Planetary Lithomancy by Micki Klein

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I can’t fully convey to you how excited I am about Micki Klein’s Planetary Lithomancy divination set. A while back she had launched a crowd-funding campaign over on Kicktraq to self-publish the divination set, but sadly it did not gain the traction it absolutely deserved. I wish she had reached out to me at that time to help her signal boost, because I would have promoted the heck out of this! I’m so in love with what Klein has created. This YouTube video, “Planetary Lithomancy” by Micki Klein, explains the divination system pretty well.

I confess that I got to tinkering with the divination system before even opening its companion guidebook, but don’t worry– I’ll be reviewing it with the guidebook and getting to Klein’s approach. First, my own. =)

As soon as I saw the board with the astrological houses and keywords, as an astrology enthusiast I felt I immediately knew how to operate this thing. I was so excited by the concept I didn’t even continue rummaging in the kit that Klein had sent me. Instead, I ran upstairs and started picking out gemstones all on my own, from my personal stash, for the seven sacred planets and two of the main Hermetic Lots.

The above is James’s reading. Hilariously, only one of the stones made it onto the board and that’s when I thought, you know what, I need to read Klein’s companion guidebook first. Because what do I do about the stones that don’t make it onto the board? I mean, I can venture my best guess, but I definitely wanted to make sure I was integrating the creator’s original intentions.

I decided to work with cabochon cut stones, that way I could incorporate passive and active energies. The above were the correspondences I assigned before reading Klein’s guidebook. Also, I was limited to the supply of cabochon cut stones I had, so for instance, ideally I might have gone with something other than malachite for Venus, but out of the limited cabochon selection I had, I felt malachite was the best.

Klein’s approach is to include the modern planets, i.e., Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto. You might also want to include Chiron, Ceres, and/or Eris, or some combination thereof if you’re working with the modern approach. I opted for the traditional Sacred Seven plus two of the Hermetic Lots: Fortune and Spirit.

Then whether the stones land curved side up or flat side up will indicate the prominence of active versus passive energies for that planet, luminary, or personal sensitive point. The above is a divination I did for myself during the third quarter moon in Aries, second day after the sun entered Leo.

With the cabochons, I added another layer to the interpretative system, similar to the yin and yang correspondences of moon block divination.

Doh! And then I finally returned my attention back to the kit Klein had sent me and realized it came with gemstones. (Thank you, Micki!)

While Klein insists there are no fixed immutable rules for gemstone to planet correspondences, when she does readings for the public with her system, she’ll choose stones with colors that correspond with the general energies of the planet. I would recommend that approach, too, because it will help reinforce the reading results in your client’s mind.

The above are the gemstones Klein provided in her kit set out next to each entry from the companion guidebook. After handling her set of stones, I realize it’s going to be smarter for you to go with smaller gemstones than the larger cabochon ones I had chosen out.

There were two sets of stones. The above two photographs show my attempt to match the given stones with the planet, but I got a little confused. I didn’t see an amethyst in the lot (Uranus correspondence) and for the stone I set out in the above photo next to Jupiter, I couldn’t quite make out what it was.

Above are the stones from the smaller set, which was much easier for me to match up. I think I got two options for Venus. For my readings with the smaller set, I opted to go with the pink stone for Venus.

Love how Jupiter is the largest planet in our solar system and its matching stone is the largest in this set. =)

When the stones land off the board, those planetary energies are not the main ones at play. They are supportive or latent energies, and how you read it exactly will depend on the psychic or intuitive hits you’re getting at the moment of a specific reading.

For example, above you see that pyrite (for Mercury) landed off the board, close to the fifth house. Creative flow for writing projects may be blocked at the moment, though reading the sodalite (Saturn) and pink rhodochrosite (Venus) stones, these are the planetary energies that can help draw in that much-needed and much-wanted Mercury.

Stones that land side by side will show planetary energies that are linked together. On the cusp stones will show that those energies are affecting multiple areas of life.

Referring to the guidebook, labradorite (for Neptune) in the first house indicates a desire to become more spiritual and here, heavy-handed influence of the element Water over the querent’s present life.

Here, working with the assignment of sodalite to Saturn, we see that this querent possesses a highly structured approach to creative pursuits.

I believe the stone pictured above is rhodochrosite, which per Klein’s guidebook, corresponds with Venus. Here I have Venus on the cusp of the fourth house and fifth house. In the guidebook, I see that Venus influencing the fourth suggests possible home improvement projects on the horizon. For my specific reading, I also see this as indicative of a strong maternal presence in my life at the moment.

Venus is also influential over my fifth house, which reveals that right now is a fortunate time for me to be taking social and financial risks. Cool! That’s definitely good to know!

After reading through the guidebook, I was inspired to use the kit in other ways. For instance, after a tarot reading for a client, toss the stones onto the board to read the energetic profile of the client and get a sense of how to restore balance to the client. Integrate planetary lithomancy with an astrological personal transits reading.

I thought about collecting a set of twelve gemstones to correspond with the twelve zodiac signs. Since the lines and text on the board are wood-burned, you can feel the twelve sectioned houses when your eyes are closed. What if you closed your eyes, spun the board so the orientation became randomized, then one by one, with your eyes still closed, placed the twelve zodiac stones onto the board, one in each astrological house. You would be able to do that through touch only and since you can’t see what you’re doing, it would be randomized and the results could be read in a divinatory manner once you opened your eyes.

While Klein’s Planetary Lithomancy offers structure and a consistently applied correspondence system will give you a reliable framework to operate from, Klein emphasizes the importance of bringing in your psychic impressions and deferring to your intuition. As she points out, it’s really simple to learn the system (and I absolutely found that to be true– the way I operated it immediately, on instinct, before reading the book, was almost exactly in line with what the book said). However, it may take years to develop your skill level.

The guidebook ends the planet-in-house correspondence reference guide at the sixth house, which did confuse me a bit. Where were the correspondences for houses seven through twelve?

The guidebook is good, but not great. Given the extraordinary system Klein has developed, I wish a more comprehensive guidebook could be presented with the kit. For starters, it would dramatically improve the perceived value of the kit and generate more consumer interest and a lot more sales.

My eyes lit up the moment I saw this divination kit. It felt like home to me. I didn’t need to read the guidebook to start working with it immediately, with a clear and accurate sense of how to operate it. After reading the guidebook, I saw that there must be something universal here, because my gut instinct aligned almost perfectly with what Klein wrote in the book.

The system is easy-intuitive to use and yet the possibilities are endless. Use the divination kit to work with the Olympic spirits. Use charms instead of gemstones. Mix and match between planetary correspondences, zodiac sign correspondences, and/or personal sensitive points. Combine it with other divinatory systems, like tarot and oracle cards, or runes even!

If I were Klein, I would file a design patent for the system and also trademark “Planetary Lithomancy.” Then I’d take great pains to formulate a kick-ass promotion and publicity campaign because all you really need to do for these kits to sell like hotcakes is to get the word out about them.

Purchase Your Own Planetary Lithomancy Set

You can reach out tho Micki Klein via e-mail at to purchase your own Planetary Lithomancy divination set.

As of this posting (2019 July 25), the pricing for the different options are as follows:

  • $35 USD for the laminate board version at 10″ x 10″, with crystals, and a 10″ x 10″ handbook
  • $40 USD for the laminate board version at 12″ x 12″, with crystals, and a 10″ x 10″ handbook
  • $50 USD for a hand-crafted wooden board with reiki-infused crystals, and a 10″ x 10″ handbook
  • $60 USD for the hand-crafted wooden board, plus the 12″ x 12″ laminate board, plus 2 different sets of crystals, and a 10″ x 10″ handbook

E-mail Micki Klein directly for ordering information:


FTC Disclosure: In accordance with Title 16 of the U.S. Code of Federal Regulations Part 255, “Guides Concerning Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising,” I received the Planetary Lithomancy divination set from the creator for prospective review. Everything I’ve said here is sincere and accurately reflects my opinion of the product. No other affiliate compensation, commission, or payment has been given for this review. This is not an advertisement.

6 thoughts on “Planetary Lithomancy by Micki Klein

  1. Oh! This is Awesome! luv my crystals & astrology! can’t wait to try!^^ Thank you for pointing it out!^^ btw please recommend if you know where can I get *legit crystals cabochon online?;) never know it’s crystal or glass i’ll get when ordering online!x,x facepalm lol


  2. Thank you so much for the review! I immediately emailed Micki and said “How can I give you money?” (and got a very prompt response…)

    I’m excited to try this, and it fits in beautifully with some other divinatory/magical work I’ve had in process.


  3. julia

    This is so fun. I created my own set with gemstones last year and use a hand drawn copy of my birth chart for casting. I really love that she has a sturdy board with her kit!


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