation, rejuvenation, and salvage are related to the Moon.

If you don’t mind, I’m going to gripe a bit about the packaging here. By the way, this is in no way the fault of the deck creator, but is something the deck manufacturer should have been more mindful of. This tuck box is just all around bad engineering. I literally, physically could not open either of the flaps, at either end of the box, without tearing the flap. I tried using tweezers. I tried to move that interior flap out of the way, but because of the horrible engineering and box design, it’s impossible to move the interior flap out of the way while the flap is closed.

So I got rid of the box altogether and simply store my Seals of Solomon magic cards deck in silk. Plus, that’s what you’re supposed to do anyway, right?

According to the Key, when storing away your Seals, they should be wrapped in fine silk. Here’s a time when maybe if you want to get all purist, you’ll want to wrap your cards in silk. =) One point for tarot superstitions!

Now, back to those three face down cards we started with. Remember which of the three tugged at you the strongest?

If it was the left one underneath the Certificate of Authenticity (a signed, numbered certificate authenticating your Limited Edition deck comes with each order), then see below. You’ve selected the Second Pentacle of Jupiter.

This seal is used for acquiring glory, honor, perhaps a promotion or advancement of a nature that brings financial or professional gains. This seal is also used to help ease the anxieties and stresses of your mind, to bring you a sense of calmness and security.

You’ll find info about the Second Pentacle of Jupiter on p. 161-162 of the Key pdf.

If you had chosen the center card, the seal that has called to you is the Second Seal of Venus. This seal will help you to manifest that one specific desire you seek to manifest into your life right now. Basically, use this to grant that one immediately pressing wish that your mind has been fixated on as of late.

You’ll find info about the Second Seal of Venus on p. 175-176 of the Key pdf.

If you had chosen the right-most card, then the Fifth Pentacle of the Sun called to you. So. If you’re open to the idea of teleportation, well, according to the Key, that’s what this seal is for. If that’s a little too much fun for you, but you’re still way into the spiritual, metaphysical woo, then this is a seal to keep by your side accompanying you on astral journeys or when pathworking.

You’ll find info about the Fifth Pentacle of the Sun on p. 206-207 of the Key pdf.

I’m giving you the page references so you can look up for yourself what the Key says about how to work with these pentacles. If you want to take the orthodox, literal approach, then there you go. Enjoy.

However, if I may recommend a more feasible approach for the modern-day spiritualist, and perhaps a Lite version of working with these seals, try this:

Get a piece of square parchment paper or luxe cardstock (basically. some very nice stationary, like very nice– that’ll suffice for “virgin parchment”– I mean, no, the occultist in me wants to say no, it doesn’t “suffice” in any equivalent way, but just, whatever, it’s good enough for the Lite version here).

You’re also going to need a colored pen or marker in gold (one of those gold metallic marker pens you can get at craft stores), vermilion red (think China red), or azure blue (think lapis lazuli blue).

Consecrate both pen and paper by passing it through the smoke of your favorite incense for purification rituals. For the pen, you have the option of reciting one of the psalms noted in the “Selected Psalms” section of the Key download for “Consecrating the Pen” (p. 428 – 429) or write your own. I write my own, in case you were wondering. For the parchment, as you pass it through the smoke of incense, recite one of the psalms under “Consecrating Parchment” (p. 429 – 433) or write your own. Consecrate these tools on a Wednesday, for the Day of Mercury, at (option 1) the hour of sunrise on Wednesday, or (option 2) the eighth hour after the hour of sunrise, (option 3) Hour 15, or (option 4) Hour 22. (See p. 14 of the pdf.)

On the next planetary day corresponding with the planetary seal that called to you, at a planetary hour corresponding with that seal, copy onto one side of your paper the image of that pentacle as shown in the photograph here. On the reverse side of the paper, write out your intentions in an affirmative statement. Think of this as a petition to the planetary spirit corresponding with your seal. What are you petitioning this planetary spirit for? What would you like to manifest and materialize into your life right now? Be specific and be affirmative.

Keep your paper talisman in a wallet that you always have on you, make it a habit for the next short-term period of time to always tuck it into a shirt or pants pocket every morning, then keep it on your nightstand while you sleep, or in some way have it close by until that which you had petitioned for comes to be. After what you sought has been fulfilled, light a ritual candle and burn the paper or bury the talisman in dirt, deep beneath the ground.

If you have this deck, then what I would do going forward is placing the card with the pentacle you’ll be working with on a selenite charging plate (fellow tarot artist and deck creator Jamie Sawyer sells different designs of selenite charging plates you can buy from her or custom-design your own order with her). Then place a stone or crystal corresponding with that planet, or a metal charm, or even a ring, etc. onto the pentacles card and selenite charging plate. Recite the incantations you need to recite and that’s how you charge or infuse your item with the powers of that pentacle.

Image from TarotMania’s Etsy shop

You can also consecrate the entire deck so it becomes a set of tools for you. Charge each set of planetary seals by their corresponding planetary timing. Perhaps you might want to draw directly onto the cards, tracing the seals with consecrated ink in the colors as prescribed. Then the cards themselves can be used as charging plates to charge simple amulets, such as gemstones corresponding with the planet, or pendants, charms, etc.

The deck can also be used as a form of pre-crafting divination, to help you work directly with Spirit in deciding how to proceed with spell-crafting. For instance, say I wanted to do a spell to help make XYZ happen, but am not quite sure how to proceed with such a spell. Consult this deck, pull a single card, and let that pentacle inspire your spell-crafting.

The Seal of Solomon Magic Cards are a wonderful addition to any magician’s toolkit. If you’ve been interested in studying the Key of Solomon and working more closely with that text, then these cards are fantastic for helping you to get started. Order your copy of the deck at the TarotMania Etsy shop, linked here.

The decks coming out of the TarotMania studios are some of the absolute best esoteric working decks you can get. Eugene Vinitski, the mastermind behind TarotMania, is impressively knowledgeable, thorough, a true artist through and through, by any and every definition of that vocational calling, and someone I hold up with the utmost respect. Support the continued production of these incredibly valuable contributions to the world of cartomancy by supporting TarotMania’s Etsy shop.

Image from TarotMania’s Etsy shop

FTC Disclosure: In accordance with Title 16 of the U.S. Code of Federal Regulations Part 255, “Guides Concerning Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising,” I received the Seal of Solomon Magic Cards from the deck creator for prospective review. Everything I’ve said here is sincere and accurately reflects my opinion of the deck.

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