The Tens: Tarot Card Meanings

I’m so close to completing the Minor Arcana for this series. =) Here we are on the Tens, then the Pages, and done. At least for the Minors. After that, the Majors.

But as of this moment, I’m anticipating that the Majors should go fairly quickly. I plan on doing a septenary per video, so that’s  7 of the Majors knocked out in each installment. I dunno. What do you prefer– long videos covering more cards? Or short videos with less cards covered in each?

Download the written Video Transcript

The Tarot Tens


The transcript for every video lecture is provided. You can go to the Video Series Homepage, scroll down to “CONTENTS LISTING,” and download the PDF transcript notes for each installment.

The Deep Place Oracle by Rae Serafina Barker

The Deep Place Oracle by Rae Serafina Barker is a 60-card oracle deck created to help you process the depths of your emotions, to work through grief, to be there as a companion and guide when you navigate the dark night of your soul, and to be the light when you explore your shadows.

It is a hug deck in the best possible way, creating an expansive space for you to work through difficult times and complex feelings. As the deck description notes, this deck is to help you when you’re “journeying through the deep place” and need a guiding light to “illuminate truth, expand your sense of what’s possible, and bless your unfolding.”

There are three subdivisions in this deck’s architecture: The Above, The Below, and The Liminal. The Above is the daylight world–that which is visible and clear; that which you can  already see, that you already know, and experience in full light of consciousness. This is about validating and reinforcing your awareness. Cards like Emergence, North Star, Aliveness, Embrace, Melody, and Beauty are from The Above.

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