Your Saturn Returns (Free Saturn Return Survival Kit)

In Episode #29 of “Bell Chimes In,” I talk about the Saturn Return. I also make reference to the Decisive Age and how it may relate to your Saturn Return. (What is a Decisive Age? Find out more here.)

A Saturn Return is a period of time, typically within a year, when the transiting or present Saturn’s positioning is at the same degree in the same zodiac sign as it was in at the moment of your birth. In other words, if Saturn was positioned at 3° in Capricorn when you were born, and currently Saturn is at 3° in Capricorn, then you, my friend, are in the throes of one of your Saturn Returns. Typically, there are three: the First Saturn Return, the Second Saturn Return, and your Third Saturn Return.

For the general population (there are a few astrological exceptions, which I get into in the video), Saturn can create a large weight or obstacle that holds you back. People cross a major threshold in their lives during a Saturn Return. You’ll hear astrologers talk about the First Saturn Return as a coming-of-age, when the process of growth may be difficult, but is the necessary rite of passage that must be crossed in every person’s life path.

You can find free Saturn Return Calculators online. Here’s one that I like. Input your birth details, click “Calculate,” and the dates of your three Saturn Returns, all Saturn Oppositions, and Saturn Squares are provided.

Going through or about to go through one of your Saturn Returns? Here’s a fun Saturn Return Survival Kit you can download for free.


Your Saturn Return Survival Kit

The Saturn Return Survival Kit is granted to you under a Creative Commons license, Attribution 4.0 International.


Saturn Return Talisman of Protection

(Blank Template)

Instructions for crafting your own Saturn Return talisman of protection based off the blank template are provided in the Saturn Return Survival Guide PDF.

Saturn Returns are times in our lives that kind of make us feel like we are on a plateau. We can’t seem to get off the plateau. We feel aimless and lost. We’re trying to figure out what the heck we want out of life. It can be a time of indecisiveness. Generally, Saturn Returns are riddled with growing pains. Purportedly, Siddhartha left his castle walls and confronted suffering, setting him on the course toward enlightenment during his First Saturn Return. Say, what?

Even in a native’s mature years, the Second and Third Returns are about confronting the sum of choices one has made. It is often a time of obstacles and trials. Thus, Saturn Returns are interpreted as a tense period, when forces beyond your control feel particularly impactful on your day to day life. The free downloadable Survival Guide gives you a few metaphysical or magical tips on how to navigate your Saturn Returns.

For a full service listing of divinatory reading options I offer, click on the banner.


A tarot reading blended in with an I Ching divination and check of your birth chart and solar returns chart can help you to better navigate your Saturn Return or difficult Saturn transit. Although the Saturn Return Survival Guide gives you a ritualized method of reading cards for yourself to acquire your own map and compass for navigating the period, sometimes, we just want a friend to be by our side, reading that map with us. If you’d like such a friend to help you navigate your Saturn transit period, check out my full roster of divinatory reading options.

If you’re on a tight budget, then consider the Inner Darkness, Inner Light” personal astrology reading report. It will be a cathartic prompt for self-reflection, shadow work, and helping you parse through your sense of identity.

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  4. Emma

    I and many others will benefit from your practical and encouraging words … thanks! Despite the fact that I am fond of astrology from, I constantly remind myself that the planets continue their cycles, and that we all, I hope, will develop thanks to this experience.


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