0: Introduction [from the online course offering, Western Witchcraft I]


This is the preliminary module to the Western Witchcraft I: Fundamentals and Doctrinal Basis online course. Learn more about that course and how to enroll by clicking here.



Click here to download the lecture notes



  • Once you’re an enrollee and have the complete 363-page workbook, flip through the pages of your workbook cover to cover and skim, to get a sense for the landscape of the chapters and have a road map
  • Skim and flip through the supplemental text, Clavicula Salomonis and Collected Studies on Solomonic Magic (which will be referred to in short throughout the workbook as simply Key)
Also a free preview:

Chapter 1: The Candidate

Purchase the course pack:

Witchcraft Fundamentals: Doctrinal Basis

One thought on “0: Introduction [from the online course offering, Western Witchcraft I]

  1. Charles Miles

    Thank you for sharing your work~I AM BEnifiting from your material. I look forward to referencing your comparisons as we all gain more insight on this journey.
    All the BEst


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