Twenty-Two Weeks with the SKT

Those who’ve purchased the Premium Package of the SKT Vitruvian will be receiving the digital files to this workbook with your order. It’ll arrive by e-delivery in your e-mail inbox, so check for it. This blog post is just a write-up to orient you on what the workbook is.

Premium package orders for the First Edition deck back in 2018 will also be receiving a First Edition version of the workbook. It will have arrived in the e-mail inbox that your Book of Maps First Edition digital files arrived in.

22 Weeks with the SKT is a 158-page workbook and 22-week daily planner formatted at the standard US Letter size (8.5″ x 11″). It’s intended to be a guided spiritual-metaphysical immersion.

Note: The First Edition workbook is 214 pages because it includes the card meanings from the LWB (which were not in the LWB from the First Edition) and the additional chapter on Olympic Spirits that is new to the Vitruvian Edition Book of Maps.

The primary purpose of the immersion is to demonstrate how esoteric practices, divination, and integrated spirituality can enhance your everyday lifestyle, amplify your personal power so that you achieve so much more than you even realized you were capable of achieving, and help you to bring pain, anxiety, and even personal character flaws under your control.

The incidental secondary purpose of the immersion is to help you get acclimated with the Spirit Keeper’s Tarot cards.

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