List of 2017 Bell Chimes In Episodes

I started a fun, personal video series via my YouTube channel on September 20, 2017 and so far have produced a set of 15 18 videos for 2017. After I figured out what exactly I wanted to do with the series (about 3 episodes in…starting around October…), I resolved to releasing one new episode every Sunday. For 2017, the episodes will end on Sunday, December 17. [The Sunday episodes will run to the end of the year. See 11/21/2017 Update below.] You can check out the schedule on this page, with direct links to each aired episode.

The premise of “Bell Chimes In” is me chiming in on a topic well-treaded in the metaphysical, occult, New Age, and alternative spirituality communities to give my perspective and just my opinion. This series isn’t about me, however. It’s about us. It’s about discourse and appreciating the collective ideas of a community. So after watching these videos, I hope you’ll chime in, too, whether that’s through a video of your own, a blog post, or just in the comment section to each episode. Even if you don’t chime in publicly, consider the episode to be a weekly prompt, and take the moment to reflect more comprehensively on your thoughts and your own position on the matter.

# Title of Episode Video Length Date of Publication Blog Post
1 On Deity 14:20 09/20/2017 Link
2 Placebo Effect and Magic 20:09 09/23/2017 Link
3 Initiation Rites 17:07 09/27/2017 Link
4 Syncretic Religious Practices 17:04 10/01/2017 Link
5 Cultural Appropriation 12:49 10/08/2017 Link
6 Witchcraft and the Witch 18:34 10/15/2017 Link
7 Law of Attraction 09:38 10/22/2017 Link
8 How Magic Works 23:14 10/29/2017 N/A
9 Past Lives and Reincarnation 28:28 11/05/2017 N/A
10 Selling Fu Talismans 16:25 11/12/2017 Link
11 My Ritual Items 17:01 11/19/2017 N/A
12 Evil Eye 16:02 11/26/2017 N/A
13 Curses and Baneful Craft 17:25 12/03/2017 N/A
14 Can’t Curse, Can’t Heal? 10:03 12/03/2017 N/A
15 Soul Mates and True Love 14:24 12/10/2017 N/A
16 To the New Seeker 20:37 12/17/2017 Link
17 The Lightworker and Kuan Yin 16:36 12/24/2017 N/A
18 Lady of the Ninth Heaven 16:53 12/31/2017 Link

A couple hat tips are in order for this 2017 series:

  • Episode 7, “Law of Attraction,” was inspired by Ania from Tarot by Ania. What she first said on the topic linked here.
  • Episode 12, “Evil Eye,” was inspired by Avalon. Initial article inspiring my video linked here.
  • Episode 14, “Can’t Curse, Can’t Heal,” was inspired by CricketSong of Lunar Wisdom. Her first video linked here.
  • Episode 15, “Soul Mates and True Love,” was inspired by a tarot series produced by Ethony, linked here.
  • There are many YouTubers who inspired Episode 16, “To the New Seeker” that it would get excessive to name and link here, so I’ve done that in the description box that accompanies the video when you click into it to watch and also in the accompanying blog post.


After making the video chat, sometimes I realize there were points I wanted to develop further or points I missed entirely, so when I feel it’s important to, I’ll extend the video via a blog post and write an addendum to the video. So be sure to check the description box of each video to see if there is an addendum blog post. Sometimes I like to hide the juicy personal stories or more provocative points in the post rather than talk about it in the video.

Even though names weren’t credited for all the episodes, you should know that every single episode of “Bell Chimes In” is inspired by topics that have been perpetuated for discussion in the communities and circuits I lurk in. In fact, that’s the whole point of the series. No topic is independently conceived by me. Rather, the whole premise for the series is I’ve been hearing folks chatter about something and so now I would like to chime in to share my own thoughts and opinions on that something.

Whenever a specific name can be credited for my inspiration, I will give it. But broadly speaking, by the time I get around to addressing these topics, usually a whole bunch of folks have already shared their point of view so it isn’t easy sourcing the topic back to its ground zero.

Also yes, I am painfully aware of how cheesy a lot of my video editing and production antics were, what with the sound effects and cuts. But I think I’ve got the cheese out of my system now, 18 episodes later, so I’m anticipating less cheese in 2018. Just think of it as the price you pay for watching these videos. Part of why I make the videos is fun. I’m learning how to make videos, for starters, and derive much personal joy from inserting sound effects and doing weird jump cuts. So grin and bear it.

Although the 15- 18-episode series for 2017 is done, the 2018 set is still on the drawing board. I don’t even know if the 2018 set will look anything like the 2017! Everything is open for discussion and for change. So if there is a topic you definitely want to see me chime in on in a future episode, let me know! If there’s a particular direction you envision the “Bell Chimes In” series going in, I’m listening and would be happy to hear your thoughts.


10/28/17 Update: Initially “Tradition vs. Solitary Occult Practice” was scheduled for Episode 10, November 12, but it has been moved into the 2018 series. In its place will be “Selling Fu Talismans,” in response to a question I was asked.

11/20/17 Update: Initially “Witch Wars and Drama”  was scheduled for Episode 13, December 3, but it has been suspended for further review. In its place will be a two-part chat on curses and baneful magic. Episode 13 is “Curses and Baneful Craft” while Episode 14 immediately following it is “Can’t Curse, Can’t Heal.” Both episodes will air on the same day.

11/21/17 Update: I’ve decided to extend this debut “season” of Bell Chimes In and added two more episodes to finish off 2017. Thus, there will be a total of 18 episodes this year.line


If you liked the 2017 list of episodes, then check out what’s in store for 2018!

List of 2018 Bell Chimes In Episodes

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