SKT 3″ x 5″ Tarot Stickers (Template Download)

These are free downloads of SKT tarot sticker templates. Each sheet consists of a three-card reading that’s a form of energetic intention setting. You can print these out in color (sepia tones) or grayscale (if your printer only has black ink).

The following templates are formatted to print on the 3″ x 5″ blank rectangle labels by Avery, Label No. 94213. You can order the blank rectangle label stickers directly from Avery here. Direct from Avery, 10 sheets (that’s 30 tarot stickers in total) go for $8.00 plus $3 flat rate shipping, so $11 for 30 tarot stickers. That’s not too bad. It’s not great price-wise, but not too bad. Also, the more sheets you order, the more economical the price.

After you print out one of the selected sheets of tarot stickers (each sheet consists of three cards), start with the left-most card. Place the fingertips from your dominant hand on the tarot image. Close your eyes, relax your breathing, and focus your thoughts on the specific goal you want to achieve or what it is you want to manifest. Visualize that goal coming to fruition.

Then transform that visualization into light. Intuit what color light such a goal, outcome, achievement, or manifestation would be if it was in the form of light energy. Send that beam of colored light from your head, down through your arm, out the fingers of your dominant hand and send it into the tarot image, feeling yourself press that energy into the card.

Repeat for the center card. Repeat again for the third to the right. Take your time. Do not rush the process. Remain calm, confident, and self-assured from beginning to end.

I like to affix these stickers onto the glass of three white pillar candles. Set these three candles out somewhere meaningful to you. Every time the candles are burning, the powers and beneficent forces of the selected cards are activated and sending those energies into your space, enriching your environment.

To Achieve a Defined Goal

The Initiate, The Sharpshooter, & The Wish Granted


doc   |   pdf

For Healing, Health, and Wellness

The Ivory Shield, Holy Water, & The Archangel of Healing


doc   |   pdf

For the Advancement of the Occultist

The Priestess, The Necromancer, & The New World Order


doc   |   pdf

For Financial and Material Prosperity

The Empress, The Giver, & The Eminence


doc   |   pdf

For Physical and Spiritual Protection

The Archangel Commander, The Ebony Shield, & The Force


doc   |   pdf

Did you know about those adhesive half-sheet mailing labels from FedEx and UPS? Suffice it to say, through my day job and as a small business, I have quite the supply of these half-sheet mailing labels. One thing you can do with any surplus is to print tarot cards on them, cut them out yourself, and voila! Tarot stickers!

If you, too, have access to these half-sheet FedEx and/or UPS mailing labels, then here’s a template to print out all of the above tarot cards to create 1.28″ x 2.2″ stickers.


docx   |   pdf

Here are 2″ x 2″ print-to-edge square stickers using the Avery 22806 template. They print 12 stickers per sheet. You can order them from the official Avery website here or find them on Amazon.


doc   |   pdf

If you’ve got clear, glossy packing tape, you can use it to laminate these stickers, which will make them quite durable.

It should also go without saying that these are just my very personal preferences for card combinations. Please feel free to mix and match out of the SKT card selections provided. You do you. =)

Use these just for fun. Use these for something deeper, more personally significant, and spiritual. Don’t take them too seriously. Take them very seriously. Once again, my message is: you do you. =)

I’m kind of a hot mess right now in terms of being organized and I know I should send out an SKT newsletter about this, previous SKT stuff I’ve posted on this blog, and the string of future SKT downloads, etc. to come here on this page. But I’ll be out of the country and away from a desktop computer for the rest of this month and am having a bit of trouble keeping up with my own social media.

So if you could do me a solid, please share this and all the SKT downloads I’ve scheduled for the upcoming weeks ahead to anyone you know who is working with the SKT deck. Or heck, even if they’re not working with the SKT deck, if you think they might enjoy these tarot card stickers, please let them know about the free offerings.

If you need the legalese, these works are provided under a creative commons license, Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike (CC BY-NC-SA).

5 thoughts on “SKT 3″ x 5″ Tarot Stickers (Template Download)

  1. M3

    Yes!!!!! I was wondering what to do for my prosperity practice.

    I received the crafting file when I got my premium order but not all of the minors where in there. I should have sent an email asking about that but time got away from me!

    Have a fantastic vacation! Treat Yo Self & recharge my darling 🖤🖤🖤🖤

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  2. Starlight

    Thank you so much for these stickers, Benebell. I’ve shared them with a Tarot forum I’m a member of. Bon voyage and enjoy your trip. 🙂


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