Psychic Protection: Shielding Recitation Ritual (Free mp3 Download)

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We know the sun’s UV rays can be harmful to our skin, so we put on sunscreen before we go out. If we know we’re walking into the rain, we’ll bring an umbrella or wear a raincoat. At any given moment in your environment, there could be wave-particles on the metaphysical plane that affect you.

So when those who are the more sensitive ones among us leave their sanctuary, they really oughta be protecting themselves through shielding. If you’re spending the bulk of your days working in these metaphysical realms and you’re not shielding yourself routinely, then the equivalent of your mother, big sister, or mentor should be beating you over your head with her wooden spoon and nagging you until your ears ring.

You really should be shielding.

Shielding is a psychic exercise like putting on sunscreen to block out harmful UV rays (…or perhaps the better analogy is a hazmat suit when you know you’re walking into a hazardous environment…), but in the case of shielding, the purpose is to block out metaphysical toxins that you might encounter in everyday life. When people wish you ill, that negative energy is less likely to affect you if you are well shielded.

Electromagnetic frequency waves, lower vibrational energies, even people you encounter who, at that time and place are being toxic, any detrimental metaphysical waves airborne around you can have a negative impact on your personal vitality, especially if you’re sensitive. Difficult astrological transits can also have a detrimental impact. Shielding is about keeping your energies covered and protected.

However, this post is not about shielding. Find another article or articles to get you up to speed if you’re drawing a blank when I say the word “shielding.”

This post is to share with you a free audio download in the form of an mp3 file.

I’m sharing with you a five minute shielding recitation. While there are many styles of shielding, here is one, and one that works really well. It’s efficient. It works wonders. It’ll keep you covered. It’s premised on the idea that sound waves, as mechanical waves, that are of certain frequencies, can attune your consciousness to a higher, more powerful consciousness and when the two are connected, your consciousness is thereby raised to meet that of the higher.

Mantras, sutras, prayers, and recitations from sacred texts hold power. The audio frequency waves of these words can attune you to the Holy Spirit, however you manifest that Holy Spirit per your belief system. This audio is created with that theory in mind and the recitation is drafted after the traditional architecture of sutras. The audio itself is what is casting the shield of protection over you, rendered all the stronger when you add to it your intent and your focus. The sound waves from the utterance of these particular words creates psychological and physiological changes in you, through psychoacoustics.

What I’m sharing is an mp3 file, which means you can keep it on your phone or in whatever modern electronic device you keep your music on. Before you’re entering into a crowded space, a place that you anticipate may have lower vibrational energies, or even the chance of malefic energies, play the audio into your ears with your headphones on, close your eyes, infuse your consciousness with the audio frequency waves of the recitation, feel it down to your bones, feel it empowering you and shielding you, and five minutes later, you’re good to go.

The recitation begins by clearing and strengthening each of the seven main chakras, beginning at the root chakra. We’re also focusing on internal alchemy to clear and strengthen the Three Treasures (per Traditional Chinese Medicine)— your Jing, Shen, and Qi. As we exercise each of the chakras, the corresponding areas of your body, mind, and spirit are likewise vitalized. Finally, using the metaphor of white light and Holy Spirit, that higher consciousness or protective divinity is invoked and by visualization techniques, shields you head to toe. Mantras noted for their psychoacoustic power of protection are used as well. Overall, it’s not just for psychic protection, but also psychic strengthening. Routine usage will help enhance certain innate abilities.

You can play the audio from this page below. (Yeah, I know, it’s a little goofy sounding if you’re not “in the zone.” The tempo and intonation are the way they are for a reason.)


Or download the mp3 for keeps. The link below will take you to DropBox. In the top right corner there will be an option to download. Click on that button to then download the mp3 file.

Download: Shielding Recitation.mp3


If you’d like to read what was spoken, you can also download the PDF of the full text for the shielding recitation. Click below.

Download: Shielding Recitation (Text).pdf


Oh, I mentioned I’ve granted the shielding recitation to the public domain, right? That means both the audio file and the text. Please use or share at will.

That also means if you or someone you know could do a better job recording and producing an audio file (or some other form of media) for the shielding recitation, please feel absolutely free to do so and you’ve got my blessing. Or translate it into another language for your part of the world to benefit from (I presume leaving the Sanskrit parts intact ^_^*). Or turn it into a video, if you believe that can enhance its efficacy.

I’m media-challenged, so this was the best I could do in terms of production quality. Production quality notwithstanding, the audio recording works. Or you can recite it yourself by following the provided text.

By the way, I know one of you generous souls out there could do a better job and might be willing to do so as a public service. Would love to have you do so. But I ask that if you do, then as I have, provide it to the public for free. A quick credit or shout-out to me would be lovely, but meh, not like I’m going to be a stickler about it.

Dedicated to the Public Domain: Written script and the audio for this psychic shielding recitation are granted to the public domain. Do as you will with it.

21 thoughts on “Psychic Protection: Shielding Recitation Ritual (Free mp3 Download)

    1. Oh, good, thank you for saying that, Ellen! I was afraid it was too… I dunno, it’s a little loopy and goofy sounding if you listen to it with a regular frame of mind. =) But I do hope it helps! ❤ (I totally believe and am super convinced it will help, FYI.)

      Liked by 1 person

  1. kimveee

    I’m not sure anyone likes the sound of their own voice, but yours is perfect for this. I asked for help delivering a eulogy tonight, and I received it from you. I find solace in this and will use it often. Many thanks.


    1. Thank you, kimveee! I use it myself! Well, not the audio recording, lol. The text recitation. ❤ Listening to my own voice on audio is jarring and would have the opposite effect of "calming." ^_^*


  2. WeeZee

    This will surely help us all work toward a greater spiritual collective!! Thank you! Like the other people have said, you have a great voice!


  3. Thank you Benebell! This recitation is perfect as it is and I’ve downloaded it for my own use. I am also interested in your methodology in coming up with such a recitation.


    1. As noted in post, seven main chakras; jing, shen, qi; mantras believed to help attune personal vibrations to a higher vibrational frequency; unlocking inner powers to have those powers flood forward and heal; architecture commonly found in many Eastern sutras.


  4. Euphro

    Thank you so much for this.
    I just listened to the mp3 and followed along with the text. The mp3 ends at 4:43 and doesn’t include the last paragraph of the text — “Om mani bayt nay hom….”
    Is that what you intended? I don’t know anything about this practice, so maybe it is, but I want to ask you if it is right.

    Also I want to tell you that I love the words and the images they bring to my mind. This is such a gift.


  5. Anonymous

    Benebell thank you so much!! It’s so cool to hear your voice reciting this shielding! And thank you very very much for the text–you remembered us hoh folks ❤
    I'd love to have this on my phone but I'm too dense to figure it out right now. x Sally

    Liked by 1 person

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  7. Thank you Benebell. I have been looking into shielding techniques and this is wonderful. I am grateful to you for sharing so much of your esoteric knowledge and experience. ❤
    Also, your voice is lovely!


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