Uranus in Taurus

Yeah, yeah. This post comes really late. Everyone else with a blog or YouTube channel who is into astrology has already given their two-cents on this. So I wasn’t going to. But you guys keep pestering me about it. So I’ve been meaning to get to this, but blah. Okay, here you go. Uranus in Taurus. According to Bell.

Source: U.S. Information Agency

What happened the last time Uranus was in Taurus?

On May 15 of this year, Uranus entered Taurus during a new moon. To consider the implications, we start by looking to history to see if we might spot patterns. The last time Uranus was in Taurus, it was just after the Great Depression and into the start of World War II. In other words, it was approximately 1934 to 1942.

Nazi Germany came in to power during this time. It was a period of divisive social politics in many parts of the world. Invasions, smaller wars, and border conflicts were happening on multiple continents. Dramatic changes were taking place when it came to U.S. policies affecting the economy, such as the New Deal (to counter the effects of the Great Depression).

Over in the corner of modern witchcraft, Gerald Gardner was traveling through East Asia, and as that particular Uranus transit came to its close, Gardner was initiated into the New Forest coven. All this, to me at least, is an interesting synchronicity, because I talk about these points in the course I’m offering at Tarot Summer School 2018. In Module 5, “Witchcraft and Tarot in Modernity,” I cover these periods of modern history and the relevance to occult history.

Oh, and then the last last time before that when Uranus was in Taurus? Uranus entered Taurus on April 16, 1851 and stayed there until March 14, 1859. You had the Crimean War ravaging through Europe, the Opium War in China, along with the Taiping Rebellion. Over in the U.S., civil rights is in contention and several landmark events shape this period and the periods to come: Uncle Tom’s Cabin, the Dred Scott decision in the Supreme Court– once again, divisive social politics– and the Republican Party is founded in 1854 on anti-slavery and pro-immigration ideologies. (I just mention that because there are some interesting parallels going on in the U.S. at the moment, during our present day Uranus in Taurus.)

Then before that, May 1767 to April 1775. Oh. Shit. Guess what. That’s the American Revolution. So yeah. Uranus in Taurus, where the planet is in detriment*, is, in short, a time when we tend to. ahem, make history.

Present Day: Uranus Entering Taurus

Interestingly, as we enter the present day decade of Uranus in Taurus, we’re seeing a resurgence in popularity of witchcraft, the occult, New Age, and the esoteric. Yeah, sure, it started a couple years prior, but that makes sense. It’s like right before a huge thunderstorm. A handful of folks can already feel it in their bones days prior. If you know what to look for, you can see it in the clouds, in the movement of birds, the shiver of flora in your home garden. Likewise, things get set into motion before Uranus actually enters Taurus, and then once it’s in, well…

In terms of astrological dignities, Uranus is in detriment* when it’s in Taurus. Uranus can bring intense catalysts for change. In Taurus, Uranus applies pressure on the already building tension of governmental structures in our society. As if Saturn entering Capricorn wasn’t enough this year, now with Uranus shifting into Taurus, you’re going to see greater volatility in the financial sector, economics, and real estate development.

The preceding era with Uranus in Aries (2012 to 2018-ish, give or take, ballpark) was about leadership. Uranus in Taurus is going to be about structural changes to leadership, to the body of our government systems or institutions, and essentially, all things structural. As noted, we’re also going to see instability to our markets and the economy.

With Saturn in Capricorn and Uranus entering Taurus (both Earth signs, relating to materialism, assets, and resources), if you’re part of the middle class, keep your purse strings securely tied! It’s not an optimal time to be taking risks with your finances or business. (I say middle class because these transits can be incredibly profitable for the 1% upper crust. I will also say this: Uranus entering Taurus can be a pretty good time to play the stock market but only if you know what you’re doing or, more specifically, hedging. It’s a good time for hedging.)

Overall, slow and steady will keep you safe through the tumultuous times. We’re also going to see interesting things going on when it comes to land development and global commerce. These are likely to be the forces at play affecting society.

This next point isn’t about the future, but the recent past. Interestingly, in the 1850s Uranus in Taurus, just before Uranus entered Taurus, we had the California Gold Rush. The last few years here in California, we once again experienced a gold rush. (No, really. Google it.) Mining technology has improved to the point where we can now access reservoirs of gold ore throughout the Mother Lode in California that we weren’t able to before. And then, as soon as Uranus entered Taurus both in the 1850s and now, that gold rush dwindled down.

“Okay, but how does this affect me?”

Now, for everyone who has been losing their minds over what Uranus entering Taurus means to them as individuals…. I dunno, man. You believe what you want to believe, but for me, all things considered, I’m not going to be as worried over Uranus entering Taurus as the astrology of more fast-moving personal planets. Those who think they’re feeling the detrimental or just plain wacky effects of Uranus entering Taurus might just be feeling the effects of Saturn in Capricorn.

Uranus changing signs tends to be more of a marker for greater global forces that affect the entire fabric of society, and sure, it all eventually trickles down to the individual, but by the time that happens, you’ve got a whole lot of personal power to make decisions that safeguard you. So reading Uranus in the skies is more about reading the movements of our global society as a whole, how civilization is shifting.

Individual Impact: Check Your Solar Returns Chart

One fun thing I like to look at is which astrological house Uranus is in for my 2018 solar returns chart. If you ordered a 2018 Metaphysician’s Day Planner from me, then you’ve got your solar returns chart for 2018 at the front of your day planner! So go take a look at it!

If in your solar returns chart, Uranus is in Taurus, then check out that astrological house. If it’s not, meaning your birthday falls between January and earlier this May (so Uranus is still in Aries), check out the astrological house occupied by the zodiac sign Taurus, or the house immediately after your Uranus in Aries placement.

The areas of life associated with that astrological house is going to be the first to be impacted by the transit. How it affects you on that individual level is going to be a burst of imbalance. It’s like this: you’re walking across a balance beam, one foot carefully placed in front of the other, going about your merry way, and the Uranus in Taurus effect on your individual level is like a strong wind that comes out of nowhere and knocks against your back. It may throw you just a touch off balance, but if you’ve been going slow and steady and you planned for it, then you’ll regain your balance rather quickly.

Which balance beam of life you’re making your way across when that wind that is Uranus in Taurus comes blowing against your back is going to correspond with the astrological house in your 2018 solar returns chart occupied by Taurus. Then, in 2019, same thing again, but once again, check the house occupied by Uranus in Taurus in 2019, and so on. Sometimes it stays the same for several years in a row when we’re going through something. And then other times, it changes. Things definitely seem to change when we geographically relocate.

In my 2018 solar returns chart, Uranus in Taurus is in House 6. Remember at the back of your Metaphysician’s Day Planner, there’s a reference table for the twelve houses. For me, I’d look for House 6 and note the corresponding areas of life. This is employment and occupational related, and also health related. In terms of my productivity, it may be harder for me to stay productive while Uranus is in Taurus, so I know I’ll need to put in even more elbow grease to stay on track. I’m also going to want to pay closer attention to my physical health and wellness. So, check out which astrological house this Uranus transit is most likely to affect through 2018.

Generational Influences of Uranus

Now let’s break the Uranus effect down to age groups, or generations. We’re not going to cover everybody here. Just the generations most likely to be impacted by the transit. Please note the years given are approximate. I used SolarFire Gold, an astrology software program, to check the dates and I did it really quickly (and manually) for the purposes of this casual blog post, so they may not be exact, but if off, only by +/-1 year.

Natal Uranus in Scorpio (1975 to 1981/82)

There’s the group of Gen X-ers born between 1975 and 1981/82, while Uranus was in Scorpio. Your time has come. This is the group that’s going to challenge the status quo, and be best positioned to be the challenger to the incumbents. If there’s someone established who is in power at the moment, especially those who came into that power during Uranus in Aries, and you want to oust, then consider appointing a challenger with Uranus in Scorpio.

A lot of influential public figures born between this time will rise to power in various fields and they’re bringing with them their ideologies. That means society overall is going to conform more to the ideologies of this group– the Uranus-in-Scorpio posse– because they’re influencing us from the top down. They’re the challengers. (For astrologers who like the lingo: this is the Taurus-Scorpio opposition.)

The 1981/1982 Cusp

Those born during the year 1981 are on the cusp. Uranus was at the Anaretic Degree during this year, so that’s why 1981 and to an extent 1982 babies have one foot in Generation X and another with Millennials. 1981 and some 1982 babies are, basically, confused. It’s okay. You, too, are rising to power and coming to own your power during this next era of Uranus in Taurus.

Natal Uranus in Capricorn (1988 to 1996)

For the Millennials born between 1988 to 1996 (these are ballpark year notations, by the way; you’ll want to check your birth chart) while Uranus was in Capricorn, you’re going to have a positive impact on the corporate sector, businesses, global trade, and the global economy (contrary to what older generations are griping about with regard to Millennials in the workplace; astrology seems to say you’re going to be a constructive force). Those with Uranus in Capricorn will bring the most innovation while Uranus is in Taurus. (Astro lingo: reading the Taurus-Capricorn trine.)

The Uranus Square Effect, Babies Born 1956-1962 and 1996-2004

Two different generations many decades apart may share the experience of similar inbounding energies while Uranus is in Taurus, and it’s the two natal Uranus signs that square Taurus.

The older Gen X sector, babies born between 1956 and 1962 (again, give or take) with Uranus in Leo (the Taurus-Leo square) may feel the Uranus in Taurus transit on their personal finances more than others. This can play out when it comes to job prospects, your professional life, employment and occupation, and money matters. It can be a more difficult time than usual for you. Your assets, liabilities, resources, health of your small to medium-size business may become something of a primary issue at the forefront of your mind during this period.

If you’re into the woo, concerted personal empowerment efforts through money magic, prosperity magic, that kind of thing can be useful while Uranus is in Taurus. Consider feng shui principles that will re-adjust the alignment of energy flow around you so that it works to counteract the Uranus square effect and clears channels for prosperity and career success to flow in. Companies with CEOs born with Uranus in Leo may want to get feng shui prescriptions for their office buildings to help the company navigate the Uranus in Taurus transit.

The other generation affected are the Post-Millennials (or Gen Z) born between 1996 and 2004, with Uranus in Aquarius (the Taurus-Aquarius square). Given the practical considerations, these folks are probably not looking for jobs yet. Y’all still in school. The scary thing is Uranus in Taurus can have a detrimental or challenging effect on those with Uranus in Aquarius when it comes to being in school, like, actual issues with going to school. Uranus in Taurus can inadvertently yield an adverse effect on schooling and education for those born between 1996 and 2004 during this coming period. Across the board, we may experience setbacks during Uranus in Taurus when it comes to educating our children born between 1996 and 2004.

Natal Uranus in Virgo (1962 to 1968)

To the Gen X sector born between 1962 and 1968 while Uranus was in Virgo (Taurus-Virgo trine), this Uranus transit through Taurus can bring some pretty compelling business and financial opportunities for you.

Like the group of Millennials with Uranus in Capricorn, the extenuating energies during this transit can work to your advantage when it comes to your business ventures, personal economy, and finances. For those with Uranus in Virgo in their birth charts, this transit of Uranus in Taurus can be beneficent for business launches, entrepreneurial pursuits, employment prospects, and matters relating to your professional life. If I were you, I’d keep the radar on at all times for those business and financial opportunities, as they tend to stumble your way more frequently than for others during this transit.

Gee…Until 2026?

So it looks like Uranus will park itself in Taurus until around April, 2026. I believe this is an era when we’re going to be paying much closer attention to Mother Nature, our natural resources, our land, and since Uranus is not a happy camper in Taurus, is kinda going to probably wreak havoc on us in these areas.

Personally, I wouldn’t freak out over Uranus in Taurus. And what it reveals to us about our global landscape is what most of us know already just by taking a look at what’s going on in politics and government. I don’t see volatility, tension, or conflict as bad things. I see these events as opportunities for change (and therefore an opportunity for me to exert my willpower and create change, since things are in movement and not static, therefore changeable) and opportunities to get creative about personal growth.

Tropical vs. Sidereal?

Also, keep in mind all this is under the Tropical wheel, not Sidereal. Meaning not actual. If you look up at the skies right now, Uranus is actually in Aries while the sun sign at the moment is Taurus. But that’s a whole different ballgame and story for a different time.


* Majority view in Modern Astrology is not to construe Uranus in Taurus as in detriment, but when I study Uranus transits in the context of its movements through world history, this is the conclusion I reached and work with. Plus, let’s use logical deduction here: Uranus and Leo both have progressive energies. Their flow is in the same direction. That seems supportive, not conflicting. Meanwhile, Uranus and Taurus have antithetical and contentious flows of energy against each other. So I diverge from majority view here.

8 thoughts on “Uranus in Taurus

  1. Sally

    Wow! I love the history review with this planet’s journey…..hmmmm. Is Uranus a planet? D’oh! But really when I think about it I think I get 3 messages: get busy with creative ideas (Uranus in Aries: in H8 on my Solar Returns); watch out for possible mind being imploded (Uranus in Taurus in H9 since May); and (longer term) consider unusual communications during lifetime (Uranus in Gemini in H9 on Natal Chart). As that Force Majeur blew through Santa Rosa in October the message for resources is HUSBAND, SAVE, PERSPICACITY. Ha ha! Great blog again Benebell XO Sally

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Interesting. Would a feeling of “deja vu” or as if it feels like certain events reoccur in personal life be related to Uranus in Taurus ? Personally, I’ve felt odd sense of things re-occuring in family life from like 8 years ago.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Cari Featherstone

    As always Benebell delivers above and beyond. You are so inspirational with your knowledge and ability to bring it all to a practical level. Know that your work is very appreciated and I love love love my metaphysician journal and love both your books.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Thank you for all you generously post on the blog, Benebell! I am happy I found your blog by accident, when looking up Melissa Cynova’s book. My favorite post so far is the one on your metaphysical mother, as I had a Western metaphysical mother, but she wasn’t into woo in the form of spirits or practices, just weird philosophical books. I am sorry I don’t live near you to perhaps arrange for a reading. (and while I like my reiki sessions & reiki training, I intuitively steered to those teachers who seemed less inclined to profit so much from reiki, as I felt that was contradictory to being a healer! My later life path number is a 9, so perhaps that had an influence …)


  5. modernmysticmother

    I am ecstatic and simultaneously side eye rolling at myself. Taurus houses my ascendant at 2°34′ and my moon at 9°, so all of this back and forth uranus is doing just feels like frustrated foreplay to me.
    I appreciate the predictions offered, but like many things in my life I am “so close yet so far”, just the right kind of annoying IN-BETWEEN signs/sizes/colour/timing. I was born when uranus was in sagittarius so dude. DUDE! *maniacal laughter quickly turns to hysteria* but worry not, for I am also a jocular fool. 😉


  6. Holly

    If I use Placidus, I have natal Uranus in Virgo and Taurus Ascendant (3 degrees). If I use Whole House, I have natal Uranus in Virgo with Aries Ascendant (12 degrees). I live in the middle of the United States (so not at extreme polarities, which is often quoted as a reason to use Whole House). I’m not sure which one to pay attention to! Others say listen to whichever one resonates most but the energies of Aries and Taurus are quite different. Can you provide any guidance on where I should focus? If I focus on my Placidus Taurus Ascendant, then the 3 degrees will hit in early 2019.Thanks!


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