Writing and Publishing Nonfiction: Module III


Module III is all about the submissions and publication process with traditional publishers.

Coming after this module:

Module III: Traditional Publishers

Module 3 accompanies you from drafting your book proposal to querying traditional publishers. We’ll cover the big publishing houses (and how you’ll need a literary agent if you want to approach these publishers) and also the small to medium publishers (where you won’t need a literary agent).

There will be 5 audio lectures (total run time about 40 minutes), 3 workbooks, and supplementary handouts that you will want to go through in the order noted below.

Here’s your course outline:

AUD Preliminary Notes for Module III M4A (04:43)
HDT Who are the traditional publishers? DOCX | PDF
AUD The Book Proposal M4A (04:18)
WBK Workbook E – The Book Proposal DOCX | PDF
HDT Log of Publisher Queries DOCX | PDF
HDT Sample Manuscript Submission in Standard Format PDF
AUD The Submissions Process M4A (11:39)
HDT Template for Submissions Query Letter PDF
HDT My Query for Holistic and Publisher Responses PDF
HDT Book Proposal for Holistic Tarot (Sample) PDF
HDT Evolution of a Manuscript PDF
HDT Traditional Publishing Timeline (Query to Release) PDF
AUD Revisiting Why We Write and Publish M4A (08:07)
HDT Theoretical Earnings Comparison Chart PDF
WBK Workbook F – Publishing Contract Review LINK
AUD Traditional Versus Self Publishing M4A (09:29)
WBK Workbook G – Deciding Between Traditional and Self DOCX | PDF
  • AUD = Audio File
  • WBK = Workbook
  • HDT = Handout

Click on the linked files in the right column to download.


Cost of Module III

Really, there’s no cost. However, if you feel called to, then choose any one of the following options:

  1. SUPPORT MY BOOKS + PUBLISH A BOOK REVIEW. If you have or are getting Holistic Tarot and you have a blog, YouTube channel, or work for a publication, help me spread the word about my book and publish a review, or your personal impressions, reference my book in some clever way in your thing, or let’s talk about setting up an author interview. You know my email addy, right? I know Tao of Craft is a long time from now (September, 2016), but this can apply to that book as well. Everything I just said about supporting HT, but for ToC.
  2. PAYPAL DONATION. Some folks don’t want fuss, and that’s cool. How about a PayPal donation in a dollar amount you’re comfortable with? Btw, in case you were curious for any reason, I don’t keep any of these donations. I pay all of it forward. Send PayPal donations through this link: https://www.paypal.me/benebell.
  3. AMAZON GIFT CARD. Same as Point #2, but instead, send an Amazon gift card in any dollar amount you’re comfortable with. Use this link here. And direct it to the email benebellwen@gmail.com.
  4. LOTS & LOTS OF SOCIAL MEDIA LOVE. Broadcast some fluffy fun love. Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, whatever else is out there– #HolisticTarot #BenebellWen #TaoofCraft (this may be premature… it will be out in stores September 2016) #NorthAtlanticBooks
  5. BOOK A READING WITH ME. Support my work by booking a divinatory reading with me. Click on the below banner for a list of all services offered.
For a full service listing of divinatory reading options I offer, click on the banner.
For a full service listing of divinatory reading options I offer, click on the banner.

Workbook F: Publishing Contract Review

Check out the link to Workbook F, on Author-Publisher Agreements. Tons of information in that workbook, formulas for calculating whether you’re getting a good deal or not, industry standards to consider, typical legalese broken down into plain English, general negotiation tactics, and so much more.

Dropbox Link

Alternatively, click below to go directly to a Dropbox link where you can download everything in one swoop.


Check back in two weeks for Module IV: Self Publishing

Coming soon.

Writing and Publishing Nonfiction Independent Study Course

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