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On October 12, 2018, we sold out of our First Edition Spirit Keeper’s Tarot decks, which was a limited print run of 1,000 decks. The premium package of the deck set included an online video course series. Since 99.1% of purchasers ordered the premium package, I felt it would be most convenient for the collective if the video series was made freely accessible to the public. Plus, I don’t think it’s going to make a lot of sense to non-purchasers without the deck and Book of Maps, so only those with the SKT premium package set in hand would be able to reap optimal benefit from the series anyway.

So here’s the master list of the video course series for Spirit Keeper’s Tarot. By posting it here on a consolidated page and as publicly accessible videos on YouTube, you won’t have any problems working through the videos anywhere anytime.

Objectives for the Course

The primary objective for the video series is to provide a little more information on my intentions as a deck creator, give you a chance to hear me talk about some of the topics mentioned in The Book of Maps, and offer my tidbits here and there before sending you off to work with the deck on your own.

There are also a couple guided tarot readings based on reading methods instructed in The Book of Maps. I hope the guided readings help to bring the Book to life for you and convey to you a sense of mentorship. You are doing the Work independently on your own, but you are not alone.

Navigation Note

The hyperlinked headings in large font will take you to the YouTube video. However, you can also play the video directly from this page.

All videos are closed captioned (CC) for our Deaf and H/H friends, those who speak English as a second language and so might benefit from subtitles, or for those who are in an environment where they aren’t able to play the audio but want to be able to view the video anyway.

At the bottom of the video screen, click the “CC” icon to turn on the closed captioning.

Note: As of 11/11/2018, the captions I’ve uploaded and submitted to YouTube are still not live, so what you see at the moment (you’ll know because it doesn’t have any punctuation) is the auto-generated CC. Please wait a few days for the actual CC to appear (you’ll know because it will have proper punctuation, like a transcript of what I’m saying).


Introduction (Start Here)

Video Length: 5:09 minutes

For the course on working with the Spirit Keeper’s Tarot deck, start here, as this video will explain the following video series for Spirit Keeper’s Tarot. I offer my recommendations for where to start reading in The Book of Maps: “Author’s Introduction,” “Design Statement,” “Ordering of the Keys,” “What is a Beneficent Spirit?” and then skip to the back for “Cultural Integration and the Prisca Theologia” and “Card and Box Design.”


Deck Creator’s Intentions

Video Length: 12:20 minutes

I always want to know about a creator’s intentions behind a tarot or oracle deck, so here’s a chat about mine for Spirit Keeper’s Tarot. This tarot deck was about giving life. In this video, I explain what that means to me and why, personally, because of life events (or lack thereof…) I’m going through, giving life to this tarot deck was so important to me.

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Consecrating Your Deck

Video Length: 9:58 minutes

A reiteration of what goes in to consecrating each copy of Spirit Keeper’s Tarot, right down to the significance of where in my house I consecrate. Buying a consecrated tarot deck is like buying pre-washed veggies. For some of you, it’s good enough. For others, you’re the type to re-wash your pre-washed veggies anyway.

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Self-Initiation and Tarot

Video Length: 8:49 minutes

In this video I address what I mean by initiation and also the distinction between mystical initiation and material initiation. What are the objectives of self-initiation with a tarot deck? Some say there is no such thing as self-initiation. What are my thoughts on that?

Gaining access to that subterranean level of the cards via initiation is covered in The Book of Maps, pp. 47-63. The specific modality espoused is self-initiation through ritual coloring.


Dialogue with an Angel

Video Length: 12:44 minutes

First, what exactly do I mean when I throw around the word “angel”? This video touches upon the topic of the Holy Guardian Angel, the syncretized theology through which I crafted Spirit Keeper’s Tarot, and how the deck is intended for conversations with the angelic realm. I’ll talk about the philosophical concept of angels. I also address the question of whether you can use any tarot deck at all to commune with angels and whether all tarot decks are created equal in power and capacity. We close with some practical considerations to conversing with angels as these conversations are revealed in the symbology and system of the cards.

Recommended reading from The Book of Maps to go along with this video: “What is a Beneficent Spirit?” p. 35; “Your Holy Guardian Angel,” p. 50; “Dialogue with an Angel,” p. 72; “Petitioning the Angels,” p. 110; and “The Four Empyrean Courts,” p. 316.


Interpreting Signs and Omens

Video Length: 13:05 minutes

By and large tarot readers, especially those who read with illustrated pips, can get into this space where they rely mainly on interpreting signs and omens pictorially, through the illustrations and imagery on the cards, trying to draw an analogy between the story of the card and the story of someone’s life. This video discussion addresses the added value of considering correspondences and layering different esoteric systems over the tarot to divine further patternicity and meaning.

Spirit Keeper’s Tarot, specifically, is a tarot deck intended to reveal signs and omens of Divinity. When you pull a card, scan its imagery for what particular symbol draws your attention the most. Then consult The Book of Maps to see if that symbol is the sign or omen of a particular Divinity. Perhaps your magnetic draw toward that symbol is a sign. Thus, when reading with the deck, be on the added lookout for symbolism that reveals the presence of deity or spirit. I also address briefly how I use the deck to divine for instructions in my Craft.

Book referenced: Tarot Correspondences: Ancient Secrets for Everyday Readers by T. Susan Chang (Llewellyn Books, 2018). Author’s website:


Spirit Interactions and Tarot

Video Length: 8:00 minutes

Is spirit interaction or spirit petitions with a tarot deck safe? I discuss that inquiry and others in this video, sharing my religious and superstitious beliefs on the subject. What are some signs that a spirit you’re interacting with isn’t a beneficent? Spirit Keeper’s Tarot was intended to function primarily as a tool for interacting with spirits and Divinity. To that end, what were some of my considerations? What is the role of ceremony and ritual in a successful spirit petition?

This video complements the following sections in The Book of Maps: “Who is the Spirit Keeper?”, p. 103; “Spirit Petitions,” p. 106; “Petitioning the Angels,” p. 110; and “Invocation and Evocation of Spirits,” p. 378.


Guided Tarot Reading: Your Spiritual Journey

Video Length: 10:05 minutes

This is a guided tarot reading of the operation covered in The Book of Maps, under the sub-heading “Reviewing Your Spiritual Journey” that begins on page 132. The guided reading starts by utilizing all three versions of Key 0 from your Spirit Keeper’s Tarot deck. Its objective: To offer broad strokes insight on where you are right now in your spiritual journey and to help you track your progress. Recommended reading: Book of Maps, pp. 132-137.

Pull out the three Key 0s in your copy of Spirit Keeper’s Tarot and have them ready before the video plays. Then follow along in the video as each step of the reading is narrated. In addition to divining with the three Key 0s, you’ll be doing a three-card reading.


Kundalini Awakening and Tarot

Video Length: 15:45 minutes

This video discussion supplements the section in The Book of Maps, “Kundalini Awakening,” p. 75. How would I explain what kundalini awakening is? How can the Spirit Keeper’s Tarot be used in personal spiritual practice to facilitate awakening? This video espouses a holistic, balanced approach that accounts for practices that will gradually temper the mind, body, and spirit (with an emphasis on the keyword “gradually”).

The latter half of the video instructs on a reading approach with your Spirit Keeper’s Tarot to, in metaphysical theory, take the temperature of your inner energy bodies based on an Eastern chakra or acupunctural point correspondence system. Take notes on the methodology, decide how exactly you want to customize the methodology for yourself, and then give it a try.

If unsure which of the three Key 0 significator cards in Spirit Keeper’s Tarot to use, refer to Video #08 in the series, “Guided Tarot Reading: Your Spiritual Journey.” The Key 0 that appears in the present position of that guided reading can be used as your significator card in this kundalini reading methodology.


The Akashic Records and Tarot

Video Length: 11:07 minutes

This video discussion supplements the section in The Book of Maps, “Accessing the Akashic Records” that begins on p. 77 and the subsequent section, “An Akashic Records Reading.” Before trying out the Akashic Records Reading procedure instructed in the Book, first try out the Guided Akashic Tarot Reading (the next video in this series).

Here, before delving in to the guided reading of the Records, we discuss how I would explain the Records, some of my thoughts on the material practices around accessing the Akashic Records, and how to use the tarot in a way that intentionally seeks to read the Records.


Guided Akashic Tarot Reading

Forthcoming. Please stay tuned.


Guided Remote Energy Healing

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Reflecting on My Experience

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