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Series I (2018) was created for the First Edition black and white SKT deck, so when card images are featured, only the First Edition black and white will be shown. However, the substance of the information discussed applies to both the First Edition and the Vitruvian Edition decks.

Click on banner for the Series I (2018) course page.

Series II (2019) features both the First Edition and the Vitruvian Edition decks and is designed with both deck users in mind. Series I is more theoretical and when I created it, I assumed I was addressing an established, experienced practitioner, so the main purpose was to present my point of view to a fellow colleague. Series II is still far from being practical, but this time, I tried to account for someone who might not have attained years of metaphysical study and practice yet, so my hope is Series II will be more accessible.

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The following are all the texts to have on hand when working through the video course series. You can work with either the First Edition column of texts or the Vitruvian Edition. The printed LWB comes in the box with your cards. For more information about what the MWB or Twenty-Two Weeks workbook are, click on the hyperlinked titles in the left-most column. The PDF links will take you to the free download of that version of the text. The About links will take you to a long-form description of the text along with free downloads of sample chapters.

  First Edition (2018), Black and White Vitruvian Edition (2019)Sepia-Toned
Little White Book (LWB), 2.75″ x 4.75″ [PDF] 80 pages [PDF] 80 pages
Medium White Book (MWB), 8.5″ x 8.5″ [PDF] 198 pages [PDF] 200 pages
Book of Maps, 6″ x 9″ [About] 480 pages [About] 740 pages
Twenty-Two Weeks with the SKT, 8.5″ x 11″

(Spiritual Development Workbook)

214 pages 158 pages

If you’re working with the Twenty-Two Weeks with the SKT workbook, then the order of videos to work through is different from the outline below. Go with whatever sequence interests you more.

The following sequential order of videos is nothing more than what I personally think might make the most sense to be watching them in, but that doesn’t mean my thinking is right.

Also, I don’t expect you to watch every single one of these videos (I acknowledge there’s an overload of content here). That’s why I’ve included brief video descriptions: skip what doesn’t interest you and just watch what does.


You can also click here to download the PDF file of the below list.

Video Title


Introduction: Start Here Series I (2018) Boring, obligatory introductory videos because, like, you spent a small fortune acquiring your SKT deck but for some reason did zero due diligence so have no idea what this deck is all about.
Introduction Series II (2019)
Deck Creator’s Intentions Series I (2018)
Consecrating Your Deck Series I (2018) My subjective, irrational perspective on approaching tarot deck creation and the tarot in general as a tool of the magus, rather than for fortune-telling or psychology-based approaches.
Initiation and Tarot Series I (2018)
Beginner Tarot and the SKT Deck Series I (2018) Let the record show that I don’t necessarily recommend SKT for total tarot beginners. That said, if a beginner insists on starting out with the SKT deck, here are some orientation videos for you. Also, be sure to read through the Medium White Book and use it as reference for your initial tarot reading attempts.
Beginner’s Guided One-Card Reading Series I (2018)
Reading the Deck Intuitively Series I (2018) Can you ignore all the SKT books and just read the deck any way you please? I hope so. Can you do a complete override of deck creator intentions and just do you? Now that’s what I’m talking about.
Key 0 and the Significator Series II (2019) Why are there three versions of Key 0 (the tarot Fool card) in your deck? This video explains why.
Guided Reading: Your Spiritual Journey Series I (2018) First guided tarot reading (watch the video and do the card reading while the video runs) in the series. This reading gauges where you are right now on your spiritual path, what milestone you just completed, and where you’re going.
Initiate’s Tarot Reading Series II (2019) A guided tarot reading with Key 0: The Initiate as your significator card. This is an example of a simple card reading in the genre of esoteric tarot.
The Major Arcana Series II (2019) Boring instructional videos that cover the anatomy of a tarot deck and specifically, how I’ve designed those anatomical parts in the SKT.

Beyond the overview of specific details from the SKT, this series of instructional videos examines the structure of the tarot from the esoteric perspective (and therefore the considerations are more theoretical and philosophical, and less practical).

The Empyrean Courts Series II (2019)
Scepters: Ace to Ten Series II (2019)
Chalices: Ace to Ten Series II (2019)
Swords: Ace to Ten Series II (2019)
Orbs: Ace to Ten Series II (2019)
The Minor Arcana Series II (2019)
Seeker’s Tarot Reading Series II (2019) A guided tarot reading with Key 0: The Seeker as your significator card. When you want to do a tarot reading for yourself, either a general reading or you have a specific question in mind, play this guided Seeker’s Reading video and do your reading along with the video. This guided reading is provided to help you optimize the experience and the efficacy of reading for yourself.
Interpreting Signs and Omens Series I (2018) “There is no science so ancient as that of symbolism.” (Albert Mackey) Science and math are systems of correspondences. You then use those correspondents to run calculations. I argue in favor of a methodical approach to ritual magic and divination, and that begins with the calculus of interpreting symbolism, which come to us in the form of signs and omens.
Dialogue with an Angel Series I (2018) Angel spirit Holy Guardian Angel stuff. There is the tendency to define angels, the HGA, and even demons in a limited way, accommodating just one religious paradigm. I’ve tried to approach angelogy from a more universal theological framework, first by examining how it was presented in early Zoroastrian texts and then comparing concepts of beneficent celestial beings across different cultures around the world to find that common denominator.
Spirit Interactions and Tarot Series I (2018)
The Angel and The Demon Series I (2018)
Kundalini Awakening and Tarot Series I (2018) A few thoughts on the phenomenon of kundalini awakening and what that has to do with the tarot.
The Akashic Records and Tarot Series I (2018) It felt kitschy to announce this intention too loudly, but since SKT’s inception, even when it was meant to be a private single-copy hand-drawn deck for my personal uses only (before I decided to publish the deck), SKT was designed for access to the Akashic Records, through a more classical Eastern framework for understanding what the Akashic Records are. That was a very specific and definitive purpose for creating the deck in the first place.
Guided Akashic Tarot Reading Series I (2018)
Ritual Magic and Tarot Series I (2018) A few thoughts on the intersection between ritual magic and the tarot.
Keeper’s Tarot Reading Series II (2019) A guided tarot reading with Key 0: The Keeper as your significator card. Layers of protection methods are woven into this guided reading session in which you’ll call forth a beneficent spirit to hold a question and answer session with the spirit. Ask up to four questions about anything, anything at all, even the big what-is-the-meaning-of-life questions.
Guided Remote Energy Healing Series I (2018) This is a 25-minute guided healing meditation that I hope you’ll bookmark to reach for any time your personal vitality is feeling weakened. Traditional Taoist energy healing modalities are integrated into this guided meditation session.
Pathworking, Astral Journeying, Final Remarks Series I (2018) Squeezing in some of my thoughts on pathworking and astral travel before closing out the video orientation course series.

Since a significant number of you don’t speak English as your native tongue (and being multilingual myself so I can empathize with some of the challenges), plus we’ve got a handful of Deaf and Hard of Hearing SKT friends among us as well, all videos feature Closed Captioning (subtitles), though you have to turn it on in the bottom right corner of the videos.

[However, one or two of the videos do not have CC due to tech glitches and me no longer having the transcript for those videos. Sorry for any inconvenience.]


7 thoughts on “Free Esoteric Tarot Online Course (for the Spirit Keeper’s Tarot)

  1. Kathy Kerr

    O my cards, Benebell! Seriously. I never had a rats ass chance in hell of doing your deck an iota of justice without your educational video courses. As it is with your courses, books, and my brain, I will need to review them multiple times before things begin to click and I can use some of the deeper tie-ins that you include. I’ve already watched some of these videos more than once, and it does start to sink in over time. Please know this is priceless material. In that spirit, I am thanking you profusely for every drop of content in this ocean of information. I love your humanity and I respect your practice of being with reverance and humor. With my deck and workbook on the way, I look forward to all the tangible peices coming together at my humble table.

    🙏🍀🙏 Blessed am I to have found you, Bell. Love, Kathy

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  2. Yoli Redero

    Will cards arrive via USPS or some other delivery? Need to have someone looking out for them

    Yoli Redero Sent from my iPhone



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