The Eights: Tarot Card Meanings

The Sevens were posted back in July of 2020, so it’s been a while. =)

Heck, between the last video I made in this series and the making of this one, I re-illustrated a whole new edition of the SKT, now in full-color, released the first printing, and sold out of the first printing.

I’ve made the decision to just focus on the full-color Revelation Edition of SKT going forward and keep the videos centered on the TdM, RWS, and Thoth comparisons. I figure you’re not watching these videos for SKT, and if you do want more info on the SKT card meanings specific to how I’ve illustrated the cards, that’s in the Book of Maps.

Rather, the SKT cards are included in the series so you can do a visual comparison of the SKT to the predecessor decks.

Download the written Video Transcript

The Tarot Eights


The transcript for every video lecture is provided. You can go to the Video Series Homepage, scroll down to “CONTENTS LISTING,” and download the PDF transcript notes for each installment.

If you’re working off the digital docs, you can open up the navigation pane and jump between the bookmarked sections.

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The above-linked Introduction page will give you an overview of what this series is about and provide a course contents listing.


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