SKT Tarot Readings Diary (Free Download)

This is the tarot readings diary keyed specifically to the Spirit Keeper’s Tarot deck that I promised back when I shared the downloads for the tarot journal collab with Scarlet, linked here.

SKT Tarot Readings Diary

This is a Tarot Readings Diary keyed specifically to the SKT. That means the “Classes & Workshops Log of Notes” is a note-taking section for all video courses outlined in the Free Esoteric Tarot Online Course for the Spirit Keeper’s Tarot, linked here.

The short form card meanings compiled from both the First Edition LWB and the Vitruvian Edition LWB are provided in the back of the Tarot Readings Diary for your convenience of reference.

Log of Notes from the SKT Esoteric Tarot Course

This section is keyed to the outline of course lecture videos from the Esoteric Tarot Online Course. If you end up using less pages for your note-taking during the video lecture, then use up the remaining lines for personal reflection on what you just heard.

If you need more pages than what’s provided for that particular video, go to the section “Extra Note Taking Pages” that begins on p. 115. Ex. You needed more pages for notes than provided in the “Ritual Magic and Tarot” lecture, so you continue the note-taking on the first Extra Notes page provided, p. 116. Continue your note taking. Back to the actual “Ritual Magic and Tarot” notes section, at the end of it, make a note to yourself, “Continued on p. 116.”

Cover design download

Download the JPG files: Front Cover | Back Cover

PDF download (click me)

The PDF download is formatted with mirror margins and an additional 0.3″ gutter for 6″ x 9″ standard trade paperback printing. Also be sure to read the below “Home or office printing instructions.”

DOCX download (click me)

For those savvy enough to totally personalize their own journal, click on the above hyperlink to download the DOCX file for MS Word.

However, do not print the DOCX file directly from your printer until you have checked every page to make sure nothing happened to the page formatting. Different versions of MS Word do different things to the formatting. Also, if you don’t have any of the fonts I used in the document downloaded on your computer, then those fonts won’t show, and something wonky will appear instead. So you must double-check the pages before printing from my DOCX.

This DOCX download is provided so that you can customize your own page layouts in case the one I’ve made doesn’t quite work for you. (And that’s okay.) We’re unique individuals and so we all have different personal preferences. My personal preference might not be the one that works for you. That’s why I’m giving you the original DOCX files so you can change the layout and design until you love it.

Spiral coil bound Tarot Readings Diary, 314 pages, $12.00

Order a printed diary on Lulu (click me)


The down side to ordering my default version through Lulu is you do not get to customize your cover design. The PDF download is formatted for Lulu printing, so if you definitely want a fully customized and personalized journal cover, then you have to go through the upload process on your own over at Lulu.

Please note that I make $1.78 in commission from every order. So $10.22 of the price goes to Lulu, not me.

Home or office printing instructions

If you will be printing the tarot readings diary pages out yourself on US Letter size paper, then you’ll need to change your PDF reader’s printer settings.

If you want to print at full-size, US Letter, for a very large diary that you’ll punch three holes into and place in a binder, or spiral coil bind yourself, then make sure you select the Size option “Fit.” Also make sure you’re printing on both sides.

Always test a couple pages first, before attempting to print the entire file and finding out after you’ve wasted hundreds of pages and who knows how much expensive printer ink that you did it wrong. So always, always test-print.

If you want a smaller size diary that’s roughly A5, which you can bind yourself, then click on the “Booklet” option, print both sides, and select “Left” binding. The journal will print two pages per face per sheet, which you can then assemble from the US Letter size print paper into a small A5 carry-around bound diary.

You may also be interested in the Tarot Study Journal (for the TdM, RWS, Thoth, and SKT) that is a free PDF and DOCX download, along with a direct link to Lulu for ordering a printed spiral coil-bound copy. 

Tarot Study Journal

For the Tarot card Meanings with Benebell

5 thoughts on “SKT Tarot Readings Diary (Free Download)

  1. Lol I saw your first email that popped up for tarot journaling and thought “oh perfect I’m almost done coloring then was going to videos. This will be perfect”. Then boom this email shows up and you have set it up!” Girrrrl you are amazing! Thank you


  2. Sally

    Oh thank you so much Bell! I got the other diary and journal that you two collaborated on but this one specifically for the SKT is really appreciated as well!! I especially want to thank you for making the link for the Lulu printing since I can’t do copious printing at home and have no techie skills at all! Thank you thank you thank you XOXO


  3. Emme

    So excited about starting this diary and the study journal! I didn’t think you were going to send them out until after you came back from your trip. I was at work when I saw your email and actually screamed “yes, I love this woman so much” and my coworker was like “oh, do tell” lol. Thank you so much for these beautiful journals 🙏🏻💞🤗

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