Writing and Publishing Nonfiction: Module III


Module III is all about the submissions and publication process with traditional publishers.

Coming after this module:

Module III: Traditional Publishers

Module 3 accompanies you from drafting your book proposal to querying traditional publishers. We’ll cover the big publishing houses (and how you’ll need a literary agent if you want to approach these publishers) and also the small to medium publishers (where you won’t need a literary agent).

There will be 5 audio lectures (total run time about 40 minutes), 3 workbooks, and supplementary handouts that you will want to go through in the order noted below.

Here’s your course outline:
AUDTraditional Versus Self PublishingM4A (09:29)

AUD Preliminary Notes for Module III M4A (04:43)
HDT Who are the traditional publishers? DOCX | PDF
AUD The Book Proposal M4A (04:18)
WBK Workbook E – The Book Proposal DOCX | PDF
HDT Log of Publisher Queries DOCX | PDF
HDT Sample Manuscript Submission in Standard Format PDF
AUD The Submissions Process M4A (11:39)
HDT Template for Submissions Query Letter PDF
HDT My Query for Holistic and Publisher Responses PDF
HDT Book Proposal for Holistic Tarot (Sample) PDF
HDT Evolution of a Manuscript PDF
HDT Traditional Publishing Timeline (Query to Release) PDF
AUD Revisiting Why We Write and Publish M4A (08:07)
HDT Theoretical Earnings Comparison Chart PDF
WBK Workbook G – Deciding Between Traditional and Self DOCX | PDF
  • AUD = Audio File
  • WBK = Workbook
  • HDT = Handout

Click on the linked files in the right column to download.

NOTE: Workbook F has been deleted from the free files.


Cost of Module III

Really, there’s no cost. However, if you feel called to, then choose any one of the following options:

  1. SUPPORT MY BOOKS + PUBLISH A BOOK REVIEW. If you have or are getting Holistic Tarot and you have a blog, YouTube channel, or work for a publication, help me spread the word about my book and publish a review, or your personal impressions, reference my book in some clever way in your thing, or let’s talk about setting up an author interview. You know my email addy, right? I know Tao of Craft is a long time from now (September, 2016), but this can apply to that book as well. Everything I just said about supporting HT, but for ToC.
  2. PAYPAL DONATION. Some folks don’t want fuss, and that’s cool. How about a PayPal donation in a dollar amount you’re comfortable with? Btw, in case you were curious for any reason, I don’t keep any of these donations. I pay all of it forward. Send PayPal donations through this link: https://www.paypal.me/benebell.
  3. AMAZON GIFT CARD. Same as Point #2, but instead, send an Amazon gift card in any dollar amount you’re comfortable with. Use this link here. And direct it to the email benebellwen@gmail.com.
  4. LOTS & LOTS OF SOCIAL MEDIA LOVE. Broadcast some fluffy fun love. Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, whatever else is out there– #HolisticTarot #BenebellWen #TaoofCraft (this may be premature… it will be out in stores September 2016) #NorthAtlanticBooks
  5. BOOK A READING WITH ME. Support my work by booking a divinatory reading with me. Click on the below banner for a list of all services offered.
For a full service listing of divinatory reading options I offer, click on the banner.
For a full service listing of divinatory reading options I offer, click on the banner.

 Dropbox Link

Alternatively, click below to go directly to a Dropbox link where you can download everything in one swoop.


Check back in two weeks for Module IV: Self Publishing

Coming soon.

Writing and Publishing Nonfiction Independent Study Course

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