List of 2018 Bell Chimes In Episodes

In the Fall of 2017, I started a fun little series on my YouTube channel, called “Bell Chimes In.” Here’s a refresher of the 18 episodes that came out last year:

List of 2017 Bell Chimes in Episodes


“Bell Chimes In” is a video series on my YouTube channel where I pick a topic that is oft talked about and chime in with my perspective. In doing so, I hope you’ll chime back. After the video, please join in conversation with me through a video response, blog post of your own, or by adding your thoughts in the comments section of the video.

I hope this series won’t be about me. I hope that it will be about us, about discourse, and the collective ideas of a community. There will be a new “Bell Chimes In” video every Sunday for the first quarter of the year.

First Quarter

# Title of Episode Video Length Date of Publication Blog Post
19 Good Witch; Bad Witch 13:15 01/07/2018 N/A
20 Race, Culture, and Spirituality 18:44 01/14/2018 N/A
21 Demonology 20:17 01/21/2018 Link
22 Religion or Science? 11:06 01/28/2018 N/A
23 Do No Harm? Diet and Spirituality 19:55 02/04/2018 N/A
24 What is Déjà Vu? 16:22 02/11/2018 N/A
25 So You Wanna Create a Tarot Deck? 7:50 02/18/2018 N/A
26 Spirit Guides, Patron Deities 15:45 02/25/2018 Link
27 Starseeds and Multiverses 17:51 03/04/2018 N/A
28 Authenticity; Truth Seeking 15:15 03/11/2018 N/A
29 Saturn Return (and Decisive Age) 15:20 03/18/2018 Link
30 Mercury Retrograde 11:16 03/25/2018 N/A

We’ll then go on a short break and return for the third quarter. Be sure to check back for updates to the schedule.

Third Quarter

# Title of Episode Video Length Date of Publication Blog Post
31 Tradition vs. Solitary TBD 07/01/2018 N/A
32 Kitchen Witchery TBD 07/08/2018 Link
33 Road of Trials TBD 07/15/2018 N/A
34 Spiritual Bypassing TBD 07/22/2018 N/A
35 Ancestor Veneration TBD 07/29/2018 N/A
36 Paganism and Folk Religions TBD 08/05/2018 N/A
37 Sleep Paralysis TBD 08/12/2018 N/A
38 My Altar (or Lack Thereof) TBD 08/19/2018 N/A
39 Secrecy in Occultism TBD 08/26/2018 N/A
40 Gurus and Teachers TBD 09/02/2018 N/A
41 Angels, Devas, Celestials TBD 09/09/2018 N/A
42 My Favorite Mantras and Why TBD 09/16/2018 Link
43 Equinoxes and Solstices TBD 09/23/2018 Link
44 Thinning of the Veil TBD 09/30/2018 N/A


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