The Archeo Personal Archetype Cards by Nick Bantock

Nick Bantock is the author of 30 books, with about a dozen of them making bestseller lists, including the New York Times. He’s also an artist. His latest publication is a deck of personal archetype cards, The Archeo.

This deck of 40 cards represents 40 inner facets, or characters of you that make up your identity, though some– or most– of these facets remain latent. Archetypes are flexible, not fixed, stereotypes, and meditations on our inner archetypes help us to grow and shape our individual needs.

The term “archeo” is coined by Bantock to represent the concept of multiple archetypes in one. The word also calls to mind “archiac,” to signify that these archetypes are primordial, and are psyches we’ve inherited from our ancestors. The purpose Bantock set out to achieve with The Archeo cards is to produce a tool that will help you to cultivate a healthy, functional personal mythology.

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