Tarot Summer School 2018

Click to reserve your Season Pass! $199. Installments available.

This is my third year participating as a master class instructor at Tarot Summer School and the line-up is spectacular. You’re not going to want to miss this intense semester, so get the Season Pass!

You get lifetime access to any course you purchase. If there are 7 courses you’re interested in and you buy each separately, that’s almost the cost of the Season Pass. For $199, you’ll get all 13, and get access to the courses for life. So it’s not like you have to do all 13 courses this summer. Buy it this summer and save it for later. Revisit the courses as frequently as you like. It’s a pretty incredible deal when you think about it. Click on the banner above to book your Season Pass, or check out the courses separately below.

I’ve hyperlinked the titles to their respective course description page at the Tarot Readers Academy. There are also hyperlinks for each instructor’s own website or professional landing page. That way if there are any names you’re not familiar with, you can learn more about their work.

Summer School kicks off on the Summer Solstice with an exciting course from our headmistress Ethony. The June courses are going to be indispensable to the tarot reader looking to go professional. These courses are also coming from three big-hitter tarot YouTube powerhouses.

Release Date Course Title Your Instructor
June 21 Psychic Tarot Ethony Dawn
June 26 How to Give a Truly Empowered Reading Kelly-Ann Maddox
June 28 Past Life Exploration with Tarot Vix, New Age Hipster

The first half of July is about tarot for yourself and honing your creativity and intuition through personal ritual work. Now we have a lineup of three deck creators: Steven Bright of The Spirit Within Tarot, Avalon Cameron of the forthcoming Bonestone and Earthflesh Tarot (I am really excited about this one), and Chris-Anne Donnelly of the Sacred Creators Oracle.

Release Date Course Title Your Instructor
July 3 Collaging the Tarot Court Steven Bright
July 5 Working the Witches Web Avalon Cameron
July 10 Divination for Guidance and Insight Chris-Ann Donnelly

Showing us how to blend the magical into the everyday is the gift these three bring us. I’ve been meaning to get into mastery over the Kipper system and there really is no one better to guide you with that than Toni Puhle. Jessi’s and Arwen’s courses are about journeying within to unlock deeper insights and your own creative potential.

Release Date Course Title Your Instructor
July 12 Ancestral Healing: A Tarot Journey Jessi Huntenberg
July 19 Kipper Card: Private Eye Toni Puhle
July 26 Spellcrafting Your Own Hero’s Journey Arwen Lynch

At Readers Studio this year, Gina and I had a chance to chat over an Oracle Soup podcast with Katrina Wynne, and we’re remarkably similar! It was cool to learn! Courtney Allen is the proprietor of thewitchymoon over on Etsy and has self-published some amazing oracle decks (I’m currently eyeing the Inner Star Oracle…putting this out there: I want to review that deck! Omg!). Oh. And then there’s Melissa Cynova, who I’ve adored since way back when. She’s the author of an incredible tarot book that I tirelessly recommend to people, Kitchen Table Tarot.

Release Date Course Title Your Instructor
August 2 Awesome Audience Building Gina Theis
August 9 Tarot for Navigating Growth & Change Courtney Allen
August 16 Tarot by the Numbers Melissa Cynova

Finally, Tarot Summer School will wrap up with the course I’m offering. I think it’s going to be a good summation and reconciliation of what’s being taught in the earlier courses, closing out your tarot intensive summer nicely.

The seed idea for this course began almost two years ago when I (along with everybody else) noticed that a witchy-branded version of the New Age and alternative spirituality was trending and becoming fashionable. Yet both the aesthetic and the content of this movement looked so different from my experience and understanding of Western occultism. From that seed, one thing led to another and the end result became this course.

No, no–the course has nothing at all to do with trending esotericism. In fact, it’s going to be rather dry and academic in tone as we sift through quite a bit of research and history. This course posits the question: What does modern witchcraft with the tarot look like? How did we get here anyway?

I announced my offering for this year’s Summer School in an earlier blog post here. Click there to watch a promotional video about the course.

Release Date Course Title Your Instructor
August 23 Tarot, Occultism, & Modern Witchcraft Benebell Wen

I’ve also released a sampling of what you might expect from this course.

Here’s Module 2C, one video installment out of seventeen:

In previous years of Tarot Summer School, I’ve followed along as an avid student, taking all the courses, and really loving the experience. The campfire events give you a chance to socialize, mingle, and be part of a live conversation between course instructors and other enrollees. The active Facebook group will be abuzz all summer with enlivened discussion on all things tarot.

The Season Pass is going to be worth your while. Remember: you get access to the course materials for life, so you don’t have to do them all over the summer. Take the coursework at your own pace and time. And revisit them as often as you’d like.

5 thoughts on “Tarot Summer School 2018

  1. mreteveian

    I am looking forward to your class for this summer.
    But are you sure we will get access for life to all classes?
    I only have access to the classes that the Academy offers outside summer school, like your classes (OOTK and Shaddow Work). Ritual Tarot from Avalon Cameron and last summer, disappeared, but came back when it was offered outside the summer school. It would be nice if that has changed, but last summer and in 2016, all the other classes were not offered with life time access.


    1. Hmm, I am not sure, but it is my understanding that so long as you order the course, you do get access for life. You’ll get login info and then you should be able to log in any time at all to go through the courses you ordered. 🙂


  2. Some of these courses look so awesome, like yours and Avalon Cameron’s… ❤ Wow.
    But I have so many courses I have saved on my computer that I have never found the time and energy to dive into. So embarassing… I am yet to dive into your amazing shadow work course from last summer. I intend to start it up this autumn. Please remind me and hold me accountable? lol

    By the way, Courtney Allen only distritbutes some decks, she is not behind them in any other way. 🙂 I believe the Inner Star Oracle is self-published by thedarlingtree.com


    1. Ah, oops. Thanks for the correction! Haha I know what you mean when it comes to getting behind on courses! 🙂 I stay on top of the courses I order by doing them during my long commutes to and from work. 🙂


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