Tarot Card Meanings with Benebell (Study Journal Free Download)

This is the tarot study journal keyed with the SKT that I promised back when I shared the downloads for the tarot journal collab with Scarlet, linked here.

Tarot Study Journal

The Tarot Study Journal is for you to record all your card meanings and correspondences reference material. The structure of this journal is the same as the one previously shared for the tarot journal collab, except this one includes the Spirit Keeper’s Tarot deck. In other words, it’s a study journal for the Tarot de Marseilles, Rider-Waite-Smith, Thoth, and the SKT.

For those who have been following along the Tarot Card Meanings with Benebell video lecture series, this Tarot Study Journal is basically keyed to that video lecture series. So you can print out a copy of this journal and take all your notes from the lecture series in these pages.

Since those with the SKT deck have the Medium White Book for card meanings, I would recommend not necessarily copying word for word card meanings I’ve provided to you for the SKT, but rather, only include the ones that actually resonate with you and additional meanings for the cards you’ve discovered in your personal journeying with the deck.

Cover design download

Download the JPG files: Front Cover | Back Cover

If you’d prefer to design your own cover, set the dimensions to 6.0″ x 9.0″, resolution at 300 dpi, and make sure to leave about 0.20″ for bleed. You’ll need two separate image files, one for the front and one for the back, if you plan on uploading and using them to print via Lulu.

PDF download (click me)

The PDF download is formatted with mirror margins and an additional 0.3″ gutter for 6″ x 9″ standard trade paperback printing.

DOCX download (click me)

For those savvy enough to totally personalize their own journal, click on the above hyperlink to download the DOCX file for MS Word.

However, do not print the DOCX file directly from your printer until you have checked every page to make sure nothing happened to the page formatting. Different versions of MS Word do different things to the formatting. Also, if you don’t have any of the fonts I used in the document downloaded on your computer, then those fonts won’t show, and something wonky will appear instead. So you must double-check the pages before printing from my DOCX.

This DOCX download is provided so that you can customize your own page layouts in case the one I’ve made doesn’t quite work for you. (And that’s okay.) We’re unique individuals and so we all have different personal preferences. My personal preference might not be the one that works for you. That’s why I’m giving you the original DOCX files so you can change the layout and design until you love it.

Home or office printing instructions

If you will be printing these journal pages out yourself on US Letter size paper, then you’ll need to change your PDF reader’s printer settings.

If you want to print at full-size, US Letter, for a very large journal that you’ll punch three holes into and place in a binder, or spiral coil bind yourself, then make sure you select the Size option “Fit.” Also make sure you’re printing on both sides.

Always test a couple pages first, before attempting to print the entire file and finding out after you’ve wasted hundreds of pages and who knows how much expensive printer ink that you did it wrong. So always, always test-print.

If you want a smaller size journal that’s roughly A5, which you can bind yourself, then click on the “Booklet” option, print both sides, and select “Left” binding. The journal will print two pages per face per sheet, which you can then assemble from the US Letter size print paper into a small A5 carry-around bound journal.

Spiral coil bound Tarot Study Journal, 378 pages, $13.28

Order a printed journal on Lulu (click me)


If you’re saying “no thank you” to all of that and just want to click a button, pay, and order the hard copy journal, then click on the above link. =)

The down side to ordering my default version through Lulu is you do not get to customize your cover design. The PDF download is formatted for Lulu printing, so if you definitely want a fully customized and personalized journal cover, then you have to go through the upload process on your own over at Lulu.

Please note that I make $1.78 in commission from every order. So $11.50 of the price goes to Lulu, not me.

You may also be interested in the Tarot Readings Diary, keyed specifically for working with the Spirit Keeper’s  Tarot deck. It is a study journal template formatted as a companion to the free Esoteric Tarot Online Course for learning the Spirit Keeper’s Tarot system.

The PDF and DOCX downloads of the diary template are free. There’s also a direct link to Lulu for ordering a printed spiral coil-bound copy. 

Tarot Readings Diary

For the SKT Online Course

7 thoughts on “Tarot Card Meanings with Benebell (Study Journal Free Download)

  1. Hi, I’m new to your blog, but I just wanted to take a minute to say how much I appreciate the depth and breadth of your work here, and how rich the resources you offer! I have loved your books for years- it’s my tarot bible- but only just starting to scratch the surface of the content here on your blog. Amazing work! You are truly an asset to the world of tarot. Thanks! – Audrey Gilbert


  2. portoftarot

    The content you create is always so so helpful. I love that there is a Lulu option for the printer challenged people like me. I really appreciate the hard work you do for the community. Thank you Thank you Thank you.


    1. Yes, there is a problem on Lulu’s platform. This is not an issue on my end. We are waiting for Lulu to get back to is with their update. This is not an issue exclusive to us. Many users on Lulu are experiencing this issue right now and their customer service is backed up. May take a week for them to straighten themselves out. Apologies for any inconvenience. There is nothing I can do on my end. At the mercy of Lulu. 😕


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