The Tens: Tarot Card Meanings

I’m so close to completing the Minor Arcana for this series. =) Here we are on the Tens, then the Pages, and done. At least for the Minors. After that, the Majors.

But as of this moment, I’m anticipating that the Majors should go fairly quickly. I plan on doing a septenary per video, so that’s  7 of the Majors knocked out in each installment. I dunno. What do you prefer– long videos covering more cards? Or short videos with less cards covered in each?

Download the written Video Transcript

The Tarot Tens


The transcript for every video lecture is provided. You can go to the Video Series Homepage, scroll down to “CONTENTS LISTING,” and download the PDF transcript notes for each installment.

5 thoughts on “The Tens: Tarot Card Meanings

  1. Judith

    Short is manageable. That way, no matter the schedule, one can always fit it in. Right?

    Also, would you happen to know of an online book club for tarot related books? I’ve been searching with no luck.


    1. Judith,
      Have you checked out the writual society?
      I am a member and I love it. It’s tarot all day. There are book clubs, fiction and non-fiction. Not every non-fiction is about Tarot, but this month’s is, last month’s was…and as I said, there are Tarot involved everything every day, if you are interrested.

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      1. Judith

        Thank you & no, I’ve not heard of this group. I’ve been around tarot (had reading, interest, and such), but decided to get really serious about learning this year. In other words, I know very little. I’ve purchased books, taking a couple of online courses, but thought there might be a book club that reads & studies tarot books. I’ll check out the group you mentioned. Tarot all day sounds fun!


  2. Shadowrose

    Thank you so much for sharing this series! Never ever learned that much about tarot before.

    Concerning your questions on the seals on the Thoth (I pronounce it thoe-th) 10 of pentacles: I don’t know it for certain, either. But my guess is that it also has to do with mercury. The eight pointed star might refer to the 8×8 magic square of mercury. Why there is a six-pointed star and hexagram in mercury’s own domain on the tree of life remains uncertain to me. Maybe some kind of reference to virgo??? Since it’s mercury in virgo.


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