Spirit Keeper’s Tarot

The Spirit Keeper’s Tarot is what I call an unplanned birth. The public literally found out about the undertaking by a tweet on my Twitter feed at the same exact time I found out about it. Meaning, I absent-mindedly tweeted a hypothetical in jest, with no serious intention of following through when I was pecking out that tweet, and then the moment it posted was the moment I realized, no, really, actually, I think I’m going to do this.

And I did it. A month and a half later, a completed draft of all 78 cards. Oh, and the first draft of a companion guidebook to go along with it.

Yeah, seems fast. I was also obsessed. I barely slept, barely ate, stumbled through every other aspect of life during that month and a half in a complete daze, and threw everything I got into drawing and the crafting of these cards.

Click on the banner for the access page to download the card image files and ritual coloring guidebook.

That first initial draft of original, unedited line drawings for the Major Arcana is available for free download so that you might entertain the idea of ritual-coloring the Majors.

For the printed, published deck I’ll be offering, all images have been revised, adding depth perception for the purposes of publishing a black and white only tarot deck. I went back again with pen and ink to fine-tune the details and polish up my lines. In the above image, three examples are given of the revision. All images of the Keys on the left are the original, unedited, and scanned line drawings that you can download for free; on the right are the revised version being prepared for printing and production into The Spirit Keeper’s Tarot.

The 80-card deck (traditional 78 + 2 additional versions of Key 0: The Fool to express three traditions of interpreting The Fool card) and a companion guidebook (but offered in e-book only) will be for sale in the next coming months, so if you want to stay posted on that, follow the Progress Diary or subscribe to one of my social media feeds for updates.

If pressed to pitch Spirit Keeper’s Tarot, I guess I’d say it’s a 100% safe* angel tarot deck that’s more Christian than a Korean Sunday school and yet possibly blasphemous against every major religion of the world, with really busy art and oh, yeah, there’s no color—whole damn thing is in black and white. Also, it’s the illegitimate love child of Waite and Crowley.

* Re: “100% safe” = This is a tarot community inside joke. Either you get it or you don’t. Womp womp.

Or you can just read more about the deck for yourself. Check out the links below.

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