Writing and Publishing Nonfiction: Module II

Modules I and II are being posted consecutively this week working toward the new moon in Taurus so that maybe everything will be aligned just so and this weekend you’ll be motivated to get to work on that book you’ve always meant to write.

Do not proceed with Module II until you’ve completed the audio lectures and workbooks from Module I. I mean, you can if you want, it’s not like I can stop you, but it won’t make sense. Module II will make more sense if you’ve completed Module I.

Module I: Introduction

Refer back to the post on Module I here. You can also download all files for Module I via Dropbox by clicking below.


Assuming you’ve completed Module I, you now have a solid book idea, you know how and where it would be positioned in the current market, and you are prepared to finish your book manuscript.

Module II will offer some insights and guidance for completing your manuscript.

Module II: Completing Your Manuscript

Module 2 helps you grow your seed of a book idea and walks you through the process of nurturing that seed to full bloom, achieving a completed book manuscript. Let me tell you how I managed to stay on track and finish my books while working full-time and tending to family responsibilities. Let’s talk about the daily grind. How do you structure the chapters of your book? How do you schedule your weeks to make sure you get your target writing done? What are some of my personal tips and tricks? The handouts in this module will help you to track your progress. Also, how can you tell if a work is in the public domain? What exactly constitutes fair use? I’ve got handouts for both questions.

There will be four audio lectures (for a total of about 35 minutes play time), two workbooks for you to complete, and supplementary handouts that you will want to go through in the order noted below.

Here’s your course outline:

HDT The Logistics of Writing Your Book DOCX | PDF
AUD Does Word Count Matter? M4A (09:43)
HDT Manuscript Progress Log DOCX | PDF
AUD Basic Theory: The Form and Function of Nonfiction M4A (08:38)
AUD The First Sentence M4A (09:59)
WBK Workbook C: Profiling Your Book and Getting Started DOCX | PDF
WBK Workbook D: Outlining Each Chapter DOCX | PDF
AUD Making Time to Write & Tracking Your Progress M4A (04:27)
HDT Getting Started DOCX | PDF
HDT Flowchart for Determining Public Domain Works DOCX | PDF
HDT The Basic Considerations for Fair Use DOCX | PDF
HDT Sample Permissions Query Letter DOCX | PDF
HDT Word List DOCX | PDF
  • AUD = Audio File
  • WBK = Workbook
  • HDT = Handout

Click on the linked files in the right column to download. Again, as I noted in Module I, whenever possible, work off the DOCX file, not the PDF. The PDF is a conversion of the DOCX, and the formatting doesn’t always convert. So stick to the DOCX files. PDFs provided here for quick reference only.

If you have any trouble downloading the file, try the direct Dropbox link for Module II:


Social Experiment Time: Buy Me Lunch

So, okay, this has been a shit ton of work on my end. It’s kind of crazy you’re getting all these modules for free, no? Why don’t you treat me out to lunch then? Check out the payment options below, either via PayPal or send me an Amazon gift card as payment in exchange for Module I and Module II.

I’m setting the minimum payment amount at $15 USD, but this isn’t monitored in any way. I’m not stalking you. So if you don’t pay me anything and download everything for free exploitation, hey, that’s on you, not me.

(And, of course, need I say it… if you want to pay me more, I will happily accept more and treat myself to an even fancier lunch!)

Use PayPal.me (this is Hubby’s account, which is why it says James).


Or send me an Amazon gift card to benebellwen@gmail.com.


Module III: Traditional Publishing

The next module will focus on the book proposal, traditional publishers, who they are, and all things related to going the traditional publishing route. Don’t worry, would-be self-published authors– I’ll get to you, too. Module IV will focus on independent (or self) publishing.


I’m doing all of this on my own, functioning on minimal sleep, half the time high on meds (long story). So if you catch errors, please help out and let me know so I can correct them. Thanks! ❤


Writing and Publishing Nonfiction Independent Study Course

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