Video Course Series II

Video Course II is a 12-video orientation course released alongside the sepia-toned Vitruvian Edition of Spirit Keeper’s Tarot. Although the content is keyed to the 2019-released sepia-toned Vitruvian Edition cards, almost all of what’s covered here can also be applied to First Edition decks. So even if you only have the First Edition deck, these videos may still be worth watching.

Video Course II

The Video Course II series will give a technical overview of the deck’s architecture and operating system. Then there will be three guided tarot reading sessions, based on the reading methods covered in the Medium White Book.

  1. Introduction
  2. Key 0 and the Significator
  3. The Major Arcana
  4. The Empyrean Courts
  5. Scepters: Ace to Ten
  6. Chalices: Ace to Ten
  7. Swords: Ace to Ten
  8. Orbs: Ace to Ten
  9. The Minor Arcana
  10. Initiate’s Tarot Reading
  11. Seeker’s Tarot Reading
  12. Keeper’s Tarot Reading

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All videos are closed captioned (CC) for our Deaf and H/H friends, those who speak English as a second language and so might benefit from subtitles, or for those who are in an environment where they aren’t able to play the audio but want to be able to view the video anyway.

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Video Length: 2:57 minutes

I’ve created the 2019 course series in an effort to accommodate both First Edition and Vitruvian Edition deck holders. However, there are a few notable differences beyond the aesthetics. Both decks are anointed with the holy oil described in this video, but the First Edition decks are consecrated, whereas the Vitruvian Edition decks are just anointed.

Key 0 and the Significator

Video Length: 4:41 minutes

SKT is your standard 78-card deck, but you get 80 cards. That’s because there are 3 versions of Key 0, the traditional Fool card. For my deck, I’ve re-purposed Key 0 so that if you read with significators, then Key 0 will always be your significator. You select the version of Key 0 based on your intentions or the nature of your inquiry.

The Major Arcana

Video Length: 18:54 minutes

The symbol by symbol explanation of each detail for each card is going to be found in the Book of Maps, which is available only with the premium package order of SKT. Some of the key details are found in the free Medium White Book, however.

This video covers the overall structure of the Majors plus 21 keys in under 20 minutes, so I don’t spend a whole lot of time on card meanings. Instead, the purpose of this video is to alert you to some of my intentions as the artist and designer, and to highlight some of the patterns I hope you’ll spot.

The Empyrean Courts

Video Length: 13:34 minutes

Of all the sections in the deck, the one I changed up the most from your traditional understanding of the tarot is the courts. You mind as well throw out common court card interpretations when using SKT because in this deck, the courts stand in for entirely different concepts. For starters, they almost never indicate actual living people (though they can show up as messages from the other side, or dead people….like ancestors and such….).

The Empyrean Courts are the emissaries and bridge between the unseen spirit realm we can only perceive through our psychic sense and the material, tangible world we perceive through our five physical senses. They occupy that liminal space and appear to us when we need their guidance in understanding both the unseen and seen worlds that influence us. The names for the courts– Archangels, Shields, Shining Ones, and Strongholds– come from angel hierarchy.

Scepters: Ace to Ten

Video Length: 13:43 minutes

Although all texts that accompany the SKT deck order the keys by numbered realms, i.e., all the Aces are grouped together, all the Twos, all the Threes, etc., here in the video series, I’ll discuss the pips grouped by the four suits. First up, the suit of Scepters, or suit of Wands.

Chalices: Ace to Ten

Video Length: 10:16 minutes

Swords: Ace to Ten

Video Length: TBD


Orbs: Ace to Ten

Video Length: TBD