Tarot, Occultism, and Modern Witchcraft at Tarot Summer School 2018


This course is structured after a graduate-level seminar with a series of lectures plus guided tarot readings ritualized and crafted to show rather than tell you about tarot in witchcraft. We’ll mimic an oral tradition where you listen to me talk about the who, the what, and the why, alongside my perspectives on the how. You may want to take notes throughout the course, for both the lecture and training modules, so that beyond this course, you’ll have a consolidated reference file on occult tarot.

The lecture portion covers a comparative analysis of exoteric, psychology-based tarot reading and esoteric, psychic-based tarot reading, and also tarot as a witch’s tool. We’ll cover the history and legacy of tarot in Western occultism, focusing in on applying Hermetic principles to the tarot, and consider the role of tarot and witchcraft in the modern era.

The practicum portion will be a series of guided tarot readings and training videos to demonstrate the basics and preliminary exploration of using tarot to commune with your Holy Guardian Angel, spell-craft for financial gains, extracting cards for talismans, petitioning forth spirit entities to conduct a divinatory reading, using tarot to commune with land spirits or assess the characteristic properties of a land, and tarot in pathworking, with proprietary training models shared on how to enhance your clairvoyance and clairaudience during a tarot reading.

Run time of all videos in this course is 160 minutes, give or take, and brought to you in digestible 5 to 15 minute segments, 16 videos in total.

Key Correspondences for the Major Arcana (Christian Knapp Hall SG)

I first presented a variation of this course at the 2018 Northwest Tarot Symposium in Portland, Oregon back in March 2018, but I’ve revamped the content, changed it up, and added a practicum component for this online seminar. The tone, format, and overall flavor of this course at the Tarot Readers Academy is very different from the live presentation and Socratic dialogue that took place at the Symposium.


Module 1: Introduction; Differentiating Exoteric from Esoteric (14:46)

Module 2: Psychology-Based Tarot Reading vs. Tarot in Witchcraft

  • Section 2A. Exoteric (Psychology-Based) Tarot (4:00)
  • Section 2B. Esoteric (Psychic-Based) Tarot (13:05)
  • Section 2C. Mechanics of Esoteric Tarot (Further Discussion) (10:32)
  • Section 2D. Magical Modification (9:58)
  • Section 2E. Spell-Crafting with the Tarot (5:25)
  • Section 2F. The Anointing Blend and Module Conclusion (14:15)

Module 3: History and Legacy of Tarot in Western Occultism (9:34)

Module 4: Applying Occult Principles to Tarot

  • Section 4A. Hermeticism in Tarot (13:34)
  • Section 4B. Hermetic Life Path Reading (7:22)

Module 5: Occult Influences into Modernity

  • Section 5A. Tarot Defined as Witchcraft (10:26)
  • Section 5B. Guided Spirit Petition (7:18)
  • Section 5C. Witchcraft and Tarot in Modernity (11:54)
  • Section 5D. Communing with Land Spirits & Pathworking (15:38)
  • Section 5E. Guided Pathwork Through the Ace of Coins (13:47)
  • Section 5F. The Practicum Series in Review (8:58)
  • Section 5G. The Lectures in Review and Closing Remarks (6:00)

Accommodation for the Deaf/HH: Manual input of closed captioning provided for Modules 1, 3, 4, and 5. Unfortunately, there is no closed captioning for Module 2 videos.


Watch Section 2C, Mechanics of Esoteric Tarot (Further Discussion), for free as a sneak peek into what you might expect from this course offering.


Tarot Summer School is a summer-long online tarot curriculum at the Tarot Readers Academy. I’ll be there in every class. Won’t you join me? =)

See below for the full lineup along with the courses each instructor will be teaching.


Release Date Course Title Your Instructor
June 21 Psychic Tarot Ethony Dawn
June 26 How to Give a Truly Empowered Reading Kelly-Ann Maddox
June 28 Past Life Exploration with Tarot Vix, New Age Hipster
July 3 Collaging the Tarot Court Steven Bright
July 5 Working the Witches Web Avalon Cameron
July 10 Divination for Guidance and Insight Chris-Ann Donnelly
July 12 Ancestral Healing: A Tarot Journey Jessi Huntenberg
July 19 Kipper Card: Private Eye Toni Puhle
July 26 Spellcrafting Your Own Hero’s Journey Arwen Lynch
August 2 Awesome Audience Building Gina Theis
August 9 Tarot for Navigating Growth & Change Courtney Allen
August 16 Tarot by the Numbers Melissa Cynova
August 23 Tarot, Occultism, & Modern Witchcraft Benebell Wen

If you’re familiar with Tarot Summer School from last year, then you know there will be Campfire Sessions scheduled throughout the summer. Teachers and other students from around the world attend these online streaming video Q&A meet-ups where you get the chance to chat face to face with other enrollees and present your questions to the teachers. As I did last year, I try to make it to as many as I can.

Commit to an extraordinary summer of tarot. Sign up for several of these courses a la carte or– and I recommend it– get the Season Pass for $199, which will get you access to all of the courses…for life. That’s right. You will get a login account and can access any of these courses any time. Ever.

Registration Opens:  June 1, 2018

Registration Closes:  August 31, 2018

Be sure to join the Tarot Readers Academy Facebook group so you interact with the course instructors, get feedback, socialize, be part of an extraordinary online community, and meet other enrollees.


The dedicated path of the witch, to me, is a calling. One is born inclined toward that path, but nevertheless, one must make that conscious and intentional choice to walk it. Fundamentally the path is a solitary and a marginalized one, forged from a singular personal gnosis that will run dangerously in contradiction to establishment. There will never be a time, past, present, or future, when the witch is not marginalized. Even when the accoutrements of witchcraft become fashionable, the true witch will still be shunned. That state is genetic to the path of a witch, and yet the margins are where a witch sources power. From the margins, a witch pushes boundaries or casts them. From the margins, a witch possesses the clearest view of the center.

I’m the author of Holistic Tarot: An Integrative Approach to Using Tarot for Personal Growth (North Atlantic Books, 2015) and The Tao of Craft: Fu Talismans and Casting Sigils in the Eastern Esoteric Tradition (North Atlantic Books, 2016). Over the years, I’ve presented on various metaphysical and occult topics at the San Francisco Bay Area Tarot Symposium, Bay Area Theosophical Society, Northwest Tarot Symposium, Stanford University, UC Berkeley, PantheaCon, and have headlined at Readers Studio in New York and the UK Tarot Conference in London.

Occultism and witchcraft are subjects of academic interest to me. I dedicate much of my life’s work to researching, personal and professional study of, and teaching esoterica. Yet ironically, it is my firm belief that the actual physical and physiological path of esoterica cannot be taught. A diligent teacher can lead you to the door, give you all the tools and train you in all the skills you’ll need once you cross that threshold, but no one can impart to you the experiential knowledge of what awaits beyond that proverbial door.

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    Hey Bell, I’m really interested in this course but I was hoping to get the videos in a downloaded format so I can watch and revise this on the go. Is there a chance these can be downloaded after my purchase? The Tarot Academy does seem like a streaming-only affair.


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