Tarot & Astrology: Know Thyself Workshop with the SKT

I know I said this workshop is for those with intermediate knowledge of Western astrology, but maybe not. Let’s see if we can guide a total astrology beginner through this exercise.

Step 1: Cast Your Birth Chart

Input your date of birth, time of birth, and location of birth into one of these free online natal chart generators.

Step 2: Determine Your Sun, Moon, and Rising

Reproduce the following blank tables into your notebook. Referencing your natal chart, fill in the tables.


Look for the above glyph or symbol in the chart. That’s your sun sign. Fill out the below table with the zodiac sign your sun is in. Also note the degree and write that down as well.

Zodiac Sign Degree (°) House

You’ll notice how the wheel chart is subdivided into 12 sectors, numbered 1 through 12. Under a Whole Signs house system, it’ll be a clean 12-sector subdivide and you’ll be writing down just one house #.

Under a Placidus house system, you’ll notice that the outer ring where the zodiac signs are written seem to straddle two houses. You’ll need to pay closer attention to which house exactly your sun sign is placed in.

In the above sample Placidus chart, notice how the sign Scorpio governs both a portion of the 5th house and 6th. The sun sign glyph is in Scorpio. Check the inner ring of house numbers to confirm exactly which house the Sun in Scorpio is in. Also write down the degree. For example, in the above chart, the sun sign is at 6° in Scorpio.


Zodiac Sign Degree (°) House

Repeat the same steps again, now for the moon sign, locating the above glyph or symbol in your chart. In the sample birth chart, the moon sign is Leo at 22° in House 3.


In a Whole Signs chart, the ascendant or rising sign will be designated by As or Asc. The more popular house system is Placidus, so if you’re working with a Placidus chart, the ascendant will be the arrow pointing exactly leftward, between House 12 and House 1.

Zodiac Sign Degree (°)

If the software program you’re using doesn’t automatically list the degree placement of the ascendant, such as you see in the sample chart above, then you may need to count the degrees. Each sign consists of 30°. You’ll be able to count the degrees through the 30 little bars, subdivided into 3 sections of 10 bars. If you count the bars in the above sample chart, the ascendant sign is at 25°.

Step 3: Proceed with the Workshop Video

Now you’re ready to follow the workshop! =)

Don’t forget to download the accompanying handouts for this workshop, which can be found on the Video Course Series III homepage.

For some guidance, check out the below notes for the twelve zodiac signs. You’ll be reading the corresponding descriptions and studying the tarot cards for your sun, moon, and rising.

Aries Key 4: The Emperor – Logic, logos, rational skeptic; needs to be in control; operates in the world of facts; tends to feel uncomfortable in the murky world of intuition and emotions. Are less likely to judge people by their words and more likely to judge them by their actions. Often the reluctant leader because they possess a passionate sense of moral responsibility for others. Gift of the Magi: Martial and military arts. Power to defeat.
Taurus Key 5: The Hierophant – Tend to be more careful, cautious, and diligent. Grounded, reasonable, and therefore tends to give reliable advice. Loyal–values loyalty in others, is fiercely loyal, but the other side of the coin is true as well: fiercely intolerance of disloyalty. Sensible, pragmatic, but hard-headed; can often come across unsentimental. Gift of the Magi:  Consecration; anointing. Power of conjure.
Gemini Key 6: The Lovers – Two sides to your nature, always; hard to pin down, because as soon as it’s concluded you’re one way, you demonstrate the total opposite persona; passionate, opinionated. Note the Arrow labeled “Law of Providence” in the SKT Lovers: One who embodies the archetype of Providentia– remarkable ability to predict what will happen, remarkable memory for safekeeping the past, and remarkable understanding for what is happening right now. Gift of the Magi: Pathworking. Alchemical science.
Cancer Key 7: The Chariot – Protective, defensive nature. Difficult for others to get to know well. May be prone to melancholy due to being penetratingly intuitive– can really see through people, and therefore is perceptive of all the darkness and the grimness of reality. More prone to experiencing ennui. High intellect, keen psychic abilities, intimidatingly perceptive. Gift of the Magi: Past life and ancestor work. Prophetic dreams.
Leo Key 8: The Force (Strength) – Someone with a great deal of fortitude and courage; brave; creative and artistic–possesses a never-ending stream of ideas; not afraid to take risks; magnanimous, generous spirit. Can be performative, but make no mistake– this person’s heart is true. Has much to give and offer to this world. Greatest asset is ability to think outside the box. Gift of the Magi: Animal communication. Glory and eminence.
Virgo Key 9: The Erudite (Hermit) – Studious, researcher; thoughtful and pensive nature; philosophical; tends to look for the holistic view or holistic approach to a situation; comprehensive and thorough in all aspects. Skeptical at first–slow to believe. Will always do their own due diligence. A fact-finder. Conscientious of the details, because they value all aspects equally–nothing is unimportant. Gift of the Magi: Edification; arcane sciences. Alchemical science.
Libra Key 11: The Chancellor (Justice) – Someone who sees both sides of every situation, who values justice as a virtue; someone who cares a great deal about equity. A gifted mediator. Closely tied to the virtue of Charity. Deeply concerned with relationships and seeks to look after everyone else’s well-being. On the negative side, can often be more concerned with the appearance of harmony and justice than true harmony or justice. Gift of the Magi: Theurgy. Power of conjure.
Scorpio Key 13: The Reaper (Death) – Someone who navigates that liminal space between the physical world and the spiritual or psychic world with profound grace; more inclined to attain a sophisticated understanding of esoteric subjects. One with an incredible gift for harvesting (reaping), for getting results–and thus in pragmatic terms, is typically one who becomes highly accomplished in life. Gift of the Magi: Shamanic journeying. Power to defeat.
Sagittarius Key 14: The Angel (Temperance) – Affable, gregarious, naturally exuding a warmth that puts others at ease, here is someone who is charisma personified, but also intellect personified. Both clever and imaginative, you’re the best balance of EQ and IQ. You embody Sophrosyne, confident yet humble, blessed by both Athena and Hermes–marked with the potential to exemplify Wisdom and Reason. Gift of the Magi: Ritual purification. Political prowess.
Capricorn Key 15: The Demon (Devil) – Powerful, intense personality, someone who holds a great deal of knowledge and capabilities, but could have a tendency to lack wisdom; like a nuclear bomb. Speaks the truth, reveals the truth, and therefore often unfairly judged just for being the bearer of bad news. Astute, illuminated comprehension of the material reality of this world–and instead of being valued for their sharp insights, they’re more often castigated. Gift of the Magi: Maleficium. Great Work achieved.
Aquarius Key 17: The Healer (Star) – Humanitarian nature, compassionate, empathic; can see what’s broken or dysfunctional in this world or in your community, and you want to fix it; almost as if your life purpose is to fix things that are broken. Tend to be optimistic and see the silver lining in every cloud. Secretly longs for group belonging, but destined to stand apart. Gift of the Magi: Medicine; astrology. Great Work achieved.
Pisces Key 18: The Necromancer (Moon) – Deeply intuitive; empathic; can feel and even mirror other people’s emotional values–easily affected by their environments, and yet by that same token, are remarkable chameleons. Could be more prone to anxiety. One born more attuned to the underworld and otherworld. Their default setting is to be conscientious. Gift of the Magi: Necromancy; mediumship. Political prowess.

Your Major Arcana Personal Cards: Inner Mysteries

Major Arcana Keys will relate to your dominant inner archetypes, i.e., the blueprints or core templates of your person, personality, and tendency of behavior. These are the primary narrative forms and characters resident within your personal unconscious. They are your fundamental human motifs.

Assess the Major Arcana cards for your sun, moon, and rising together, in relation and interaction with each other like a three-card reading.

Now directly underneath these three cards, set out the Major Arcana card corresponding with each sign’s planetary ruler. Think of these three additional cards as clarifying cards. They also reveal secret powers, hidden potential, and the most innate driving forces.

Your Minor Arcana Personal Cards: Outer Mysteries

Minor Arcana Keys will relate to your default tendencies of social engagement in aspects of life denoted by the Key Point, and how you are perceived by others in specific settings. The Sun will reveal your most outward-facing personality traits and characteristics. The Moon is how you process your emotions and how people perceive your emotional quotient.

For a journaling exercise, reflect on the Minor Arcana pip card for your sun sign decan ruler. Can you pinpoint an actual, specific past experience or circumstance that in some way influenced how your personal identity became defined, which resonates with that tarot card?

Run the same exercise for the pip card corresponding to your moon sign decan ruler, and what actual, specific life experience from your past that is still intensely visceral in your memory archives that resonates with that tarot card.

Think about the Minor Arcana pip card for your ascendant sign decan ruler and how the corresponding tarot card is revelatory message to you about a recurring life lesson, but one that, once learned, brings you self-actualization.

Finally, lay out the three court cards associated with your sun, moon, and rising. From a religious standpoint, they can signify identities of guardian angels or guardian spirits. From a psychological standpoint, they represent archetypes resident within your unconscious mind that can often rise to the subconscious and drive your impulses. Think about how you can embody these three court cards in a fully conscious and self-aware way.

Tarot Personal Cards

for All Twelve Houses of Your Birth Chart

This was going to be an additional video tutorial, but I’ve opted to just present the instructions in written format. This more in-depth and comprehensive tarot and astrology personal cards exercise will be covering all 12 houses of your chart and their SKT correspondences. Begin by downloading this worksheet:

“Know Thyself with the Tarot” Worksheet II

PDF download (click above hyperlink)

The motions of the exercise are the same as the one you just did with the first worksheet, but now expanded to cover the entire chart.

Same reference wheels as before:

We’ll start with the SKT Major Keys that correspond with the signs occupying the twelve houses. Opt for either the (Traditional) or the (Modern). Below we will be demonstrating with the Traditional.

I like to line up the zodiac sign sectors on the correspondences wheel with where they fall on my birth chart. This just makes it a lot easier to reference. Alternatively, return to the below table from the first handout.

The house in your chart where Capricorn occupies indicates an area of life where the Shadow is most prominent, a life-long challenge you face and must overcome for self-actualization. For example, if it’s in the ascendant house, it can relate to life-long challenges around defining and coming to terms with your personal identity.

The house in your birth chart occupied by Key 4: The Emperor is an area of life where you are sovereign, where you may wield more self-control. Think of areas where Leo is and the house of your sun as areas where the inner light shines prominently outward and is seen. Where Mars is located, Key 16: The Tower, may be where extenuating circumstances tend to be barriers to success that you must exert greater willpower (along with faith and spiritual strength) to overcome.

And so on.

For a quick overview of what each astrological house in your birth chart corresponds with, check out the below reference:

The Twelve Houses

Website Link

And here are plenty more free PDF downloads if you want to learn Western astrology:

Free Astrology References

Website Link

Use the below reference table to fill in the “Planetary Ruler” column in the “Inner Mysteries” part of the worksheet:

For the “Outer Mysteries” part of the worksheet, you’ll be locating the 9 listed Key Points on that table, though you’re by no means limited to those.

If you’re still new to astrology and can’t identify the symbols in your chart for the planetary bodies, GO HERE for a quick reference, “The Celestial Bodies.”

Here’s the table for the Minor Arcana pip cards correspondences to the decan rulers:

And in the same way you identified the decan ruler of your sun and moon signs by the degree in the video tutorial, do the same for the other Key Points in the Outer Mysteries table. Use the below Table of Decan Rulers for reference:

Generalizations Based on the Tarot Composition of Your Natal Chart

The final page of that second worksheet offers some guidance on how to arrive at general conclusions based on the tarot composition of your birth chart.

For determining which Major Arcana Septenary dominates Quadrant 1 of your birth chart, locate Houses 1, 2, and 3. In the above chart for Albert Camus, the house numbers are designated along that inner green circle. So here it’s Virgo (House 1), Libra (House 2), and Scorpio (House 3).

Referring to the above chart, that’s Key 9, Key 11, and Key 13 respectively. All three cards are located in the Second Septenary. You can click on the below image for a close-up viewing of the tables, or just find it on the last page of your worksheet.

For which Minor Arcana suit dominates in the “Outer Mysteries” table of your chart, you can read more about the Four Temperaments here:

The Four Temperaments

PDF download (click above hyperlink)

For the court cards, note how I ascribed “performs extraversion well” to both the Archangels (Kings) and Shining Ones (Knights) and “avoids performances” for the Shields (Queens) and Heralds (Pages).

I premise that particular phrasing on the rationale that no one is strictly extraverted (or extroverted) and no one is strictly introverted.

It’s more that those who are predominantly King or Knight energy are willing to perform in a way that captivates and entertains while in social settings, who know how to play their part. There’s a theatrical element here.

Whereas those who are predominantly Queen or Page energy are more likely to avoid social settings that would demand performance. They prefer to stay low-key. It’s not that they don’t know how to be socially charismatic– it’s that they prefer not to exhaust themselves with theater.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to leave them in the comments section of the video on YouTube. I’ll do my best to monitor the comments sections of these tutorials and answer your questions.

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    Hi Benebell – thanks for your amazing insight as always! Just noticed that you’ve left out Sagittarius on your chart at the bottom of the blog post — it’s my Moon Sign & I was trying to find it, haha.


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